Cooking With Charlie Sheen

Because this was bound to happen, here’s Charlie Sheen in a new FunnyOrDie sketch, “Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes,” which is admittedly not that bad considering how tired I am of hearing anything warlock or tiger-related. That said, I especially liked the part where he pulls out the pocket knife he put to Brooke Mueller’s throat and threatened to kill her with – on Christmas. Because according to TMZ, Charlie was extremely professional and came up with “several cool ideas,” so I’m going to assume that was one of them and I dare anyone to tell a knife-wielding drug addict they want to go another direction.

CHARLIE: Alright, hear me out. What if I pulled out my pocket knife and started fighting this other knife that I’m holding right here in my hand? Tell me that’s not hilarious. I mean, me with a knife? I’m laughing just thinking about it. — Are you pissing yourself?
DIRECTOR: Me? Um, yes. From laughter. Ha ha ha ha.
CHARLIE: Right on. Well, I’ll be over here sharpening these and looking really pissed off if anyone needs me. We should do this more often. I’m loving the energy.