Colin Farrell strikes out with model, lets her boyfriend live

Colin Farrell had his eyes set on model Meghan Lowther while drinking with some buddies at The Rose Bar in New York City. Colin decided it was time to get all Miami Vice on her ass. And not Miami Vice the steaming pile of shit movie he made, but Miami Vice the wicked TV show with the Jan Hammer soundtrack. Key-tars rule! Page Six reports:

He bumped into the fellow next to her and asked, “Who is this guy?” Lowther replied, “He’s my boyfriend.” Farrell then told the guy, “You’ve got the most beautiful girl in the place, and you can’t blame a guy for trying.” The boyfriend replied, “You tried. Now get out of here.”

I can’t believe Colin Farrell let this guy continue to have a full set of teeth. If I was there, I would’ve pissed myself then crossed my fingers the dude slips in my urine while I cry underneath a table. I guess you can say I’m something of a hardass. *flexes* Mamacita! Oh yeah, I definitely herniated myself. This can’t be good. I think I really did it this time. *looks down* Okay, is anyone a doctor? What happens when the third one wraps itself around the other two while the fourth one continues to be made of titanium? Give it to me straight, doc. I can take it.

Photos: Getty Images