Cora Skinner in a bikini is way too good for Brody Jenner

June 6th, 2008 // 170 Comments

Model Cora Skinner hit the beach in Hawaii yesterday with boyfriend Brody Jenner of The Hils. I’m pretty sure it’s a crime against nature for a chick this hot to date a bag this douchey. Brody even has his own last name tattooed up his side which is just pure stupid in my book. That’s like writing “Will Pay Child Support Out the Anus” on your forehead. Sure, it’ll get you laid but then, uh, hmm. Maybe he’s on to something. Anyone got a Sharpie?


  1. PunkA


    Who is Bridy jenner?

  2. peeps

    FAKE BOOBS, but as a girl I have to admit that is one of the most incredible boddies I have EVER seen. The other one lives in a place called “my mirror”.

  3. Ashy Pink

    Don`t know both of em

  4. Trover

    #2 Prove it liar

  5. Holyfuck

    Now Jenn, please note that this is a perfect body. SHe will never get fat, like you undoubtedly already are. And please don’t say she looks anorexic. This is what all women should aspire to lik like if they want to live long and healthy lives. And never get fat.

  6. ferlo

    Whatever, dude, they’re both super attractive. Nope- not a negative superficial thing to say about either of them. Fuck, I want to lick and bone her and do naughty gay things with Brody.

  7. Tyler Durden

    Shmaverage face(big nose), banging body, fake cans, completely tainted by the douchemeister. MEH.

  8. ???



  9. Karina

    Is that? Yes yes it is a tattoo of his lastname on the side of his body. Hmmmm…DOUCHE!

  10. indian

    Perfect body.

  11. Dignan

    He has ‘Jenner’ tattooed on his side. Is that in case he gets lost?
    And why am i looking at him when there’s a model in the photo. I must be gay.

  12. Lola

    who the hell are these retards????? some more idiots posing for staged pictures? IDIOTS

  13. lookma_nohans

    Pic # 6 –> COOTER PUNCH!

  14. Trover

    Her body is a 10. Would be a 9.5 without the enhancements. The added curves up to just complete the look. But her face is a 7.5 at best. Still, very nice.

  15. My Penis

    What is this, toss your retard girlfriend week? First manboy Mario, now this fucktard. They should make a game of it, it’ll be the next big thing, no fuck that, pretend you didnt hear it..gotta get a patent lawyer on the phone.

  16. Bangin’ body but seriously – who’s ever heard of either of these retards? Aren’t you supposed to be somewhat famous to be on this site?

  17. Jackson

    I hate her ugly breast implant gap. She does not have to cover her tight ass, unlike Kim Kardaskank who has to cover her huge loose cellulite ass when wearing a swimsuit.

  18. Auntie Kryst

    Do you think the tattoo on the other side of that dumbfuck Brody reads “Son of Bruce…”?

    P.S. I apologize for making fun of every douchebag for saying “I’d hit it” and “I just exploded in my pants” because I would and did.

  19. coffeebean

    Pay attention all you fat girls, espesially you THAT_GIRL_JENN , this is what a female body should look like. This is what men desire, they may have to settle for less but this is it. Stop kidding yourself by thinking that because you have a big fat ass like KK, you are sexy, you are not. This girl is sexy.

  20. Jen

    Nope, nope, nope. Nice stomach, nice rack, but her legs are too skinny. She has 12-year-old boy syndrome. However, Brody on the other hand…

  21. havoc

    Oh hell yeah…..

    That chick is F-I-N-E fine……


  22. ferlo

    Again, whatever, they’re HOT. Ignore her face and Accept it. We’re in the U.S. Doesn’t matter who you are when you look this Good.

  23. Amy


  24. Jen

    coffeebean, maybe you like ‘em this skinny, but science says girls like this have fertility problems. That’s because without hips you’re as good as a boy.

  25. It was a joke not meant to upset anyone, she has a great body and is the example of how great a slim build looks and I will use her as an example as someone who has a great body and I what personally prefer to a Kim K body or a Nicole Richie body, there is a nice middle ground of being slim fit and toned and she is that for sure.
    I will not post my image online because the world is full of insane people and almost all of them use the internet. I am writer and when I lived in Miami I turned a modeling career down because I am very shy and hate having my picture taken. I did not want to be a part of the cocaine world that makes other women feel like shit about themselves and personally it’s really boring job, not remotely intellectual and you are constantly surrounded by perves, like this douche, but older and grosser.

    But just to be a good sport here is Cora’s website for all of you to enjoy, she has a stunning body, I don’t judge implants badly I’ve just seen a lot of them so I know what they look like. I’ve also felt a few, but that was along time ago and another story.

    Go to to se more pictures and click my name for one of them.

  26. ferlo

    #23, Amy, WHHHHOOOO CARES!!! Leave quietly, please. ..

  27. What do you think her rate is?

  28. ferlo

    #24, JEN, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: You’re a loser. Stop pretending like you actually KNOW something relevant. Go see a plastic surgent about your issues already.

  29. Jen

    Elisha Cuthbert – now THAT was a nice bikini body. Mmmm… I might be willing to go lez for her.

  30. boxerdude

    i would stick my tongue so far up brody jenner’s ass that his future children would be crosseyed. that guy is hot as fuck.

  31. Jen

    Megan Fox – SHE had a nice body, and hips. SHE’S hot too. This nobody though? Um… no.

  32. Randal

    Brody is styling at the beach in those swim trunks and will certainly grab the attention of the other ladies while wearing them. Not sure about that tattoo down his side though.

    “Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name…”


  33. peeps

    oops I didn’t read that before I posted pardon my spelling and mistakes.

  34. LL

    Who the fuck are these people? I must have more of a life than I thought. Apparently there’s a whole universe of “celebrities” that I have never heard of.

    RE Amy: Jesus H Christ, the only people who do all-caps are the crazies and 12-yr-olds. Which one are you? I like the Superficial writer. The whole point is to be mean, you simpleton. Go back to or wherever the hell you came from. Damn.

    FWIW, the chick in the picture is hot. I have to question her judgment, if she’s banging a guy who has a tattoo of his own name. Is that so he won’t forget it?

  35. ???


    Spreading the fruitiness on a little thick today were we? Even if you’re a homo, one would think that the one and only Randal would at least acknowledge the perfect specimen he was tossing into the air. But nothing. You and Boxerdude should hook up. He can be the guy with the handlebar moustache and leather vest and you can be the skinny fem boy in the butt tight shirt and True Religions. I would assume you are the catcher…

  36. Fattie prideeez

    Haha, who are all of you retards that are saying her body isnt perfect? It’s fucking incredible. I wonder what you tubs of lard look like. Fattie pride! :D

  37. veggi

    I don’t know who this girl is, but I’d love to try to find out by sticking a couple of fingers all the way up her ass.

  38. dew

    I don’t know how people can say her face isn’t that great from these photos, because she’s wet and wearing glasses! Now if they know her face from other photos, well they’re entitled to have that opinion then, because they actually saw her face not wet and covered.

    Her body is extremely nice, and even though her breasts are enhanced, they’re enhanced the way they’re supposed to look: nice, instead of like a bolt-on franken-booby like Xtina, Pam, Posh, and whoever else has ginormous boobs with hard edges sticking out under the skin.

    Hopefully this pretty lady won’t get into the overly skinny thing many starlets seem to go through, OR the opposite like that cellulite drunk chick (forget her name, her hair hangs in her face recently).

    Eat healthy, and don’t over-do the partying Cora, if you have ANY talent whatsoever, you’ll probably do well in Celeb-land.

  39. Mike

    If you want to relieve your frustration that a douchebag has landed yet another chick with potential, then just watch this girl speaking on YouTube. Besides being as dumb as you’d expect — she likes “lots of muscles” — she has no chin, or it’s attached to her neck, or something.

    My burst of jealousy assuaged, I can now move on with my day.

  40. Veroonica

    First of all, Jen? For you to say this girl is too skinny to get knocked up is just plain stupid. Fat bitches like you that spread around all of this “big and beautiful” bullshit is why this country has the obesity and health problems it has today. If you want to be a fat pig, BE A FAT PIG! I have nothing against it. However, please stop spreading around all of this “it’s normal to be a size 12″ bullshit. Just becasue you have a fat ass doesn’t mean everyone should have one. That’s call FASCISM, you dumb bitch.

    Brody needs to hit the gym. It’s not good to be that rubbery at his age. He’s not chubby by any means, just no tone.

  41. pete

    no, that’s called fatasscism.

  42. jackie

    she looks like she had more plastic surgery done…besides her breasts.

    i love natural, beautiful girls.

  43. combustion8

    brodys got man tits, shes hot.

  44. TS

    You are awesome.

    Hey FRIST,!!! whatcha drinkin?

  45. thanx friend

    sexy girls

  46. Navel Gazer

    Wow. Really really perfect body. She must really enjoy her life.

  47. Anonymous


    No doubt Randal resides in San Francisco, is a shut-in, and has no friends.

  48. To all who ever could be jealous of this tool:

    I was seeing a girl who hooked up with Brody during a break…and based on what she said, his fame is all he has going for him. Granted, I’m 6’5″ (you do the math on what I got going on down there), but she said he’s “tiny”, has no personality, is full of himself and only talks about himself, AND is a minute man!!

    Ladies, I’m none of the above…hahaha

    Just thought I’d make all the guys (who even just consider what it would be like to be him) realize he’s just lucky to have come out of the right vajay-jay and have the right last name (which he so lamely tatted on his own body). I’m a nobody and pull game just as well as he does…if not better, being that I’m a nobody…..and yes, the girl I was referring to is fucking hot. Perfect 10 and Playboy Cyber Chick of the Month. Swear to God.

    Anyone can do it!!! Go get some hot chick you always wanted this weekend guys!!!!!!!

  49. charm

    # 48, I’m not trying to stick up for Brody Jenner, because I really don’t care about him enough to do that; but anyone that bad-mouths an ‘ex’ like that, not only makes themself look horrible, but makes it pretty clear that they are the one that got burned in the relationship.

  50. Lucy

    DAMN! I would kill to have her body.

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