Comic-Con: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Trailer

July 28th, 2014 // 42 Comments
Mad Max Road Fury Comic-Con Trailer
WATCH: 'Mad Max: Fury Road' - Comic-Con Trailer

Thanks to naked butts, wonder boobs, space fists, homewrecking and the collapse of civilization as we know it, I only just now got around to watching the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer from Comic-Con that everyone’s been losing their shit over. Possibly even moreso than the Marvel and DC movies. So here’s that, and fun fact: Tom Hardy reportedly freaked the shit out of Charlize Theron between takes, and we’re talking about a woman who saw her own mother shoot and kill her abusive, alcoholic father, so I’m guessing he used the Bane voice the whole time. Had to be the Bane voice. “I am craft services reckoning…”

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  1. Meh. That wasn’t worth pausing Darkthrone for.

    People need to start losing their shit over shit worth losing their shit over.

    • Nerds lose their shit easily. Watch. “BOOBS!” *Nerds lose their shit” See?

    • occam

      You probably prefer The Notebook and Brokeback Mountain….

      • If you’d been paying attention, you’d probably know that prefer Full Metal Jacket, Das Boot, Spaceballs, Top Secret!, Hellraiser I -III, Reservoir Dogs, the original Mad Max, All Quiet on the Western Front, Life of Brian, Army of Darkness, A Bridge Too Far, or any of the other non-chick-shit I own, thanks.

        I’ve watched neither The Notebook nor Brokeback Mountain, because I don’t like that sort of shit. The closest I get to ‘romantic’ in movies would probably be The Princess Bride. But I also like movies that are well-written, and not just a giant clusterfuck of random action scenes barfed onto the screen, because meh.

      • *That I prefer

        Damn it

  2. Looks pretty good,but I never saw the original trilogy.

    • You may want to. Cause Mel Gibson was good in them. At least watch the first two. Third not that bad, but it’s a third.

    • Hercules

      I’m sorry, but you are not a real man if you never saw the original Trilogy!

      For example: that’s like a female broadway dancer who’s never seen Grease.

      Start manning up. And, stop letting your wife boss you around and make decisions for you. Stop being a pussy and be a real man. Lord, how did you lose your virginity. lol

      • I wasn’t even born when the first one came out and was 1 year old when the 3rd one came out. I never caught any re-runs on cable (which is how I saw most movies before I became an adult)

        There are a lot of classics I’ve never seen. Never been big on movies in the first place. I’m more of a TV, video games and comic books kind of guy.

      • occam

        you probably have all seasons of The Golden Girls on dvd….

    • Truth be told, as long as you watched “Road Warrior” before this one gets release, you’re good to go.

  3. JC

    I’m usually pretty meh on Hollywood not coming up with new ideas, but I won’t lie, I got a bit excited over seeing the last of the V8 Interceptors again. And any movie with somebody chained to the front of a wasteland-built hotrod is pretty cool in my book.

    • donkeylicks

      I just watched the trailer and my girlfriend started talking about the lizard in the opening scene. Its on display at the Venice Beach Freak Show. Apparently the owner paid tens of thousands for it because it has two heads.
      I’m not really a gear head but seeing the Interceptor in the first scene when I thought it was long gone was kind of like Christmas (until they wrecked it ten seconds later). So much so that I was like two heads?

  4. Short Round

    Lame trailer of yet another remake. I think I’ll start avoiding remakes/reboots on general principle. Come up with something new Hollywood.

    • We need a global reset to restore novelty.

    • That trailer was anything but lame, you fuckin’ hipster.

      But agree with the glut of remakes/reboots/prequels/sequels. Enough is enough.

      • Short Round

        The trailer had about 15 words in it. All telling me what I already knew. His name, he lives in a wasteland and everything is about survival. Thus offering nothing new about the story to get me interested. The rest is a chain of cliche action and slow-motion action scenes without any context. Which are visually intriguing but once again offer nothing new. This trailer is basically like an adult dangling a shiny set of keys in front of a small child.

    • I guess you’re not going to see a whole lot of movies in the coming years, then…

      The market has spoken quite loudly about this: people want remakes. The studios are just lazily given to the public what they’ve asked for.

      If you truly want to see original action movies, it’s more than time for you to start watching Indonesia or South Korea cinema – not even kidding, that’s where it’s at.

      • People don’t actively want remakes, people are just dumb enough to line up with fistfuls of cash for whoever is pushing out soft serve shit directly into their mouths.

        If the market is speaking, it’s only saying that targeted consumer is dumb as fuck.

      • Ya think? Or is it viewers’ ballsacks getting tingly because of the rapid improvement if cinematic technology?

      • It’s not so much about people wanting remakes as it is Hollywood playing it safe with big-budget movies, especially to a global audience in which the U.S. is just one market (and which will be surpassed by China as the largest market in the next 10 years).

        When Hollywood comes up with something new, like John Carter of Mars*, it’s a risky venture because people aren’t instantly familiar with the character or story; they have to be made aware of it, and even then, it’s not like their appetites are so whetted that they’re dying to see it. But say “Batman” or “Mad Max” or “Thor” or a dozen other known properties, and you get enough people drooling. Hollywood calls it preawareness: if it’s a popular property/franchise that enough people are familiar with, then it already has a built-in audience and it sells itself—worldwide.

        *Technically, John Carter was not “new” but based on a 100-year-old story, but it was new to most people.

    • occam

      then why don’t you scrape some money together and make one, otherwise STFU….

  5. brick

    As one dimensional looking as I expected….but it does have Charlize!

  6. The 1979 Mad Max was an indie gem that asked existential questions about humanity. This new one is just overblown studio crap.

  7. I’m just waiting for some one to put in Bane’s voice from Dark Knight Rises into this trailer.

  8. JimBB

    I wonder what caused the apocalypse this time. They changed it in every one of the first three, based on whatever happened to be the hip dystopia at the time.

    1979–Out of control crime, collapse of the criminal justice system
    1981–Oil crisis
    1985–Nuclear war

    Guess this time it will be global warming.

  9. roar

    So…..Tank Girl 2?

  10. tiredguy

    Am I the only one that comes away from this thinking it’s a “Charlize Theron Movie” that might kinda have a few parts with a guy named Max. I mean jesus, the whole trailer was her. Yeah, she’s mega-hot, but damn, I thought this was about Max.

  11. Terrible trailer. Usually they show the best parts in the trailer, I hope this was the worst parts. Otherwise it’ll suck.

    • occam

      the trailer looks great, but hey, your opinion is gold….now go back to slurping your Starbucks low fat latte with vanilla….

  12. buzz

    Mad Max was awesome back when he was just a ex/cop kicking ass in Mad Max and the Road Warrior in his black supercharged ex cop car.

    Then for some reason they morphed the character in a no name homeless stranger/messiah and bored the hell out of everyone.

  13. I thought this was a picture of a Hamas convoy.

  14. Meh

    So this is just gonna be a remake of Mad Max II except instead of the Humungus wanting the gasoline he wants the women?
    cause.. it realy seemed like that was a truck full of women being chased.

    The Humungus: We do it my way. Fear is our ally. The pussy will be ours. Then you shall have your revenge.

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