Corey Feldman Is Sorry He Dropped The Flag

Corey Feldman’s second performance on Today of course sent the internet into a frenzy, because we are a nation so desperate for schadenfreude that we prematurely elected Ken Bone president in 2020 until we found out a day later that he jacks off to pregnant porn on Reddit and thinks Trayvon Martin’s death was justified. So, morons, we are all bunch of no-attention-span morons, which is why the big takeaway from a major network’s casual profiteering off of Corey Feldman’s descent into madness was that he dropped the flag. THAT COMMIE FUCK! Via People:

Corey Feldman was seeking redemption Thursday when he sang live on the Today show for the second time, nearly one month after he was met with considerable backlash for his first performance.

However, his latest showing was clouded with controversy after the former child actor dropped an American flag on the ground while belting out his single, “Take a Stand.”

If recent internet memory about anything flag-related serves me correctly, right about now Corey should be getting lit up by true patriots who love the troops, should be called on to donate his salary to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and then leave the country if he hates it here so much. But just to offer a little more insight into the kind of person we’re dealing with here, this is his sincere rationale for dropping the flag:

Once I was on stage, my brain reverted to my choreography, which was to throw my hands up in the air with a peace sign. As a dancer, my instinct is to drop anything in my hands.

As a dancer…you knew this was coming:

Corey Feldman Dancing Today Show

Hooker Angel #2

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Photo: Today