Conan O’Brien stalked by Catholic priest

November 8th, 2007 // 73 Comments

A Catholic priest from Boston was arrested for stalking Conan O’ Brien in New York yesterday. The forty six year old priest David Ajemian tried to enter a filming of “Late Night with Conan O’ Brien” at NBC studios when police stopped him, according to NY Daily News:

The priest allegedly had been sending the TV host threatening e-mails, postcards and letters since September 2006 and now faces charges of aggravated harassment and stalking.
Father Ajemian is now under psychiatric evaluation. The Archdiocese of Boston says he has been placed on leave and is not permitted to minister publicly.

That’s odd. The Catholic Church hardly ever threatens people. I mean, unless you read The Da Vinci Code, use birth control, are Kevin Smith, work at an abortion clinic, insult Mel Gibson, get a divorce, press charges for stuff that may have happened when you were an altar boy, pose provocatively in a confession booth, are Madonna, totally dig gay marriage or claim the Holocaust is real. But, yeah, other than that; very calm people.

Note: If any perturbed Catholics want to personally give me some fire and brimstone, I’m a nice guy, so allow me to help: click here for my picture. Make sure you really commit my face to memory. Because I totally want to atone for my sins. Feel free to use whatever methods you feel necessary. Might I suggest a Buick to the nuts? It’s what Jesus would do.

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  1. Dawn


  2. shankyouverymuch

    Could it be … FIRST!????

  3. Valerie hates talentless hacks

    Effing Catholics. Religion IS the devil, people. Except for the true religion of TomCruiseiology, of course.

  4. shankyouverymuch


  5. Gary

    This is HUGE progress for Catholic priests – Conan’s a fully grown man!!!

  6. Father Ajemian

    Conan, take this and eat it: this is my body, which will be given up for you.

  7. Dawn

    Sorry Shankyou. Giggle.

  8. trixie

    do you really look like that? please say no.

  9. veggi

    Conan must have a spare key to the boys’ locker room.

  10. joan

    just for the record, catholics are not holocaust deniers.

  11. shankyouverymuch

    This isn’t a priest- this is a smelly ARMO!!! There is the answer to the problem! Armenians are ugly big nosed stink pots & should never be allowed in the priesthood! Now please send me some money … please


  12. Dawn

    #8 That is Criss Angel you idiot. Pfft.

  13. of arc

    #10 that was in reference to the hyperconservative Catholic sect (cult) that Mel Gibson’s dad belongs to, which does question the Holocaust.

  14. Balls Johnson

    Haha. Conan is cute

  15. shankyouverymuch


    I love the DAWN- it’s SOOOO much better then the DUSK- OXOXO :O)

  16. shankyouverymuch

    Yeah Coney is kinda cute but you, he looks like he’s starting to loose his hair, especially right at the widows peak area- yeah check it out!

  17. Jimbo

    Hi. I’m an idiot.. I can’t help it with all these festering boils poping out of my face. I really just wish I was an animal.. People treat them better than me. You know, because I eat poop and all..

  18. Allison

    This is a big misunderstanding. Father Ajemian had a prophetic dream, and it was revealed to him that the sodium level is dangerously low in Conan’s rectum. He was just trying to help.

  19. I used to be Catholic. The worst part for me was confession – I always had an overpowering urge to poke my head through the screen and start sucking the priest’s cock. I guess it’s because I was on my knees. Damn reflexes…

  20. Mike

    #13 — That’s an oversimplification. Do you have any idea how many Catholics were killed in the Holocaust? Let me just say– A LOT. So it doesn’t make any sense to (and isn’t true that he does) deny the Holocaust if you are Mel Gibson.

  21. ImposterPolice

    @17 We all know you are not our beloved Jimbo so just stop it. Your played out and old.

  22. I like Jimbo

    agreed, 21!

  23. Fag

    That is exactly how I was taught to confess.
    I was an altar boy and learned first-hand how to suck a nice hard cock. The priest had me wear women’s panties under my robe and he did the same thing.

  24. VEGGI

    @9- what does that even mean? nevermind, I don’t want to know what your brain disfunctions entail..


    I bet Brit will have to go out and find herself a stalker. NOT A SUCKER BRIT! A STALKER!!.. Conan can’t out-crazy-situation YOU!!..

  25. Ok, but Mike is definitely a tard

    Mel Gibson’s FATHER (that’s who #13 was referring to) has called the Holocaust “a fiction,” claimed that Jews have taken over the Catholic church (he formed his own church for his own brand of Catholicism), and believes the Jews were responsible for 9/11. It’s all on record, including a interview with the NY Times.

  26. Nicolerox

    That picture is not really you, is it? I just found this site, and I love it, so if I sound like a total tard, forgive me.

  27. VEGGI

    Again with the altar boy stuff. When will people realize that whole thing was totally blown out of proportion to discredit the Church? All the court cases have been civil suits, settled to get all this stuff out of the headlines. Not one case has ever been proven in criminal court. It’s the biggest brainwashing of the last 50 years. Enough!

  28. D. Richards (Mother.)

    Yes! Fucking send Chris-fag Angle to hell you fucking Christ-loving bastards! Hey, Catholics? Fuck your god. Ha-Ha. You believe in bullshit. You practice bullshit. You are bullshit. Anus.

  29. I always thought Conan looked like a 12 year old alter boy..

  30. veggi

    27- shut yer fucking pie hole..

    I disagree with everything my stupid fucking troll says..

    FRIST!! new post!!..

  31. veggi

    Hey Fish, thanks for finally posting a picture of yourself. I always wondered what you looked like.

  32. anno

    #31 – you dumbfuck that pic was a joke.

  33. veggi

    32- don’t talk to my troll..

    and troll, seriously, you are a fucking crack head!!!! shut it!!

  34. CaffeBeotch

    Why does Conan look like he’s been embalmed already? All that makeup makes him appear as he’s been painted by the funeral director.

    Oh, and #32, you’re the dumbfuck if you don’t recognize veggi’s sarcasm.

  35. deCaffeBeotch

    And you’re the dumbfuck if you don’t recognize veggi’s troll.

  36. anno

    #34 Pretty lame sarcasm, and I think everyone would agree that you are the dumbfuck for finding it funny.

  37. mamadough

    I love Conesie! Too bad nothing cool happened, like there was a struggle and the police had to shoot him in the head….five or six times… once in the crotch for good measure.

  38. Micky Mc

    (#27 Veggi troll) There’s no limitation to civil suits. There was no option to go criminal with the altar-boy claims. Priests are PERVERTS.

  39. NewOrleansNegroSwimleague

    # 5….. I don’t think a better comment could have been said……..

  40. Andrew C

    This would make a great recurring gag on Late Night. ‘Conan and Father Stalker’

    Too bad about the writer’s strike.

  41. Mich

    Ah, here I thought this blog was somwhat provocative…
    “Slamming the Catholics” *yawn* so tired and overdone.

  42. Feckless

    Awesome Fish & the comments today. I’m now a Superficial Catholic. Other gossip Web sites will damn you to Hell.

    #17, #18, #19 nominated for Sainthood.

  43. PunkA

    It is just because Conan molested the priest back when he was an altar boy. The priest in back for more.

  44. Kath O'Lick

    Naw, you can’t offend true Catholics. If your faith is strong enough, questioning it only strengthens it.

  45. veggi

    #38 – that’s what I mean! They wait until the statute of limitations is up, and then launch these ridiculous civil lawsuits. That’s what you do when you can’t prove a thing, but you’re still out for money and destruction.

  46. triumph

    buttseck tiem,very good story!! FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!

  47. San

    Poor Conan>.< …. but LMFAO for the “Note:… ” guys ahha its good one for once lol XD

  48. D. Richards

    #19? Frist? I’m beginning to find you irresistible. I bet you’re such a freak. We should hang-out (naked). Call me? -Dick

  49. Ript1&0


    I seriously laughed at this one out loud for awhile! :) Nobody else thought that was funny?!?!

    For a split second, I actually thought I was going to rest my tired eyes on the glory that is the Fish.. and then BLAM. The biggest douche on the planet. Who, if we’re lucky, just may now be burned at the stake.

    Thanks man. You’re my hero. <3

  50. jackinthegreen

    without a blow-dryer, does conan have hair?

    this priest ain’t holdin’ the nuts when he screws.

    yet another catholic scandal, another smear on christianity — shame.

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