Colin Farrell strikes out with model, lets her boyfriend live

March 7th, 2008 // 86 Comments

Colin Farrell had his eyes set on model Meghan Lowther while drinking with some buddies at The Rose Bar in New York City. Colin decided it was time to get all Miami Vice on her ass. And not Miami Vice the steaming pile of shit movie he made, but Miami Vice the wicked TV show with the Jan Hammer soundtrack. Key-tars rule! Page Six reports:

He bumped into the fellow next to her and asked, “Who is this guy?” Lowther replied, “He’s my boyfriend.” Farrell then told the guy, “You’ve got the most beautiful girl in the place, and you can’t blame a guy for trying.” The boyfriend replied, “You tried. Now get out of here.”

I can’t believe Colin Farrell let this guy continue to have a full set of teeth. If I was there, I would’ve pissed myself then crossed my fingers the dude slips in my urine while I cry underneath a table. I guess you can say I’m something of a hardass. *flexes* Mamacita! Oh yeah, I definitely herniated myself. This can’t be good. I think I really did it this time. *looks down* Okay, is anyone a doctor? What happens when the third one wraps itself around the other two while the fourth one continues to be made of titanium? Give it to me straight, doc. I can take it.

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  1. mimi

    How many LOSERS Think they’re FIRST?

  2. The Office Whore

    FIRST you AIDS-induced oozing sores

  3. airr3ca


  4. MIMI

    OH NO!

    It was ME… MIMI!

    Ok… NEXT loser…

  5. MIMI

    WRONG …

    The Office Whore is the BIGGEST LOSER of the day!

  6. fergernauster

    You all know secretly that I am FIRST… (in your hearts.)

  7. Auntie Kryst

    Goddamnit Farrell you pussy paddy! I can’t believe he put up with that shit. Upon hearing a comment like that, mick should have smashed his tumbler of Jameson across that doucehbag’s face. Farrell, Irish up you fuck!

    PS, Mimi don’t fuck with the Whore.

  8. take-a-dump

    Even though his hair is gay there, he’s still a decent guy. Another non story, Fish.

  9. pee pants

    This guy is a filthy pig bastard. I hate him and if he knew what I lloked like it would make him CRY that someone so freaking hot didn’t want his skeezy dirty ugly drunken ass.

    I love when douchetards like this don’t get what they think they are entitled to. Look bitch you have NO GAME and you do not deserve some other guys girlfriend just because you think you’re some hot shot celebrity. I wish the boyfriend had given him the beating of a lifetime.

    Colin Farrelll will die alone. There’s nothing more pathetic than filthy old drunken bachelors still chasing after young chicks. He’ll get a few more brainless models pregnant and then since he’s a worthless self absorbed loser all he’ll have in life is his poisoned liver and a bunch of bastard children that hate him… oh and all the “amazing” movie’s he’s made (LOL).

  10. thecolombian

    who the fuck is meghan lowther? I cant find a picture of this girl anywhere.

  11. lucifer's left nut

    colin ferrell lost all potency when he made out with jared leto in alexander.

  12. bitter pee

    lmao – “Look bitch you have NO GAME” said to Colin Farrell. Psycho.

  13. star

    I’d let him fist my anus

  14. draakar

    White boy’s aiight. Settle miss pee pants.

  15. draakar

    miss star, turn over baby doll… prepare for daddy. It be ok. I got the jelly.

  16. ha ha

    i wonder how long til he’s doing porn

  17. fergernauster

    Jared Leto.

    Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    Biggest laff I’ve enjoyed all day!

  18. That girl just missed out on a major upgrade! Her loss.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Jimbo and I agree that anytime, anywhere, Colin Farrell can teabag us. He’s THAT sexy.

  19. fergernauster

    Yes, FRIST. He IS sexy. Chix dig guys (esp. ‘movie stars’) with disabled kids.

    In all honesty, I hear he’s a terrific dad (when’s he around) to his young son.

  20. JJ

    How did he get Yasar Arafat’s head dress and scarf?

  21. D. Richards

    Colin should have flashed his signature body odor: boiled egg; sweat; dried dog saliva; flatulence; and just a hint of burnt hair.

    The concoction of olfactory ambush would have certainly caused the other male’s bowels to loosen.

  22. fergernauster

    HEY, Superfish guy/gal…

    How about a Janet Jackson story? I could do with that right about now. A candid pic of her HGH-dimpled bubble butt and ape-faced boyfriend would refresh my tired, wounded spirits!

    Many thanks in advance!!!

  23. How in the hell did he convince so many people that he was good looking?

  24. fergernauster

    Oh… and BTW, it’s MISS JACKSON… if you’re nasty…

  25. Grunion

    Time to get back on the drugs.

    me not Farrell

  26. The Office Whore

    Hey, count me in on the teabagging!

  27. Me too! But only if it’s Texas teabagging.

  28. fergernauster

    KAT VON D.

    Now THERE’S a story, Superfish.

    Get to it. STAT!!!

  29. pee pants

    #12. Have you seen the lame PUSSY he gets. And ya if he had game he would have been tapping that model all night and texting pictures to her boyfriend.

    Gene Simmons hideous fucking Ahole that he is was capable of such game, of course they didn’t have blackberry’s back in the stone age (well they did but the only way you could communicate with one was to throw it at someone, which actually I think meant “let’s do it”).

    Obviously you have NO GAME if you idolize this dirty douche. It’s so pathetic when people idolize celebrities, all it does is confirm that you will never live a great life and just waste your life away wanting to be like someone else. Get off you ass and go get laifd instead having a lame man crush on this stinking hobo. The psycho’s are the ones who love celebrities and defend the on celeb TRASHING sites. TOOL.

    …and I use the name pee pants pants because you’d piss yourself if you saw what I looked liked, well piss and jizz yourself.

  30. What the fuck is teabagging??

    I have a weird troll

  31. bitter pee

    #30 – well THAT was quite a comment. Cleared things right up. Not a psycho. Not at all.

  32. Tony Robbins

    pee pants – you are a royal fuckhead.

  33. jizzy pee pants

    He wasn’t even able to seal the deal with Britney and she was already starting to pork out.

    He made a sex tape with some bitch whose dating K-Fed now and looks like Scary Spice. Her name is Nicole Narrain.

    Jen Garner and Bridget Moynahan who both starred with hom in shitty movies said they’d never date him or let him near their sisters.

    And he knocked up some model ho who looks like a man.

    So yeah he has about as much game as K-Fed and the same taste it seems.

    WOW he’s super cool!


    That’s the skank he knocked up.

    Yes boys please get down on your knees and pray to the mighty alter of this Ladies Man and by pray I mean suck his cock.

    You know you want to.

  35. bitter pee

    ummm….OK! He-he! You win!

    *back away carefully*

  36. Bill Clinton

    All you fuckers are making yourselves look so fucking lame by standing up for this ugly loser. This is probalby the first time you’ve communicated with a woman, and lets say she’s hot as as she says she is, and you choose to waste your time defending some ass clown man you’ve never met to one of the few women that will actually respond to your idiot babbling.

    No wonder you think he’s the shit, compared to you nerds I guess he is.

  37. BunnyButt

    Sexy … for a walking pustule of disease. He wet his wick a bit to far afield and too indiscriminately for me to find him sexy any more. I’d be afraid to just sit in the same room with him without a dozen layers of latex between us. Meh, just think of the organisms hiding in that man’s body …

  38. Ref

    It’s always the last resort of someone with no arguments left to call their oponent crazy. Lame and overused.

    Pee Pants Wins

  39. That girl saved herself from getting his creepy crotch critters by having a boyfriend there.

  40. Zebras are losers

    It’s always a sign of childish narcissism to claim control over the rules of a game.

    Your opinion counts as one comment, just like all the rest, “Ref”.

  41. kathy

    teabagging = someone’s balls on your forehead.

  42. pete

    To state the obvious: #39 is the incontinent one, in disguise. Pathetic.

  43. poonmoon

    To state the obvious so are you and so you clearly jones for Collin’s Caaaaaaack.

  44. pete

    geez, 44, it’s just a celeb gossip blog. Don’t be so derivative. Be brave and try to write something all by your lonesome.

  45. Mr. Bojangles

    That’s about as awkward as this watercooler conversation:

  46. kate

    i am pretty sure “megan lowther” is irrelevent.

  47. The girl will be thinking about it now, after.

    She’s a model and there’s no pictures of her, nice. Any actual pics, fish-monger?

  48. suggestion

    If this is the last post before the weekend, put the Kate Hudson story back on top. With all the heated debate about latent homosexuality, I bet it’ll reach 500 comments by Monday (them gays do like to talk).

  49. Jennifer2

    He looks familiar. Did you ever posted your profile on a celebrities and wealthy dating site called “ m”,.I saw your profile there few weeks ago.

  50. bint

    I love the kaffiya…FREE PALESTINE!!!

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