Corey Feldman gets it

March 11th, 2010 // 51 Comments

Corey Feldman went on Larry King Live and took aim at the celebrities feigning sympathy for Corey Haim but let him die broke and “destitute.” Via People:

“At the end of the day, Larry, where were all these people the last 10 years, the last 15 years of Corey’s life?” asked Feldman, also 38. “Where were all these people to lend a hand out, to reach out to him and say, you know, you’re a legend, you’re – you’re an amazingly talented, wonderful person who’s really never gone out of his way to hurt anybody other than himself?”
Feldman said “a sizeable memorial” will be planned for Haim – which he hopes will be well-attended. “You see these people making great statements and that’s wonderful and I hope they’re all there for the memorial and I hope they’re all there for the funeral. But where were they during his life?”

That’s exactly what I’ve been saying! All these celebrities tweeting away like Corey Haim was their goddamn life-partner and they spent Saturdays hiking together. It’s literally Boner all over again. Next thing you know, they’ll be on Larry King milking this thing for another 15 minutes. Well, I’m with you, Corey Feldman. Fuck. That.


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  1. McFeely Smackup

    When you need a moral course correction from Corey Feldman, you are seriously busted.

  2. snarkyscreenname

    Nice hair, Feldman….reaching back in time for a little Milli Vanilli style inspiration?
    Wait, sounds like Feldman is lipsynching over a pre-recorded Simon Monjack diatribe…

    cue the dancing penguins!

  3. wellsaid

    Well said Feldman.

  4. JR

    For what it’s worth, this guy actually WAS Corey Haim’s friend and he actually does have the right to call all these other celebs out on their bullshit.

    Go Corey Feldman! (Theres a sentence I never thought I’d type…)

  5. Huh?

    Except for the fact that Corey Feldman WAS with him the past 10-15 years. Longer even. He’s the only one who has the right to say anything about it.

  6. Kris

    so which celebs are saying what?

  7. Kris

    Oh nevermind, shoulda guessed it was douchebags like Adrian Curry, Khloe Kardashian and Tweet master Kutcher….

  8. Scott

    Superficial guy – you conveniently left out the rest of the quote where he calls out TMZ and sites like yours and says “In this entertainment industry, in Hollywood, we build people up as children, we put them on pedestals, and then, when we decide they’re not marketable anymore, we walk away from them,” he added. “Then we taunt them and we tease them … It’s okay for society as a whole to poke fun at, to point fingers at, us as human beings. Why is it okay to kick somebody when they’re down? I don’t think it should be tolerated anymore.”

  9. Smee

    He doesn’t think its right for people to “poke fun” and “laugh” at celebrities…. this is coming from the guy who got MARRIED on VH1′s The Surreal Life… he’s full of shit.

  10. Shep

    You live in the most fake world you possibly can ever imagine. You expect real emotion and help to be offered by other celebs? hahahaha. Funny Corey, funny. You choose to live in that world, don’t be shocked by the treatment you get. Of course celebs are going to come out and say nice things and express condolences to the media, that’s PR and face time for them and at the end of the day that’s really what it’s all about.

  11. SO RIGHT this guy serious? Where were they? Probably taking care of their own families and their own daily sh*t!!! Like everyone else! Yes, people care about other people, but they can’t care for every down-trodden, drug addicted Hollywood child star, just because they happen to be in the same hollywood industry! People grow up and have their own stuff to take care of, like paying the effin mortgage and raising children. I think it’s great that Corey Feldmen remained friends with Corey Haim, and he was probably a great friend! But don’t it expect it from everyone in Hollywood land. Life isn’t like that. In the same way that Britney Murphy died and everyone felt awful about it, regardless of whether they were close or not — people can feel the same for Corey Haim. SO shut up Corey Feldman. Sheeeeesh!

  12. grover cleveland

    Damn you Corey, damn you. This is why you mattered!

  13. Sebastien

    If I remember correctly, Feldman put up Haim in his house and even took Haim’s side in arguments between Haim and Feldman’s wife. He lobbied and successfully got Haim into the new Lost Boys film when he only had a small part himself. He hung out with him regularly and loaned him money to help him get on his feet.

    If he wants to spend 15 minutes on Larry King telling people not to judge Haim, calling fake people out on their lame sympathy, good for him.

    I wouldn’t want Haim to be my responsibility for 5 seconds, he did it on and off for years. Fuck the haters.

  14. this_time

    The days following your friend’s death is not an appropriate time to scold an entire community of people for not doing what you thought they should be doing. Just grieve the loss of your friend, man. And when someone reaches out and says, “I’m sorry…” Just say, “Thank you.”

  15. Corey F I am sure you were there for him in the last 18 months right??????????????

    Lets not get hypocritical especially with your best bud.

  16. this_time

    OH, and by the way…. Dr. Drew (for whatever it’s worth) DID try to reach out to Corey Haim and Corey turned him down. He could have gotten another chance to be on a reality show, at least, and if he’d gotten sober through Dr. Drew’s program, maybe he would have landed other jobs…. We’ll never know.

  17. SO RIGHT

    16 is RIGHT ON.
    15 is Corey Feldman.

  18. WOW

    Exactly…same for all these other celebs when they died, everyone speaking their 2 cents. No one was there though when it was important…Always too late.

    Feldman is the man

  19. havoc

    “Legend” is a bit of a fucking stretch….


  20. justifiable

    #10 Thanks for the full report, Scott.

    But while Feldman’s calling out “the industry” as a whole and the Fish and TMZ in particular for reporting Haim’s drug use and death might be satisfactory, how, really, are the latter to blame here? Granted, good people – and that includes writers as well as actors – are often tanked by the suits who run things because their interest is money and easy marketability, not creativity. But many, if not most, of the people who’ve posted over the past few days on Haim’s death remembered the posters they used to have of Haim on their bedroom walls when they were kids and have expressed sadness and regret that he couldn’t seem to get his life in order. These weren’t people who “walked away” from him or kicked him when he was down – they just grew up and since Haim wasn’t doing anything they could see, went on to other things.
    And, quite frankly, if every single one of them had written to Haim when he was alive offering their support, I doubt if it would have made any difference to the outcome.

  21. Celebubitch

    Who are these people and why are they important?

  22. never comment

    umm I dont think feldman was lashing out at fans for not lending a helping hand –but rather is fed-up with a callous and harsh industry that chewed him up and spat him out after they made a pile of money off of him. never really thought much about haim–but he comes off as sweet in his movies— and i always feel sad and a sort of societal guilt when the life of a child-star ends up in a heap. i read haims’ wiki entry: it said that his mother enrolled him in acting because he was a very timid kid and she thought it would be a good way for him to get over his shyness–seemed so sad to think of this little sensitive kid that probably didnt have the proper shell to make it in that ruthless world.

  23. same for all these other celebs when they died, everyone speaking their 2 cents.

  24. Stu

    It’s a shame that it took the death of Corey Haim for people to pay attention to the message that Corey Feldman’s been trying to put out for years.

    In any case, the timing of his death is a bit odd for me. Just a week ago, I was wondering if anyone was planning on giving him a role in a TV drama. I thought he’d be great in something like CSI or Heroes.

  25. Stu

    …in other words, it’s sad because I had the feeling Corey Haim was going to turn his life around and make it again in Hollywood.

  26. Dude

    Corey is speaking from the heart. He just lost his best friend. If you question that, you are a douche. No. You are a FUCKING DOUCHE.

    Corey has actively tried to help his lifelong friend though addicts are not necessarily open to help. Drugs are fun and cool and necessary (when you’re an addict) until you die. Core, in MHO, is trying to bring light to this disease.

    Are we all responsible? No. Does media feed on stories like yes? Yes. Is it sad that a talented person fell victim to this disease. Yes.

    I challenge any of you to challenge me on these points?

  27. Stu Gavin

    To call Corey Haim a “legend” is like declaring the 1990′s band The Spin Doctors to be Rock Gods. LOL

  28. Hollywood thrives on hypocrisy, it would be surprising if people who didn’t give a toss didn’t pretend to be his best mates!

  29. Stu


    Apparently, Corey Haim was worth more dead than alive to some of the hypocrites you mention.

  30. captain america

    …………………….HE’S OUT FOR GOOD!!

  31. Mama Pinkus

    It’s a fair question.

  32. SO RIGHT

    Someone tell me this…WHY should “the industry” care??? They’re just employers making a buck off their employees. That’s the way it is. If I became an alcoholic or drug addict, my employer would probably put me through treatment and that’s about it. If I CHOSE to CONTINUE to do drugs after that, well….that’s kind of MY OWN FAULT. RIGHT? My employer would be sad if I died, but it’s certainly NOT their responsibility! In addition, if I couldn’t get a job in the industry any longer after being a child star, I’d probably make a life for myself in another way, like everyone else who can’t get a break in Hollywood! Why would anyone think they’re entitled to more work just because they were once a star? And WHY ON EARTH would anyone be blaming other stars and the industry for what was clearly Corey Haims own choices? I don’t get this at all and I think Corey Feldman is just an angry little man because he was once a big star and now can barely get on a reality tv show, so he’s bitter and angry and using Corey Haims death as a way to plead his own dumb case. GROW UP and take personal responsibility for your failures and your successes and MOVE ON!

  33. Nick

    Nice, coming from a guy who admitted to stealing rolls from Corey Haim

  34. me again

    Sorry about the death and all.. but, he was not a legend. He was a cute kid actor that went astray… He died… Now let him rest in piece – but do not call him a legend.

  35. ad

    Fuck you people bashing Corey Helm.

  36. Devil's Advocate

    @35 Well besides the fact “compassion” for other humans is suppose to be a important thing or something, the argument “that’s the way it is” is only upheld when people “allows it” to be that way. At one point employers didn’t give a damn if their workers needed time off when they got hurt, sick, or pregnant, but people got laws passed to change that in many cases. When the laws passed eventually so did the old attitudes in time. Also, most jobs and employers (notice I said “most”) don’t offer and encourage easy access to drugs, pussy, and the over indulgence in alcohol the same way the entertainment industry in Hollywood does, especially to underaged talent that wouldn’t even be of working age in other fields. I know the current trend is to not to give a fuck about anyone else, especially if they have (or had) more then us & are perceived to be weak, but damn can we stop siding with whatever faceless industry, corporate entity, or big boss that wouldn’t think twice about crushing any of us to make a few more dollars! Siding with the powerful doesn’t make you powerful it just helps make the job easier when your turn to get stepped on comes. feel free to go back to looking at nip slips and hatin’ the shit out of the Heidi , Lindsey, and Tiger.

  37. SO RIGHT

    @39 – Listen, there’s an old saying “you live by the sword, die by the sword”. It’s so true in the Hollywood industry! A bunch of narcissists who need constant attention and praise, live in the limelight and pray for paparazzi to take photos of them, then turn to drugs and alcohol because they can’t quite get stardom? THey live their lives chasing CAMERAS and movie parts hoping to be loved by all again and hoping to make millions again, and when it doesn’t happen drown themselves in prescription drugs and somehow the rest of the world is responsible for this????? FUCK THAT! I felt awful when Britney Murphy died. WHY? Cuz she seemed like a nice person and I enjoyed watching her in movies and she was way too young. But again — SHE CHOSE to buy into all the hollywood shit and became anorexic because of it and on top of being anorexic, she decided, AGAIN, to CHOOSE prescription drugs to get through. Let it all be a lesson to you — if you want to chase the Hollywood dream, like the Danny Bonaduces of the world? Be my guest! But don’t blame everyone else when your life falls apart and you end up in the gutter due to depression from chasing something totally vapid and ridiculous. The only people who make it in that industry are those who treat it like they could care less, do a great job of acting, but go home to their families with their morals and their lives in tact. If you can’t do that? GET OUT. And truthfully, if you want to blame anyone? Blame good old momma for pushing Corey Haims into acting at such a young age because he was “shy”. whatever

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  39. Debbie

    Ok! Now. Come on Corey Feldman, why are you are Larry King??? You are buying into this death for your own way of getting attention!!!! This is your time to shine and you are going to milk it for all you can. The only message I got out of the Larry King show from you was that you were begging Hollywood to put you back in the lime light. It is over for you, so get a real job!
    Corey Haim did this to himself! People probably did try and help him and he did not want help. If you could not get him off the drugs how could anybody else.

  40. Sam

    corey haim was awesome. lost boys was one of the coolest movies ever made and that does make him a legend. all you 12 year old snotnose punks who have only heard of hannah montana need to shut the fuck up. if you didnt grow up in the 80′s then you are too young to comment on corey haims legendness lol But yeah notice corey haim died while on PRESCRIPTION DRUGS big pharma kills more people than any heroin or other drugs because they are run by eugenicists with population control in mind. google “tetanus shot UN” dont believe me! go find out for yourself then find out sodium fluoride and chlorine were rat poison for 40 years until they lied and said it was good for teeth!

  41. Where the fuck did Feldman get that Misfits’ wannabe kinda hair?

  42. August

    Where were those people….They were working their asses off and STAYING AWAY FROM DRUGGIES WHO REFUSED TO SOBER UP!

  43. I figured Feldman cooked things up to get Haim work. Got him walk-ons in his movies and stuff, like “Busted”. (It’s the thought that counts). I wonder if he engineered “The Two Coreys”?

    Feldman seems more articulate and together than those Liza Minelli / Anna-Nicole Smith types that stagger onto Larry King Live.

    A word to child stars though: SAVE YOUR MONEY. Sometimes that child star thing doesn’t work out the way you’d like. If you save your money, you can let everyone laugh at you while you lounge in a palace on your private island.

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