Corey Haim pulled a Brittany Murphy

March 10th, 2010 // 114 Comments

Walking punchline to every 80s joke Corey Haim died this morning from an apparent accidental overdose while battling the flu, according to TMZ:

We’ve learned Corey had been sick the last couple of days with flu-like symptoms. The medications recovered, however, were not related to his illness, sources tell TMZ.
We’re told no illicit drugs were found in the apartment.
Sources say Haim got out of bed just before 1 AM and collapsed in front of his mother. She called 911 at 12:53 AM and Corey was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at 2:15 AM.
Corey’s mom told authorities he had been battling prescription drug addiction for years.

While it must’ve been terrible to see her drug addict son reach his inevitable conclusion, the person I feel most sad for is Corey Feldman who no doubt was awaken in the middle of the night when their psychic bond was broken.

COREY: *sits straight up* Imzadi. NOOOOO!
HOOKER: Baby, calm down, you’re having a bad dream.
COREY: Ack! You’re not Michael Jackson!

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  1. Que

    Que should let the vampires do biting for the long life./que dang por guy.,

  2. pimp


  3. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Sad but not surprising.

    Ten bucks says Feldman now writes a Tell All book.

  4. dude

    Sad. But as long as sickitten doesn’t come here today posting her shameless shit trying to draw traffic to her LAME website, it’ll still be a good day.

  5. Name (required):

    Waiting for the commenters who are going to say “it’s too early” and “Fish you are horrible I am never coming back to this site” in 4…3…2…1…

  6. Interesting

    #5- that lame. You’re a fucking dork.

  7. Commenters

    it’s too early Fish you are horrible I am never coming back to this site

  8. Meanwhile…

    RIP Corey Haim.

  9. Fuzznutz

    Come on… Lets be a little more tactful when someone dies an untimely death.

  10. Sithlord

    he was the man. i grew up watching his movies, so i feel pretty bad.. like if he was my friend or something lol… weird

  11. WTF, this sucks…

  12. AZrock

    my teen 80′s were “Dream a little Dream” “Lost Boys” etc…
    poor guy…

  13. Kariana

    Holy Moose- Knuckle

  14. dubba

    I bet people would give a damn if it was Feldman

    Haim was like “the other guy in wham!” to Feldman’s George Michael

    now robot chicken will have to do a dedication

  15. Rough 101

    Poor bastard, just missed his chance to get snub by the Oscars…

  16. Does this mean there will be no “Dream a Little Dream 2: Dream Harder”?

  17. Ally

    This is nothing to joke about – just because they are celebrities does not mean they should be treated as less than human. Show some respect.

    It’s also pretty well known that Corey Haim was sexually abused by someone in the music industry (quite likely Michael Jackson) – and the fact that it screwed up his life and he ended up on drugs is nothing to joke about.

    Is sexual molestation now funny to you too?

  18. Helen

    Wait, was that an obscure Star Trek reference? How do you even remember that? How do I even remember that?

  19. Who?

    I thought that it was Corey Feldman that had the Michael Jackson connection?

  20. yeah, SF laid it on this this time.

    but you know what? i dont think that there will be many people boohooing about this. i mean, it was only cory haim.

    you kill off any cast member from party of 5 and make a joke about it, thats when the idiotfucktards come rolling in…

  21. amanda


    seriously tho, at least he died before someone convinced him that the lost boys 3 was a good idea. sad to see the former “awesome monster basher” go, but not suprised

  22. Satan

    We need soooooo much more negative energy in this world. There just isn’t enough. Good job Superficial. Keep it coming.

  23. Georgeo

    #19, read the post you freakin’ moron. He was talking about Corey Feldman.

  24. Dio

    @ 14
    That was the first thing that came to mind was that robot chicken episode

  25. Mel

    #17 – oh, don’t worry. we’d probably make fun of them even if they weren’t celebrities.

    and to answer your question, yes, it is.

  26. James

    Wow, how classy.

    Have just a little bit of fucking respect when someone actually dies.

  27. miss thanotogenus

    god damn. what’s wrong with you people? maybe haim was old news as a celebrity, an 80s also-ran or whatever, but the dude just died for fuck’s sake. his mom was there when he collapsed.

    you don’t have to show any concern or compassion if ya don’t wanna, but jeez. at least don’t say anything…

    ya’ll are fucked up…

  28. a fan

    Sad that Corey Haim died. Now let’s watch as Corey Feldman milks this for as long as possible. I can just see him now on his many TV interviews, talking about his “dear friend” who just passed away. Milk it Feldman!! God knows it’s the only pub you’ll be getting in the next few months.

  29. JR

    I feel sorry for Corey Haim, but I can’t say I’m terribly surprised. He always seemed kind of drugged out to me. I’m really sorry his mother had to see him collapse.

    That said, I’m not completely devoid of a sense of humor. Laughter is a coping mechanism for tragedy, believe it or not, guys. Get over yourselves.

  30. Douchetastic

    I always thought Haim was the George Michael and Feldmen was the Andrew Ridgeley.

    And there already was a Dream a Little Dream 2.

    “It’s also pretty well known that Corey Haim was sexually abused by someone in the music industry (quite likely Michael Jackson) – and the fact that it screwed up his life and he ended up on drugs is nothing to joke about.”

    That was Feldman, so I guess it’s not a “pretty well known” as you claim.

  31. sokka


    Too true

    I had to google that guy’s name

    however i was aware of cory haim

    its more like an alex winter keaneau reeves thing

    where you know of what reeves is doing (albeit with terrible wooden acting) but alex winter dissapeared after bill and ted and lost boys

    (hey…a lost boys connection)

    i just would have instantly connected haim to feldman whereas i would instantly connect feldman to his roles.

    he was a sidekick and this was inevitable

    anyone know if alex winter is having drug issues?

    is this the year of dead child actors?

    where are the home improvement kids right now?

  32. Ryan the Canadian

    Damn. In that pic with Feldman he looks 50. ‘Lost Boys’ was a cool flick in the 80′s (minus the almost ménage a trois with Jason Patrick and the dog in the bubble bath – that was a bit on the gay side).

  33. finally

    he is dead…the world lost another junkie, can’t cut it celebrity who was sexual abused because his parents pimped him out iN THE FIRST PLACE.

    nope, can’t say I feel sorry for this human.

    I’ll feel sorry for the poor cabbie who gets shot while taking a fare,and trying to feed his family, or an old lady who gets pushed down the subway stairs, for kicks by unruly teenagers, and dies. Celebrities.nope.nothing

    Good riddance, take Feldman with you..

  34. Justin

    I’ll just go back to reading Haim’s autobiography “Feldman: Like The Deserts Miss The Rain”.

  35. Dirk Diggler

    Lucas was one of my favorite films of the 80′s. Still it isn’t a surprise.

  36. Necrophilia...Crack Open A Cold One

    #17 I guess so. Why, do you know a good joke?

  37. Valerie

    He still lived with his mother?

  38. Melissa

    Imzadi = Awesomeness

  39. Eastsideodee

    The reason there is no sympathy is because he got paid, and no doubt laid, strictly based on his face…it certainly wasn’t based on talent! He didn’t seem to have developed much character over the years and always came off as a cocky fuck!
    When you are blessed with what he was given, and he WAS in some pretty good movies (Lucas anybody, Lost Boys) i’m sure he made millions in his teens, and his looks never faded (anyone else see that trainwreck called ‘The Coreys’ -i used to whatch it for Feldman’s hot wife).
    If there was anything beyond the face i’m sure he coulda made a decent life for himself, but instead he chose to spend his life living in the moment, picking up skanks impressed that he was in movies 20-years ago, and trying to push Lost Boy’s, and License to drive sequels!
    What a shameful and unesesary waste! Good Riddance asshat.

  40. Necrophilia...Crack Open A Cold One

    #17 OK, I’ve got one.

    A priest and a lawyer are packing their car for a fishing trip. The priest looks at the lawyer and says “We should bring a little boy with us.”
    The lawyer asks “Why?”
    The priest says “So we can fuck him.”
    And the lawyer asks “Out of what?”

    Thank you, thank you…I’ll be here all week. Tip your waiters.

  41. Stephen

    Uh yeah, maybe you guys can at least wait for the poor guy to get burried before you start ripping into him. I wasn’t really a fan, but he is still someone’s son and anytime someone dies, it’s a tragedy. It’s called tact guys, show some. RIP, man!

  42. JayEll

    Not going to say never coming back to this site or anything… and generally I laugh my ass of at every black comedic line that pours forth from The Superficial’s gaping maw… but seriously? Laughing at someone who dies a drug addict’s miserable lonely death? I can only hope that some of you (yeah, you know who you are…) wind up in the same hell someday.

  43. Jon

    Is anyone going to post distasteful comments when this Superficial writer croaks in a puddle of his own vomit?

  44. beep beep

    ROFL @40.

  45. Oveta

    Did anyone cry when Boner died? He had a far more sympathetic death than Haim.

  46. Dusty

    And, another one bites the dust…and, ……

  47. Nicole

    Haim was the better looking Corey way back when… Drugs are so bad.. I feel for his mom. God help her.. It’s sad.. He was still someone’s child.

  48. Sean

    How many points do you think were scored in peoples Dead Pools this time? I would assume many people had him on their list. I did.

  49. Slappy White

    The SF writer didn’t kill the guy, you bleeding heart pussies. He killed himself. With drugs.

    Lighten up and pull the sticks out of your asses.

  50. The writers on this site are insensitive fuck hats and so are some of you. Someone died and died in front of their own mother…there’s nothing remotely funny about that.

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