Corey Feldman Performed On ‘Today’ Again To Heal America

The last time Corey Feldman performed on Today, the internet slathered him in hate and ridicule until God and Paris Jackson convinced him of his higher purpose, which was apparently to go back on Today and fix our deeply divided nation through the gift of terrible song. No, really. Before performing, he told Tamron Hall, “And this song, by the way, is for America. We are at a time right now where the world needs to focus really on peace and love and tolerance, especially with all the bullying, so this is about the government, this is about the race, this is about the United States” before she literally cuts him off. So without further ado, here is Corey Feldman and his Angel Hooker Band performing “Take A Stand.”


I honestly have no hate for Corey Feldman. He’s clearly a lunatic who has too much money to ever have to give up his dreams. But is anybody taking NBC or Today to task for this shit? I understand that the ratings are probably tremendous, but this is objectively awful and exploitative as fuck. I did find a hero in this whole mess, however, and it’s Angel Hooker #2 tossing so much shade at Corey you can almost hear her thinking “I would rather be blowing a frat party than doing this right now.”


Corey Feldman Hooker Angel


You are all of us right now, Angel Hooker #2. We stand with you.


Corey Feldman Angel Hooker

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Photo: Today