1. not funny

    Whatever. Nothing remotely funny here.

  2. Funny

    You called yourself “not funny” so no suprise you’ve no sense of humour!

  3. hmmm

    the problem is that you’re jokes are SOOO much funnier than these clowns.

    I say retire this feature and keep your weekends!

    • While I appreciate the compliment, I thought it’d be cool to recognize the “clowns” who actually take a stab at being funny and legitimately make me crack a smile amidst the usual riff-raff around here, or any comment board for that matter. Don’t get me wrong, “I’d pee in her butt,” is always a classic, but there’s only so much bitching, moaning and Klan meetings you can wade through before you start to think The Onion has shit figured out.

      Adding, I really would pee in Jessica Alba’s butt. That’s mostly what was I getting at here.

      • J-Sin

        Stay classy, Fish.

      • Nameless

        I’d hit da superfish!

      • Jade

        Some of the comments were okay. I mean, I can’t do much better. But to make it a weekly feature….hmm I’m not sure. Monthly would be better because then the chance of coming across something that is actually hilarious is bigger.

        But really Fish, aren’t you afraid that this feature starts off a painful competition of people trying to be funny? Just watch Jim Carry on Ruby Wax. (Or maybe you shouldn’t. It will make you cringe.) I mean, I can handle stupid, ignorant and horny people and wannabe politicians. Invasion of the Clini Clowns however is something I’d rather pass. But hey, it’s your site…

      • gogo

        always wanted my words to appear on that pink background,,.

      • Heyzeus Hosay

        sweet. he (they?) read our lame comments….but really, most of these Comments of The Week were not so funny….sep that las’ one…funny ass Trava Rainwater.

      • Spock

        ?! somebody messed up the space-time continuum.

  4. regina

    none of these were funny. you’re way funnier than this. stop it.

  5. jojo

    Thank you so much for this, Another reason why The Superficial is the place o be.

    A million thank you’s and one reach around for this. Bravo.

  6. crackadon

    none of these are funny at all.

  7. crackerleroy

    I could eat alphabet soup and $hit better jokes than these.
    Welcome to boresville: population? Me

  8. truth

    There are a ton of funny comments posted on this site every day. And then there are ten of them that aren’t. At all.

  9. good

    crackerleroy | November 7, 2010 at 10:35 pm
    I could eat alphabet soup and $hit better jokes than these.
    Welcome to boresville: population? Me

    Nailed it!
    You’re cracker one liners crapped all over this feature…oh wait.

  10. Jessics

    Were these chosen randomly? Not even smirk-inducing…. Well, except the kanye comment.

  11. Oh Dear

    Hahah I liked this weekend feature!

    Granted fish doesn’t always have a lot to work with….these were good!

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