Corey Feldman gets it

Corey Feldman went on Larry King Live and took aim at the celebrities feigning sympathy for Corey Haim but let him die broke and “destitute.” Via People:

“At the end of the day, Larry, where were all these people the last 10 years, the last 15 years of Corey’s life?” asked Feldman, also 38. “Where were all these people to lend a hand out, to reach out to him and say, you know, you’re a legend, you’re – you’re an amazingly talented, wonderful person who’s really never gone out of his way to hurt anybody other than himself?”
Feldman said “a sizeable memorial” will be planned for Haim – which he hopes will be well-attended. “You see these people making great statements and that’s wonderful and I hope they’re all there for the memorial and I hope they’re all there for the funeral. But where were they during his life?”

That’s exactly what I’ve been saying! All these celebrities tweeting away like Corey Haim was their goddamn life-partner and they spent Saturdays hiking together. It’s literally Boner all over again. Next thing you know, they’ll be on Larry King milking this thing for another 15 minutes. Well, I’m with you, Corey Feldman. Fuck. That.


Photos: Getty