Colin Farrell helps the quasi-homeless

September 14th, 2007 // 99 Comments

Colin Farrell took a homeless man on a $2100 shopping spree in Toronto. Colin had the met the guy years ago while filming a movie, and decided to catch up with him. The Daily Mail reports:

Farrell reportedly told shop assistants, “Get him anything he wants. Whatever he needs,” before shelling out $2,100 (£1,050) on new clothes and outdoor gear at Toronto’s Europe Bound Travel Outfitters store. Staff helped the homeless man, known as Stress, and Farrell pick out a coat, a sleeping bag, and a rucksack stuffed with socks, boots and new underwear.
“He was a cool guy. He doesn’t act like a movie star,” store manager Dave Mott said.

But Colin’s generosity didn’t end there.

According to newspaper the Toronto Sun, after the shopping spree, Farrell asked Mott for directions to the nearest bank machine, where he withdrew a wad of $20 (£10)notes for Stress.
Now Stress reportedly plans to take a bike trip around Farrell’s native Ireland.

Wait a minute. I don’t know many homeless people that plan on taking international flights to go bike-riding. I do know a homeless guy who will wash your windows for half a hash brown. Though he does a really crappy job. Sure he’s only got a three month old magazine and his own spit, but show some pride in your work, Hash Brown Joe. I even threw in a ketchup packet. Yeah, Colin Farrell bought you a Lexus, so what? I gave you Heinz ketchup. That’s the Lexus of ketchup.


  1. lambman

    Awesome! I like Colin he may be a second rate actor, but he’s a first class drunk!

  2. yukadoozer

    THIS? Is what we get ona Friday??? This Caveman? Dig deep, Fish.

  3. @38 Hello Dumb Shit!!!. Stree is the homeless dude. Lear how to read before you rip on others

    “Now Stress reportedly plans to take a bike trip around Farrell’s native Ireland.”


  4. JeffL

    Well, regardless of your social status, when you do so much coke and booze that you spend the night in an alley somewhere, of course you’re going to start making friends with bums.

  5. And I will learn how to type!!!! Fucking key board

  6. jonny


    You obviously have some problem with authority.

    We don’t like banning people round here, but sometimes people are just so dumb there’s no alternative.

  7. Lil Princess

    i heard this on the radio as i was driving to work this morning… but it said Colin paid for a room for a year for the homeless man at the hotel where colin was staying.

    ok ok. enough with the homeless man… HEY COLIN, i need some help with my car payment… i’ve got $9000 more to go and it will be paid off… c’mon!!

  8. dr phil

    From mrsapotheosis’ blog:

    “I’m a normal housewife and recently found out about my husband’s online affairs. my husband Brandon, or should I say “apotheosis”, is a regular poster on The Superficial Forums. he’s been posting there daily for the past few years. I knew about it, and thought it took away from our time together, but I also knew he needed his own private little niche in life, so I let him have it.”

    “his own private little niche”
    “so I let him have it”

    Diagnosis: you’re an overbearing henpecking castrating bitch, lady.

  9. I recommend that we all “start making friends with bums”.

    Tee hee.

  10. Jrzymommy………98 lb. weakling dressed in his mother’s girdle and a ten gallon hat…………………….

    That’s how I started.

    Tee Hee

  11. Lil Princess

    why is everyone so crabby… so the story may or may not be wrong… but really… who gives a fuck.

    SUPERFISH… give us something new… we dont like this post and we are taking it out on each other.

  12. jrzmommy

    “but sometimes people are just so dumb there’s no alternative.”

    Dumb….as in, like………. reporting a misreported story, Jonny? HAHAHA! Go for it….fucking ban me! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  13. Lil Princess

    sorry mrs apotheosis never seen any of his posts. you LIAR!

  14. eeks

    He fucking sucks.
    Who cares?
    I gave someone $1 the other day….
    That’s about the same percentage of my income as he shared with this dude.
    Why does he get wings over it?
    $5,000 to a celeb is pennies.
    They SHOULD be parting with way more than that just to be considered fucking HUMAN.

  15. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    Jrz has a problem with authority? That’s great coming from some schmuck who pretends he’s the moderator of the Fish……

  16. jrzmommy

    OK, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. Please don’t ban me, this is my life, man. :(

  17. jonny


    You are risking disciplinary action yourself. Stay out of other people arguments.

    You will not be warned again.

  18. jonny

    I really am 98 lb. weakling. Dammit………and I’m full of impotent rage…..It’s hard being pushed around all day…, I’m a limp-wristed, lily-livered simp of a human being.

  19. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    Slight superiority complex, there, Jonny?

  20. therealjonny


    Hey, I see what you did there!


  21. Faggot

    Old news olds news, who cares? who cares?

    Whooooooooooooooo CARES!!!

    F uck you Colin Farrell

    F uck you Superficial

    F uck ME!

  22. bonny

    Look, get your fact straight – first Colin fucked the homeless guy, then the store manager, then the cashier, then the stockboy, then the 6 other customers, and then announced he was going to do a bike trip around Ireland to scour the isolated villages for the 17 remaining Irish girls he hasn’t fucked yet.

  23. jonny

    I apologize to all the normal posters here, but I have had to ban both Jrzmommy and bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands for disruptive behaviour.

    Any further posts made in their names can be disregarded as fake.

    We sincerely apoligize for any offence they may have caused.

  24. Quinn

    since when are the homeless people in Canada??

  25. jrzmommy

    yikes, I’ve been banned.

  26. jrzmommy

    so have I.

  27. jrzmommys

    Us, too!

  28. Rmc

    since we allowed the indians off the reserve and let blacks in…thats when

  29. Fawn

    you are on a ROLL today! by far the funniest day ever- nice work

  30. Wicked Wendy

    @54-hehe..I agree..I also think Colin is actually learning about Karma and is trying to set himself up for when he is a homeless wino. B/c you know fucking nothing but leeches and bottom-feeders and the constant flow of drugs and alcohol t’ain’t cheap! He’ll get sucked dry…just wait..

  31. Danklin24

    Apparently Callon Farrel goes to the Avril Lavigne school of humanitarianism. Just handing stuff over to people less fortunate than than and sticking them back out on the street….brilliant.

  32. jrzmommy

    Am I still banned?

  33. lils

    Ok, he’s good and all that, but why did you put a picture of Saddam Hussein?

  34. kelli-danielley

    49. Ms. Apotheosis, I had only seen the occasional post– since I teh smart, I know whtz the Apotheosis is– (Augustus Ceasar, Jesus did it too).
    Frankly, I think someone else is The LEIR. How about a Cut & Paste reveal?
    Oh, are you cute?


    Why didn’t he buy the homeless a HOUSE and then fill it with things??

  36. Billy Club

    I think its possible to pay attention to the actual act of one human being helping out another. I know this may be a novel thought as there seems to be a lot of displaced anger in all the comments here but maybe the only thing that matters is Colin did something positive and maybe a continued trend amongst celebs would be a nice shift from all the negative press given to the mega-wealthy that are dying to be in the spotlight, be it in jail or otherwise (Paris) (Britney) (Nicole) (Lindsay). Lets just give a bit of credit where credit is due or are we so base in our humanity to need our celebs to be a reflection of our own toxic natures and shrug off a good deed as quickly as a druken tale of someone famous.

  37. Pawel


  38. Billy Club

    “That man”? If u know for a fact that “That Man” is a crack addict then what is “That Man’s” name, as you # 87 know he is a crack addict, obviously you have intimate knowledge of the man and would know his name, not the nickname “Stress” given to us through the media but his real name as I am assuming you would have to be from Toronto and would live in the vicinity of “That Man’s” neighborhood.

  39. Cinnamelts Fish, at least give the guy some cinnamon and THEN send him on his way!

  40. Hollywood Agent

    Colin must have slept with the homeless guy and gave him Aids, so now he feels guilty and is trying to pay the dude off. Either that, or the guy has a sex video of both of them “doing it ” in some public toilet.

  41. spoofy mcgillicutty

    I just want to punch him in the face, repeatedly. Blowhard elitist. just trying to “Give Back”, Im sure.

  42. spoofy mcgillicutty

    I mean, good on you Colin, you really are just a regular bloke afterall.

  43. blah

    get the story straight -
    colin also paid a year of rent for his apartment.
    also – colin has been doing charitable work for a long while – but unlike the media-whore angelina, keeps it on the down low.

  44. goggles

    if by “bike trip,” we mean “gnarly drug-induced week-long binge trip,” then our friend Stress is definitely taking a bike trip.

  45. amanda

    I’m from toronto and all of the papers that covered that here said that Colin actually took the money out to go and pay rent on an appartment for the homeless man for a year. There was nothing said about a bike trip at all. Ridiculous. That was a pretty cool thing he did. Last time he was in toronto he helped the homeless out as well. Just a nice gesture, plain and simple.

  46. @58?Really overbearing bitches let their husbands have autonomy and independence and TRUST those motherfuckers! I am such a bitch!

  47. glen mccoy

    lol, rofl, omg, i hate those swedish. anyway, how is this homeless dude gonna wash his socks? i mean he’s like lacking a home or somethin’. i’m not from the united states of america, so my english is so very bad.

  48. andy summers

    Well that’s a lot of kind generosity and heart from the guy.

  49. MBT



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