Conan O’Brien goes to Finland

March 9th, 2006 // 44 Comments

This Friday’s edition of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” will be devoted entirely to the trip he took to Finland, where he has a huge following due to looking exactly like the country’s president. Conan replied to the God-like worship from the Nordic people to the Associated Press:

“(David) Hasselhoff is big in Germany, but I’m the king of Finland. When you see a telephoto lens shot taken from some bushes by a paparazzi, what you’re used to seeing is Brad Pitt making out with Angelina Jolie or
Michael Jackson being rushed through a mall in a weird disguise. But the shots of me were of this very pale guy staring sadly at the Baltic Sea.”

What remains to be seen is if Conan will give himself entirely over to the Finnish people the way Hasselhoff has with the Germans. Go ahead, click it. I dare you.



  1. downshine

    first post!!!!

  2. xavierout

    It took me a while to come around to the comedic stylings of Conan but I’ve been won over. Sometimes he just fucking kills. Plus he has the White Stripes on his show twice a week and that pleases me very much.

  3. maggixial

    I love me some Conan O’Brien.

  4. xavierout

    Goddammit, downshine! I have so little in my life can you let me have the satisfaction of a first post. Why do you have to be such a bitch about it? At least I wrote something. Yours was just, and I quote “first post!!!!”. Frankly, I thought the four exclamation points were a bit tacky. Sure three’s one thing, but four? Are you common street trash? Did you go to a state school or something?

  5. Haha! when i saw the picture of them together in the news I laughed.

  6. azcoyote

    I care about Conan?

    That picture of Haselhoff has scarred me for life. Is he raping a Sharpei puppy?
    EGADS! Only Sheize videos remain…

  7. miadm2002

    They’re both hideous!

  8. sara1beth2

    Mary, mother of God, I need help getting my fingernail out of my eyeballs. The picture was just that bad.

  9. LB

    You did warn us.
    I could have done without that picture though.

  10. Tenth!!!1
    Seriously, Conan is really great… for me to poop on! By the way, I think that picture should have been labeled NSFW thank you.

  11. Binky

    Now that Conan is a celebrity they’re going to have to freeze that pic and bring in a guy to move his mouth.
    I know – Andy Richter’s mouth ! Ease him back into the show slowly…

  12. Midian

    I’m a bit baked right now and clicked the link. Talk about blowing your mind. I truely wasn’t prepared for that. And, why is Hoff giving me the finger? I mean, what did I do?

  13. Midian

    Those doggies look soft.

  14. Xarah

    I love you, Conan!

  15. #11… “Now that Conan is a celebrity…” Did you just get a television this week or something? Conan has been on the air for almost 13 years, and before that he was on SNL. I didn’t know that people who have network television shows, are nominated for Emmys and watched by millions each week were considered “underground”.

  16. poopstick


    p.s. That pic of D-Hass is wrong and unnatural.

    Poop needs an eyewash now.

  17. Tania

    Oh you guys…The picture of Hasseldork is definitely weird and not sexy at all like his “come-hither” pose suggests, but it’s not completely eye gouge inducing either. You’re all overreacting a tad bit.

    Did anyone else notice how small and feminine his feet are?! And the one that is perched perfectly on its toes? Sick!

  18. That picture of David Hasselhoff is so traumatizing that I now actually hate puppies.

  19. hafaball

    That was some nice beastiality…Conan, is the man, and so is the president of finland apparently

  20. Binky

    # 15 ok – you cynic – ‘international’ celebrity. How’s that ?
    By the way, there’s often a ‘comedy bit’ of the show where they have a guy mouthing words behind an image. Maybe try and catch it sometime. It’s ‘positively jovial’ on occasion.
    (and then switch to that commie Stewart at the top of the hour)

  21. Pez_D_Spencer

    The pic of “The Hoff” is just further proof that either (1) there is no God, or (2) he is still *really* pissed about that whole original sin thing.

  22. Mr. Fritz

    I met Conan once in New York City and he was very friendly and cordial. His show is one of only a few I like to watch.

  23. gogoboots

    Is the president of Finland a woman? Because that’s what it looks like to me. Anyone else notice that? Creepy! Conan’s RAD!

  24. lurkerx

    Ughh. That was harsh. I think the worst part was the “help me straighten out the wrinkles” look on the Hoff’s face.

    I need a pair of pointed stick binoculars.

  25. thekief4

    Ahhhh why did I click the link?! Why?!

  26. Average

    23. Posted by gogoboots
    “Is the president of Finland a woman? Because that’s what it looks like to me. Anyone else notice that?”

    Your ignorance is astounding.

  27. tarjamarja

    I’m glad he [Conan] took the time to learn to pronounce our names correctly. Mine and the president’s, that is.

  28. helmi

    Yes, our president really is a woman. I don’t think that Conan looks exactly like Tarja, but they both rock!! :) Terveisi

  29. Once, I got raped by a Viking chick in Helsinki…It was so freakin’ awesome!

  30. HughJorganthethird

    Thanks for finding me my new wallpaper Superficial!

  31. domanique alicia

    You know, I thought I had it bad being in my Art History class where I have to stare at naked men/penises projected onto a giant screen. But that Hasselhoff just took the cake.

    I’m semi considering printing the photo out to compare it to Titian’s “Venus of Urbino”

  32. chi-dinosaur

    At first glance I thought this was an ” If they mated” composite, Conan and oh, I dunno, say Janet Reno…. The Hoff pic was cruel and unusual punishment in the pre-coffee dawn. Lesson learned: java first, bile inducing column 2nd.

  33. DonLes91


  34. Swordman

    Oh the pain is right…That Hasselhoff picture, that’s just not right

  35. senin

    Hass has small feet – you know what that means…

  36. mamacita

    small shoes

  37. Genevieve

    I didn’t gouge my eyeballs out, but the very first thing I did when I saw that picture of The Hoff was laugh till the tears ran.

    And it wasn’t the kind of “Oh look! So cute!” laugh you’d give to an adorable puppy. Not even those puppies in the pic, which probably have to undergo veterinary counselling the rest of their lives.

  38. Zed

    Doesn’t Germany have any cruelty-to-animals statutes?

    Hasselhoff should be locked up and have the key thrown away for the heinous act of inflicting his nudity on those Sharpei puppies. How will they lead a normal life from this point on? How? Huh?

  39. Jacq

    Quick! Someone help David work the wrinkles out! Superficial, I will never take a Hasselhoff dare from you again.

  40. staticbumblebee

    AHH! Hasslehoff molesting puppies! Don’t click! I’m warning you.. you will be warped…

  41. staticbumblebee

    #26.. i agree about that.

    Yes, that’s a woman. DUH.

  42. hafaball

    Wow, the Superficial has Finland readers? it;s definetly hit the big time.

  43. piperita

    Conan on tosi seksik

  44. HughJorganthethird

    Does anyone know if those puppies were given crisis counselling after that photo was taken?

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