Colin Farrell not happy about sex tape

cfarrell_sexlegal.jpgColin Farrell has started legal action to prevent the sale and distribution of his sex tape, claiming he and former Playboy playmate Nicole Narain made the tape two-and-a-half years ago but agreed it would remain “strictly private and confidential between them”. The suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court allege that David Hans Schmidt had proposed a meeting with Colin’s representatives to discuss “commercialisation of the videotape for profit”. Additionally, the suit names Paul Nash, the director of marketing and operations of an internet pornography company, as a defendant in the case. Colin claims that no one has the right to license or distribute the tape and wants a court order barring them from selling it.

I guess this means that the sex tape is real, though whether or not anybody gets to see it is still up in the air. And by ‘up in the air’ I mean by next month everybody in the world will have seen it twice. That’s the magic of the internet. Even seven-year old Timmy who’s looking up the lyrics to his favorite Disney song will mistakenly stumble upon it, not understanding what the hell he’s looking at, but knowing that the strange tingling in his pee-pee will change his life forever.