Colin Farrell is married

June 2nd, 2006 // 102 Comments

Colin Farrell was photographed with some fans recently sporting a wedding band which suggests he may have already married girlfriend Lake Bell. Or maybe he just likes wearing wedding bands because it helps him forget he’s a man whore. “What sex tape? No, I don’t sleep with a different dirty girl every other night. I’m married. As you can clearly tell from this thing I have on my finger.”



  1. wg

    He’s so freaking nasty. I put him & that homewrecking bitch Angelina Jolie in the same category: probably great in bed, but there isn’t enough water in the world to feel clean after you slept w/ either of them. Not enough penicillin either to cure all the diseases their infested crotches would pass on.

  2. I wish them all well but unfortunately “marry” in the article is incorrect. It was a civil union, which grants only some of the benefits of marriage. I wish for full civil equality for them some day, and for us.

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