Corey Haim pulled a Brittany Murphy

March 10th, 2010 // 114 Comments

Walking punchline to every 80s joke Corey Haim died this morning from an apparent accidental overdose while battling the flu, according to TMZ:

We’ve learned Corey had been sick the last couple of days with flu-like symptoms. The medications recovered, however, were not related to his illness, sources tell TMZ.
We’re told no illicit drugs were found in the apartment.
Sources say Haim got out of bed just before 1 AM and collapsed in front of his mother. She called 911 at 12:53 AM and Corey was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at 2:15 AM.
Corey’s mom told authorities he had been battling prescription drug addiction for years.

While it must’ve been terrible to see her drug addict son reach his inevitable conclusion, the person I feel most sad for is Corey Feldman who no doubt was awaken in the middle of the night when their psychic bond was broken.

COREY: *sits straight up* Imzadi. NOOOOO!
HOOKER: Baby, calm down, you’re having a bad dream.
COREY: Ack! You’re not Michael Jackson!

Photos: WENN

  1. “Pull a Brittany Murphy”? ARE YOU SERIOUS? That is the most crass, disgusting title ever! As if it was some embarrassing faux pas she did instead of DYING. In an article about death, in horrible and tragic ways, you have immediately trivialized it with that title for the article. My login word was “loss” and that’s what this is * a deplorable loss of life in one who had battled demons; and a loss of respect for whoever titled this article on my part.

  2. Trey

    “…immune system was shot.”


  3. captain america

    if you ever wonder why the united states lost those wars with VIETNAM & IRAQ?
    well…………………………………..BLAME HIM!!

  4. When he is ready to work again and there are projects for him already then this terrible thing happened. I just hope he will be able to find peace already. But hope he though about his mother when he decided to this thing.

  5. debbie

    I can’t believe people are still writing horrible, ignorant things on this site.

    Then again, if The Superficial is doing the same thing and they are supposed to be the professionals here then I guess I have answered my own question.

    This site should be closted down immediately!!

    The people on here that are writing these negative, rotten things about Corey, including the professionals that are calling themselves writers, and journalists on this site all I can say is BACK AT YOU!!!

    Corey’s Mom is fighting her own battles with cancer and Corey has been there every step of the way in helping her getting back and forth to the hospital for her treatments.

    The man had a problem, again as I stated in my earlier post, if you ever were associated with a person hooked on drugs then you know what they are going through on a daily basis, and if you never had the experience, thank God, you are very lucky.

    Corey is now in heaven. His pain and suffering are over. Now he can shine brighter now than ever before.

    God be with you Corey and my condolences to Coreys Mom, who is hurting and suffering in many ways.

    Debbie NJ

  6. bros

    huge bonus points for the imzadi reference.

  7. So

    I have been reading this site for years and this is just sad. The new writer is just so lame… Nothing witty or genuine is said anymore.. When did It become about catering to the lowest common denomenator? This as a sad issue so distastefully covered. Will never bother coming back. Get some class superficial.

  8. jbizzle

    Wut!! Hav u fukkers never seen Silver Bullet?? OMFNG!! One of the industries brightest stars has just past. We should all be saying a prayer rather than ripping the man a new one. BTW Corey Feldman was the clinger, overacting ats it finest, refer to Goonies if any question. Peace bitches.

  9. xiannian

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  13. Wut!! Hav u fukkers never seen Silver Bullet?? OMFNG!! One of the industries brightest stars has just past. We should all be saying a prayer rather than ripping the man a new one. BTW Corey Feldman was the clinger, overacting ats it finest, refer to Goonies if any question. Peace bitches.

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