Conan O’Brien teams up with George Lopez?

April 12th, 2010 // 44 Comments

In a move absolutely no one who’s even looked at a television would’ve predicted, Conan O’Brien will host a one-hour talk show on TBS as an 11 pm lead-in to Lopez Tonight which will be bumped to midnight with George Lopez’s blessing. TMZ reports:

Sources tell TMZ the idea of bringing Conan to TBS was hatched by Turner’s entertainment chief Steve Koonin. We’re told Koonin went to George Lopez and said he would only approach Conan if George gave his blessing. We’re told George immediately figured out that having Conan as an 11:00 PM lead-in would be nothing short of amazing for a midnight show.
With Lopez on board, we’re told Koonin then approached Conan with the idea. Conan’s first reaction — he didn’t want to do to someone else what was done to him, referring to NBC’s decision to blindside Conan. Koonin told Conan that George had signed off, but Conan wanted to make sure. George then called Conan to reassure him he was on board and thought they would be great partners.

In related news, Lou Dobbs’ head violently exploded today after checking his Blackberry during a volunteer border patrol. However, authorities are hesitant to rule out his necklace of live grenades as a potential subject….

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  1. coco

    Glad Conan’s back

  2. miche

    Who cares – Conan is terrible. Not a Jay fan either but Conan is RREEEAALLYY bad.

  3. #2 You’ve apparently never seen Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

  4. Kim

    Basic cable? Bye bye Conan’s career.

  5. Ted Turner

    TBS? What the fuck? Conan might as well be on The Animal Planet or Biography Channel. Seriously, TBS? I guess he’ll fit right in with the NASCAR and Andy Griffith Show reruns.

  6. Mcfeely Smackup

    I realize that with the golden handshake nbc gave him, conan never needs to work again in his life for money, but TBS? The only thing more pathetic would be teaming up with George Lopez…uh, whups.

    conans problem is he’s just not very entertaining. and frankly, he’s kind of hard to look at.

  7. fergiet

    Wow. What a downgrade.

  8. #4 Would HBO be any better?

  9. Paul Marco

    Thanks Steve Koonin and TBS! Now you’ve given this Mexican racist more air-time.

  10. antparty

    Remember that Comedy Central was just another cable show until Jon Stewart took over The Daily Show. I think Conan fans will flock to TBS. Conan gets to own the show which means it’s his show and his audience. Mad Men put AMC on the map. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy put Bravo on the map. Conan will do wonders for TBS. I think Conan will do just fine. And I’m not Randal.

  11. small asian penis

    #10 Well, where is Randal?

  12. Koonin… Conan… there’s a joke in there somewhere…

  13. havoc

    George Lopez has a show?


  14. Deacon Jones

    Lopez is awful.

    I watched his show for 5 minutes once. He was making a joke about Taco Bell. I looked at my girlfriend and said “That was original” and proceeded to faceplant through my glass coffee table.

  15. OTP

    Lopez is a hack, no-talent and I’m amazed he’s still on television. Conan… well, he’s washed up and done with. Bye bye career and relevancy.

  16. andrei

    i’m sorry, can someone explain me how i use this for making sex with myself?

  17. Sledman

    Wow, Kinda speechless about this one. I can only hope its a bad joke as no one watches Lopez or TBS for that matter. I think Conan is hip enough to know what a joke he will be if this is true. I loved his show, and I have been boycotting Leno since Conan left, however there is no way in hell I’ll be watching him at 10pm on TBS.

  18. rest5150

    What does it matter what network Conan is on? What relevance does that have to anything? John & Kate brought ratings to their network, The Kardashian bring ratings to E, Kat Von D brings ratings to TLC….what does it matter? We all knew the clause in Conans agreement with NBC is that he would be paid the difference in his old salary and what he makes on another show. Its in his best interest to collect pennies from TBS(which I am sure that is NOT what they will pay him) and its a big payday all around and he does what he loves!

    This is good for George’s career too….remember, Conan followed the greats and furthered his career..Im not saying that George Lopez is the next Conan O Brien but he isn’t worse than Fallon or Carson Daly that’s for damn sure.

    If you like the material you’ll watch wherever they put it. If they put Dexter on Telemundo or Lost on PAX Id still follow my favorite programs…

    Good Move. Get back to work Conan.

  19. oooaaahhh


    let’s call the whole thing off!

  20. Mcfeely Smackup

    In all fairness, does the actual network make squat difference any more? I’ve had Tivo for 10 years, I couldn’t tell you what channel any show I watch is on. Or for that matter, what channels I even GET.

    If I wanted to watch Conan (and like most people apparently, I don’t) I’d tell Tivo to go find him, and watch at my leisure, not at some network decided time slot

  21. Phil

    #5 Sounds like someone hasn’t watched TBS in a while. All they show now is Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, and Family Guy and The Office reruns. Sure, Bill Engvall has (had?) his own show on the network, but still, they’re not the quaint li’l redneck superstation they once were.

    #10 I’d give the credit for Comedy Central becoming a major cable network to “South Park”, but “Daily Show” didn’t hurt.

    All in all, this is gonna be awesome. Not to mention working for TBS could lead to crazy-ass Adult Swim tie-ins.

  22. FUCK YEAH I LOVE CONAN’. FUCK YOU LENO YOU CHINZILLA. What a piece of shit to give someone something and take it back! I’m glad he’s not going on fox 11.

  23. havoc

    Conan O’Brien is one ugly motherfucker…..

    Good thing he’s rich…..


  24. Paul

    Putting Conan on cable will give him a lot more freedom to do what he wants on his show, and less pressure from execs to cater to the elderly demographic that the Tonight Show goes for.

  25. we’re with you CONANDO!

  26. the Boozer

    Those who hate Conan and watch Leno are not too swift. They’re the same ones who thought bush was a good President.

    Conan will do extremely well at TBS. Doesn’t matter what Letterman, Leno, all the others do. Network TV is fading out. Conan is in a class of his own, and this is actually a great move as it will distinguish him from those other losers. He will put TBS in the forefront as South Park has done with Comedy Central. There will be no problems w/ lame ass networks trying to censor his content, and no ridiculous affiliates thinking they need to get their local news on that no one watches.

    Don’t be so sure that Conan isn’t getting paid well. TBS has been around for over 30 years and was one of the first real cable channels. You don’t last that long without knowing the business and making some money along the way. This will probably be a pioneering move, much like Howard Stern going to Sirius/XM. There are those who don’t know what they’re talking about who would say that Stern is in obscurity, but they are incorrect. He’s as popular as ever, just in a different/better format. Same will hold true w/ Conan, as he has a very specific and loyal audience much like Stern. Congratulations to Conan.

  27. I cant decide if George Lopez is cool or not

  28. Tanzarian

    Koonin then approached Conan with the idea. Koonin told Conan that George had signed off, but Conan wanted to make sure. George then called Conan to reassure him he was on board.

    Who writes this stuff, Dr. Seuss?

  29. V

    Everybody who watched Conan watches Stewart and Colbert as well. So this only does any good for those of us that have a DVR.

  30. Dn

    @ 2

  31. IT'S A TIE

    It’s a tie between CONAN and MICHELE BOMBSHELL!!! They both put me to sleep, equally.

  32. Shut Up

    shut up all of u u are all just jealous thats it…..

  33. I love Conan, but TBS? Seriously? That’s a step down really. He should have just negotiated with NBC and gone with the time slot after Jay I think.

  34. common sense

    there are some really stupid people on this site. mind numbingly stupid.

  35. captain america

    ………meet the new sceletor, folks!!

  36. i do not like his show much …

  37. Way back before she became Barbies clone, she has bugged me since the moment I laid eyes on her. Not for how plain looking she naturally was but her personality is that of a dinner plate. I couldn’t tell you what Irked me about her but it is something way deep down inside her, underneath the plastic shell in the hallow depths of her soul.

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  42. aubrey
    Commented on this photo:

    wooo i love conan!

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