Conan O’Brien stalked by Catholic priest


A Catholic priest from Boston was arrested for stalking Conan O’ Brien in New York yesterday. The forty six year old priest David Ajemian tried to enter a filming of “Late Night with Conan O’ Brien” at NBC studios when police stopped him, according to NY Daily News:

The priest allegedly had been sending the TV host threatening e-mails, postcards and letters since September 2006 and now faces charges of aggravated harassment and stalking.
Father Ajemian is now under psychiatric evaluation. The Archdiocese of Boston says he has been placed on leave and is not permitted to minister publicly.

That’s odd. The Catholic Church hardly ever threatens people. I mean, unless you read The Da Vinci Code, use birth control, are Kevin Smith, work at an abortion clinic, insult Mel Gibson, get a divorce, press charges for stuff that may have happened when you were an altar boy, pose provocatively in a confession booth, are Madonna, totally dig gay marriage or claim the Holocaust is real. But, yeah, other than that; very calm people.

Note: If any perturbed Catholics want to personally give me some fire and brimstone, I’m a nice guy, so allow me to help: click here for my picture. Make sure you really commit my face to memory. Because I totally want to atone for my sins. Feel free to use whatever methods you feel necessary. Might I suggest a Buick to the nuts? It’s what Jesus would do.

Photos: Getty Images