UPDATE: Conan O’Brien leaving ‘Tonight Show’ next week

January 14th, 2010 // 84 Comments

Conan O’Brien is officially bailing on NBC and ending his stint on The Tonight Show Friday, January 22, according to the New York Post:

“Conan does not currently plan on doing any more new shows after next week,” a source told People magazine’s Web site this afternoon.
If Jan. 22 is O’Brien’s final live broadcast, the show will have ended two weeks before NBC’s scheduled preemption for its 2010 Winter Olympics coverage.
NBC has declined comment.

NBC probably didn’t comment because they’re too busy signing The Tonight Show back over to Jay Leno who, surprise, wasn’t really going to leave the network after all. TMZ reports:

Jay Leno has made a new deal with NBC, which gives him “The Tonight Show” from 11:35 – 12:35 … sources tell TMZ
As we first reported, under the contract Jay had been working under, he was guaranteed the 10 PM hour. By moving him to 11:35, NBC was in breach of his contract and needed to negotiate a new deal. That is now done, sources tell TMZ.

I’m not even going to try to offer a better commentary than Conan’s monologue last night:

“Hosting The Tonight Show has been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me – and I just want to say to the kids out there watching: You can do anything you want in life.

Unless Jay Leno wants to do it, too.”


UPDATE: NBC is denying the Leno deal. Of course they are.

UPDATE: Now Conan’s rep is denying Jan. 22 date, so… who the fuck knows?



    Fuck Jay Leno. What a dick.

  2. baadnewsbear

    Once all the old people die, Coco will prevail

  3. xxWPxx

    Why don’t Jay Leno fans do us all a favor and just, I dont know…..

    die already!!!!

  4. joejack

    wait, serious question here

    is conan still going to get his money for the full contract?

  5. who cares?

    Who cares? Jay Leno is better anyway….all you Conan fans can kiss off.

  6. who cares?

    Who cares? Jay Leno is better anyway….all you Conan fans can kiss off.

  7. jlylec

    leno’s the worst. NBC is a bunch of bumbling idiots. but really…who gives a fuck? what with DVR and all the channels out there now you’re a fucking retard, poor, or just too fat and lazy to change the channel if you watch any of these shows.

  8. Mike

    Poor Conan
    I waited eagerly for the day he would take over the Tonight Show and now he’s been shafted.
    Such a shame. Way to be forward thinking NBC!

  9. OCArtistRocker

    I can’t wait for thesuperficial to have the headline “Coco signs with ___ network for twice the pay!” shortly followed by “Jay loses Tonight Show after 4 weeks.”

  10. baadnewsbear

    who cares? you must be old.

  11. JD

    I just hope that before he signs the contract for his new gig Letterman can manage to get him on as a guest.

  12. LeManda

    Awwww I need my dancing pants fix Conan!!
    Vajay-Jay Leno’s chin scares me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In all seriousness though I hope Conan gets on another network where he ends up with the freedom to do more masterbating bear skits!

  13. Shep

    This is going to be an epic disaster once Jay comes back. You just shafted Conan who has a loyal following and you think they are really going to want to watch Jay Leno after that? I’ll be watching Letterman until CoCo finds another network.


  14. pimp

    Leno’s new show bombed because he is pure shit…no because of the time slot. fuck leno…

  15. Eed

    @ no. 5; Doubtful, the network will probably view this as a breech in his contract and use that as an excuse to shaft him for money. Gotta love capitalism!

  16. Pimpbot 5000

    It is within my program to turnout the hoes. And ignore Leno. Conan rules!

  17. kimberly

    Leno is going to get a pretty rude wake up call once he realizes his career really has long since gone stale… much like the proverbial potato chips in the dark depths of America’s kitchen cabinet.

  18. Megan

    Conan is the bestest. Hopefully he finds something else to make him and his viewers happy. He’s too good to just go.

  19. Vinnie the Chin

    Leno isn’t going to be able to pick up where he left off. Unless we are talking about where he left off with the Jay Leno show.

    Wish Conan the best. He worked too hard in that industry to be treated like that. I hope FOX or CBS finds a home for him.

  20. Anthony

    If you find Leno funny and entertaining, you’re most likely at least 50 years old, think Robin Williams’ movies are funny, find vanilla to be the best ice cream flavor, drive a 1996 Toyota sedan, and wear your jeans above your waist.

  21. Conan dumped for Jay. It’s just another step towards Idiocracy. This is a helluva toboggan ride down hill.

  22. Irene Barcelo

    Well I for one am on Team Coco! F Jay Leno. He really screwed things up.

  23. twellve

    that may be the funniest thing i’ve heard out of conan in a while.

  24. Coco is 90384564563x’s funnier than Jay Le No.

  25. Tone



  26. SATAN

    # 5…. Conan has a golden parachute in his contract where it states that if he were to be terminated, he gets $45 million. i’m not sure if this situation qualifies as termination though…

    anyway, as for Jay Leno, he’s never made me laugh. not once. i can finish half his shitty jokes before he says the punchline. fuck that old sack of chinshit.

  27. WHAT ?


  28. JBob


  29. WHAT ?

    CONAN Can take his candy A** on somewhere hopefully out of sight

  30. Rico

    Why are they re-signing Leno? If Leno had such a following why did his 10pm show bomb? This is a true slap in the face to Conan. NBC forced Jay Leno out only to fuck up their whole line up and have to go running back to Leno. In all of this Conan is out a job. Fuck NBC for having such poor management.

  31. WHAT ?

    Conan is so dorky P diddy could not make him look good.
    He tried a few years ago when he came on late night with conan

  32. icet

    Listen up you bitches!! My wife is the real Coco. I’m tired of this red headed pussy showing up in internet searches under my wife’s name.

  33. reader

    According to TMZ, Conan’s contract was worded so as to attach him to “The Tonight Show” and not specifically to the “11:35pm” time slot that it has played in for 60 years. This means NBC could move the show to accommodate Leno, without breaching their contract with Coco.

  34. stupid nbc CoCo is number one forever.

  35. farty mcshitface

    nbc is a desperate network in terrible shape. it would not surprise me if by next year, they are bankrupt and go under.
    i hope so.

  36. Willie Dixon

    So let’s get this straight:

    Johnny Carson wanted Dave Letterman instead of Leno. NBC hired Jay, and Dave left to CBS and Dave hates Jay. NBC puts Jay to a new time slot greedy for his mediocre comedy, yet high ratings, and promotes Conan to Tonite Show.

    NBC realizes Jay’s original tonight show has a strong lead in from the nightly news because people fall asleep during the news and assume it’s the test signal when Jay comes on BUT when a test signal starring Jay Leno is at 10 pm, people realize there are better things to do.

    So they move Jay back, Conan stands up for himself, and baby Jay gets his way like the spoiled turd that he is.

    End result: Conan, Dave Letterman, and Johnny Carson have all been screwed by Leno and NBC …and Conan is the class act.

  37. masturbating bear


    kiss off? who says that? and here on sf? that alone shows how much you suck.

    coco rules!

  38. spicy (...is sad)

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS NOT RIGHTTTTTTTT. I need his wit at the end of the day. He has the best monologue hands down.

  39. SHAR

    The winner here is letterman. I did not watch Conan and absoluately
    disliked Leno, such a silly man. I do believe this will also be the death of Leno, this is dirty office politics.

  40. PurplePuppy

    Every time I see a pro Conan post all I can see is Conan typing it out to make people actually believe that he matters. Yes, he has been funny and I used to like his show, but if anyone watches his monologues and compare them tot he previous days, they are the same joke but with different punchlines. Not funny.

    NBC totally screwed up and Conan DID get the shaft, but Conan is the one here that acting like a spoiled baby by refusing to play ball.

    Jay had high ratings on the tonight show anyhow.

  41. missywiss

    Jay Leno is a schmuck if he takes over the tonight show! What a first rate sell-out. I’m suprised NBC would take him back after he publicly made them look like pussies and got paid by them to do it! Fuckin’ politics. Jay Leno is the biggest fucking Republican and should run agains Barack in 2012, hence the world survives.
    Conan is due for a break, but I see him coming back with something bigger and better. Watch out Dave.

  42. missywiss

    @21- you’re obviously a narcistic gen X moron that never got a spanking. Don’t you have $20 that’s burning a hole in your pocket? Why don’t you get an ice cream at Cold Stone or a coffee from Starbucks, schmuck.

  43. Conan > Leno

    @43 – You’re obviously a retarded Me Generation loser who thinks asking dumb people questions and reading typos is the highest form of comedy. Jump off a bridge.



    Can we have Johnny back? Please? Screw NBC…the network of shit that should have been canceled long ago. Only on NBC can garbage like SNL still exist.

  45. Nathan

    Leno is only funny to old low-iq republicans
    Conan is God of Late night comedy

  46. Nathan

    Leno is only funny to old republicans
    Conan is God of Comedy

  47. abby

    I love me some Conan.

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  49. D. Letterman, New York NY

    FUCK NBC!!!!

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