UPDATE: Commenting and RSS

Hey guys, just a few updates as you continue to have your way with the new site:

1. Some comments were getting flagged for no reason, but I’ve been trying to herd them back in as soon as it happens. So don’t get discouraged if your comment didn’t go through immediately unless you’re dropping N-bombs and/or hawking a dating site that caters exclusively to millionaire tall women.

2. The lack of images in RSS is being resolved, so hang in there, they’ll be back.

3. The IntelliTXT links in the posts are unfortunately coming back. Not my call, I just write the penis jokes. And post links on how to disable them: http://www.google.com/search?q=disable+IntelliTXT. Whooooops.

In the meantime, glad to see everyone’s digging the changes. You actually broke the site yesterday, so congratulations, it no longer has a hymen. Champagne all around!

- The Superficial

UPDATE: Apparently external links that open new tabs/windows aren’t working with Chrome. Should be fixed shortly.

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