In Theory, Corey Feldman Performed On The TODAY Show

With Wade Robson’s lawsuit against two of Michael Jackson’s companies finding new life this week, Corey Feldman couldn’t have picked a better time to somehow get booked on The TODAY Show this morning and “perform” with his band of Corey’s Angels that I have no idea how he still has money for. I can’t remember a time in the last decade when I haven’t seen Corey Feldman walking around with at least two hookers – They’re totally hookers, right? – and there’s no way his residuals from the 80s are covering all of that. It’s almost as if he has a secret reserve of cash from somewhere, but how? And why? And for what? If only we had some sort of clue…

And now for the performance which NBC oddly hasn’t uploaded to its official TODAY YouTube channel because apparently it hates epic EDM struggles between good and evil and kind of moonwalking, so enjoy this while it lasts:

[h/t Uproxx]

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Photo: Getty