Conrad Murray Guilty Of Involuntarily Manslaughter In Michael Jackson Case

November 7th, 2011 // 56 Comments

He still had so many lives to touch. Mostly little ones. With penises.

Dr. Conrad Murray has just been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson to the applause of his fans, according to CNN:

Murray had no expression as the verdict was read.
That means the jury has found that Murray “committed a crime that posed a high risk of death or great bodily injury because of the way the act was committed or the defendant committed a lawful act, but with criminal negligence; and the defendant’s acts unlawfully cause another person’s death.”
… Fans of the late King of Pop began cheering outside the courthouse after the verdict was read.

Here’s what I don’t get, and keep in mind I’m not a legal expert or perhaps even a rational adult not looking for some way to nonsensically bring up Michael Jackson was almost undoubtedly a pedophile, but how is it that a black man who rid the world of a child molester is being sent to prison, yet a white man who protected one for years because he was really good at coaching football is probably going to get a slap on the wrist, if not keep his job with no repercussions? I don’t know why I just made that a race issue because, really, this is more about imagining what it would have been like if Michael started that football camp for underprivileged kids he always dreamed about.

MICHAEL: Joey, you caught the ball! Run to the end zone!
JOEY: Why did we have to take that shower at your house?
MICHAEL: Oh, sonofabitch… *rips off headset, punts clipboard*

God, that would’ve made him so happy.

(And that’s how I squeezed in commentary on Jerry Sandusky. Eat a dick, Penn State. — Wait.)

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  1. Cock Dr

    All “Dr” Murray could think about was staying in MJ’s good graces…so he could collect that 150k each month during the tour. He would have given him black tar heroin if MJ had demanded it. What an asshole.

    • no you

      You’re an asshole. MJ would have found drugs to kill himself with regardless of who his doctor was

      • BigDaddy


      • chev70

        Exactly, he killed himself.
        Murray can count himself unlucky that this happened on HIS watch, as it could easily have happened to any of Jackson’s previous physicians.

        Yeah okay he ( Murray ) is guilty, no doubt about it, but it’s all down to Jackson’s behaviour too, ultimately.

  2. koka

    damn fish, you bad, you baad!

  3. it had to be said

    So, there actually was evidence that the mannequin formerly known as Michael Jackson was alive before he was dead?

    • Parker

      Well, according to those three white kids who called him “dad” he was alive before he died but since they’re not actually related to him you can’t expect them to know for sure.

  4. Dr Conrad Murray Gulty Michael Jackson Involuntary Manslaughter
    Commented on this photo:

    I have no idea if he was really guilty or not, but I hope this is a a bit of a wake-up call for the celebrity doctors who write prescriptions in exchange for checks.

  5. Michael Jackson was a grown man. One would hope he could have made better decisions for himself. Yeah, Dr. Murray shouldn’t have given him all that shit, but had it not been Dr. Murray, MJ would have found someone else to give him what he wanted. This whole trial was a big fucking waste of tax payer money.

    • That’s the lamest excuse for a thought process I’ve ever seen. If MJ had found another doctor to give him what he wanted, that whore would have been prosecuted instead of this whore. Medicine isn’t about giving the patient “what they want”, because (Big Clue Coming Up Here) the PATIENT isn;t the one with a medical degeree and is in no position to make” better decisions for himself”.

      Oddly enough, medicine’s not about not being so fucking greedy that you use the excuse you just floated to rationalize doing harm to idiots, even if they do have more money than sense.

      If you want to talk about a big fucking waste of taxpayer money, I offer up your comment as evidence of public funds that have been obviously been criminally squandered on public education.

      • That’s the anger talking.

      • no you

        MJ could have found a street dealer to give him what he wanted and would still be dead today. He made the choice to kill himself.

      • BigDaddy

        Your a freaking idiot.

      • Schmidtler

        if medicine isn’t about giving the patient what they want, why are pharmaceutical companies permitted to advertise directly to consumers? and why is it that physicians report that 78% of patients who ask their dr. for a prescription for something they saw advertised on tv leave the office with that prescription?

    • Hell Yeah!!

      Sweeeeeet F’ing reply, Justifiable!
      *tips hat*

  6. Deacon Jones

    If you saw some dude, dancing out of his mind to “Wanna Be Starting Something” at a wedding this weekend, only to twirl a girl into a cocktail waitress, who dumped an entire tray of empty wine and beer glasses, shattering onto the dance floor, then you saw THIS guy.

  7. Clarence Beeks

    he will be out in 2 weeks because of “overcrowding” right? Injecting an already drug addicted person is a non- violent crime…right Sheriff Baca, you fucking piece of shit?

    Oh wait, he is a Black man. He will get 6 months.

  8. Star Droppings

    Between a Michael Jackson’s killer going to jail and Casey Anthony walking free, children in this country are getting screwed.

  9. Fester

    The charge should have been involuntary gnomeslaughter but apparently there is no law against that…

    • Gordon GEICO

      There’s an error in the headline. It should read “… Involuntarily Manslaughtering …”

  10. Venom

    What a bunch of BS, Conrad Murray is not guilty.
    Michael Jackson was a drug addict and was responsible for his own death. He used multiple doctors over the years to get his drugs and Conrad Murray is only guilty of being the last guy without a chair in MJ’s musical chair game of doctors.

    • Kevin

      What a stupid comment. That is like saying (when you get pulled over for speeding) “but officer everyone else was speeding too!” That does not make you any less quilty of commiting a crime.

  11. I don’t think he molested those kids. He didn’t have a childhood, so he was probably trying to create a happy childhood with Neverland and having sleepovers. (Given that the name “Neverland” is from a place where boys are in perpetual childhood, I don’t think it’s far from the mark.)

    • Fester

      Michael was like a saint, always ready to pitch in and lend a hand to cure AED (Adolescent Erectile Dysfunction). Well, maybe not a saint, more like a bishop or a cardinal.

    • Parker

      That’s right. He really liked boys. When they grew up he kicked them out and got new ones.

  12. not to sound mean, but...

    Who cares. At the end of the day it means another child molester is out of circulation.

    • Abby Normal

      Yeah but it also makes a little harder for parents to pimp their sons so you see, there’s also a down side.

  13. Such a load of shit. That man was being directed to medicate Jackson, probably by Jackson himself. The guy was notoriously screwed in the head and these yes-man type doctors are a dime a fucking dozen for the rich, famous and well connected.

    They were just looking for someone to blame and this guy ended up getting it in the end. They should have looked at his wacko family and the sycophants that surrounded him on a daily basis…not the doctor.

  14. Anonymous

    He never had a chance. He’s a scapegoat.

  15. Satan's bitch

    We are a sick, sick culture – and I love you all.

  16. stevebeagle

    shoulda let him & given him a commendation..

  17. “He still had so many lives to touch. Mostly little ones. With penises.

    You can go home for the rest of the week, Fish; you already hit the “Citizen Kane” high water mark.

  18. Kevin

    I wonder if most of the people that left comments know anything more about this case than simply reading the results of the trial on this website or know even the basics of our justice system.

    Everyone is acting like he got fucked and he got screwed but if anyone was actually paying attention to the trial they would know he was convicted of INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER. This carries a MAXIMUM sentence of 4 years. Worst case Murray gets 4 years and then lives the rest of his life a very wealthy man. Personally, I would call that a “slap on the wrist.”

    Anyone here saying he is not guilty either doesn’t understand what involuntary manslaughter is or didn’t follow any of the trial. Involuntary manslaughter simply says you acted in a way that contributed to someone death. Providing drugs for a drug addic contributed to his death; leaving a drug addic unattended with drugs (that should not even be in a person’s home,) contributed to his death; waiting a significant amount of time before calling 911 contributed to his death; not telling the paramedics propofol was in his system contributed to his death.

    This is a pretty simple open and shut case and he’s lucky he didn’t get charged with more. And bringing up race is absurd because he did just get a slap on the wrist and O.J. walked. Speaking of O.J. maybe Fish does have a point about football…

  19. Jesus juice…an amusement park,, a zoo and an arcade…You know even though he was a child molester you have to respect the fact that he took it to a whole new level.

  20. Brent K

    Because the black man “committed a crime that posed a high risk of death or great bodily injury because of the way the act was committed or the defendant committed a lawful act, but with criminal negligence; and the defendant’s acts unlawfully cause another person’s death,” and the white man did not.

  21. forrest gump

    let’s wonder……………….WHO THE NEXT TO GO?

  22. slank

    So Murray gets unfairly taken down after signing his name to some prescriptions or being in the wrong place at the wrong time… take your pick. Americans have always liked a good lynching, it deflects where the blame really should have gone and silences all the simpletons. Murray will be out in one or two years anyway and another filthy drug addict is 6ft under… lets move on.

  23. Hasta

    You people are disgusting. Michael Jackson was found not guilty, and if you’d spend a little more time arming yourselves with facts about the topics you spew about with such confident vehemence, perhaps you’d get it. Have you read the transcripts, or do you get all your infallible information from gossip sites?

    Fish, you’ve lost a long time reader. Your acerbic wit is hilarious, but this time you went too far. Yeah I’m only one person but it starts with the man in my mirror. I hope someday you’ll take the time to educate yourself on the Gavin Arvizo case because you’re straight up wrong on this one.

    • TheDevilYouKnow

      Holy shit. Did you actually quote one of MJ’s lamer song in your exit speech? Man in the Mirror? Really, dude?

    • Damien Karras

      God I hope you’re kidding.
      Out of EVERY topic or celeb Fish has mocked, you want to leave because of this one?
      Let’s forget the fact that you are upset because Fish isn’t in denial that a grown man had an unhealthy obsession with keeping a steady rotation of pre-pubescent boys on his ranch, sans parents, but you do realize this a celebrity bashing site. Do you not?

  24. Anon

    I’m really surprised of all you people saying Conrad Murray was set up from the start. Yeah, MJ wanted the drugs, and yes, there are a ton of doctors that will give any medication the patient wants, provided that they get well paid.

    Just because there are many of these doctors doesn’t mean that Murray should go unpunished, especially if there is hard proof that he (unknowingly, involuntarily) caused the death of a patient who took his prescriptions.

    If he had went to a dealer on the street, and had the dealer been caught, he would have been in trouble too. Remember John Belushi’s dealer?

    Anyway, about this Murray… He deserves to go to jail. My grandmother had to go to a doctor for an emergency in LA once, and she somehow ended up with this guy. What a sham.

  25. Anon

    Also, Fish, I randomly found this site that copied/pasted your article without any reference to you.

  26. Dr Conrad Murray Gulty Michael Jackson Involuntary Manslaughter
    Roughing my way the top
    Commented on this photo:

    He looked like that sidekick from the Last Dragon.

  27. Dr Conrad Murray Gulty Michael Jackson Involuntary Manslaughter
    I just cant stop roughing you (Ray Charles)
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey LeeRoy!!!!

  28. Maybe Dr. Murray was just avenging the little boys Jackson finger fucked. Just a thought.

  29. skunk

    free Conrad

  30. Conrad was negligent in his care for Michael…..Pumping him full of sedatives, not knowing CPR, and the fact he kept ZERO records of the care he provided for Michael got his ass in a sling. Conrad sealed his own fate……Personally, I don’t think Conrad killed Michael purposely. It was an accident that had fatal consequence. There was no justification to kill Michael. He was a cash cow and paid for Dr. Murray to administer services above and beyond what any normal doctor would do. However, had Dr. Murray not treated Michael, someone else would have.

  31. me

    I know one thing for sure – dead MJ on the stretcher has some really short legs. That’s got to be the phoniest pic yet. My 5 year old has longer legs than that.

  32. Jim Jones

    So…heroic statue of the Dr. will be erected for ridding the world of heinous evil, right? Right? Wait, what? He’s going to jail? Wtf?

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