Colin Farrell makes child porn

thenewworld_child_porn.jpgFilmmakers of The New World have apparently re-shot scenes where Colin Farrell makes out with a 14-year old Q’Orianka Kilcher because it’s making lawyers nervous that they might be making child porn.

“Farrell was told to get romantic and sensual but knew there was a certain amount of kissing involved,” a source told the British mag The People. “He played the scene brilliantly and he really put Q’Orianka at her ease. But when the lawyers saw the finished product with Colin and Q’Orianka rolling around on the ground kissing they just flipped out.” The lawyers were concerned about child-pornography laws, and a tamer version of the scene was reportedly re-shot.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of this,” a New Line spokesman told The Scoop. “To my knowledge, there is no scene of this nature in the picture.”

Either somebody is lying about their age, or Q’Orianka Kilcher is the oldest looking 14-year old I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen the trailer for The New World and I could have sworn that Pocahontas looked no younger than 19 or 20. So either something really fishy is going on, or I’ve completely lost my ability to tell age, in which case I need to make some phone calls to some lawyers. Because, uh, I like to talk to lawyers. Not for anything sick or perverted.

Thanks to the hopefully legal Erica for the tip.