UPDATE: Commenting and RSS

June 11th, 2010 // 31 Comments

Hey guys, just a few updates as you continue to have your way with the new site:

1. Some comments were getting flagged for no reason, but I’ve been trying to herd them back in as soon as it happens. So don’t get discouraged if your comment didn’t go through immediately unless you’re dropping N-bombs and/or hawking a dating site that caters exclusively to millionaire tall women.

2. The lack of images in RSS is being resolved, so hang in there, they’ll be back.

3. The IntelliTXT links in the posts are unfortunately coming back. Not my call, I just write the penis jokes. And post links on how to disable them: http://www.google.com/search?q=disable+IntelliTXT. Whooooops.

In the meantime, glad to see everyone’s digging the changes. You actually broke the site yesterday, so congratulations, it no longer has a hymen. Champagne all around!

- The Superficial

UPDATE: Apparently external links that open new tabs/windows aren’t working with Chrome. Should be fixed shortly.


  1. BOBBO

    I claim it’s virginity for my mantle and will save the blood for my first born’s initial taste of the world.

  2. grim reaper

    Pssssst! It’s time.

  3. Que

    Que dumb.

  4. Name (required)

    New site: Cool
    Kardashians Ad: Lame

  5. Willameanie

    I love the new site. It is so cute.

  6. David

    The links Movies and Gadgets in the main menu do not work.

  7. Angie

    Cool beans

  8. neil

    I find it a little odd that comments are linked to a picture rather than the story. It seems like most of the comments end up on the first photo, but a few end up on later photos. I generally don’t look at all the photos so to me it would be nice if the comments were all together.

  9. William

    Do you always have to have a picture of Khloe up there? She makes my dick cringe, and I almost don’t think it’s worth it to visit the site.

    • sobrietyisacrutch

      It’s either Khloe or no red stars on Danielle’s nipples. You must choose your battles, my friend.

  10. RasputinsLiver


    Hey yo, Fish!

    I like the changes overall, such as I’ve been able to se (might be more than the obvious but I haven’t noticed). I especially like the way you all put together the “reply” chain. Good job on that one.

    However, I wish you could put a more muted background behind the comments as the absolute white is like snow blindness and is wearing on the eyes.

    Aside from that one qualm, all else looks cool with me. Hey, didjya consider adding a seperate “Forum” section for folks to have a chance to yak amongst themselves outside your posted material?

    Anyway, carry on. And…thanks.


  11. James

    Every time I click GADGETS or MOVIES it does nothing. Is anybody having this problem? Is the superficial links broken?

  12. Looks good, but can you put the whole story on the home page again?

  13. macEVO

    the link to geekologie isn’t working in safari either…

  14. beta?

    Maybe you should just put a target=”_blank” in your hrefs anyway so external links always open in another tab. Unless you want to voluntarily send traffic to other sites.
    Also, please test before uploading. This shit is ridiculous!

  15. qwerty

    In the meantime, you can rightclick the link and select open link in new tab/window (for chrome anyway).

  16. lfod

    i don’t like how you have to click each individual story to see the whole thing. i like just having them all in full on the same page. it’s especially annoying on my phone, having to wait for each page to load. other than that, fuckin great

  17. Darrin

    I’m using Firefox and am experiencing a problem opening links in tabs too… I have to choose the option manually via the left-click menu.

    Any ideas?

  18. Erin

    Ditto to the others on the full-stories-on-one-page thing. Clicking through everything SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS.

  19. Ash

    If there aren’t images in RSS, i will unsubscribe.

  20. RAD


  21. jacob



    between Geekologie, i watchstuff and superficial, not the best one is The superficial,
    Dont get me wrong, I love Iwatchstuff and Geekologie is Still MY FAVORITE,
    but you are so organized, is awesome

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