Colin Farrell overdoses

cfarell_overdose.jpgWe’ve got various reports going that Colin Farrell has either overdosed on a tremendous amount of drugs or he’s checked himself into a hospital for exhaustion and dependency on prescription medication. Most of the respectable news agencies are going with the exhaustion angle, but I like to think outside the box so I’m just going to go ahead and say that he totally overdosed. Plus reader Anabelle sent in this link to a French Canadian newspaper that says he overdosed, and even provided this brilliant translation:

they found cocaine, marijuana and non-identified (is it even a word?) drugs in his blood. and he’s still alive. and blah blah blah, not really good at translating stuff.

I can’t read a lick of French, so for all I know it says he passed out after a night of love-making to a donkey, but I’ll take Anabelle’s word and assume he overdosed. Maybe after a night of love-making to his donkey friend Enrique?