Colin Farrell helps the quasi-homeless


Colin Farrell took a homeless man on a $2100 shopping spree in Toronto. Colin had the met the guy years ago while filming a movie, and decided to catch up with him. The Daily Mail reports:

Farrell reportedly told shop assistants, “Get him anything he wants. Whatever he needs,” before shelling out $2,100 (£1,050) on new clothes and outdoor gear at Toronto’s Europe Bound Travel Outfitters store. Staff helped the homeless man, known as Stress, and Farrell pick out a coat, a sleeping bag, and a rucksack stuffed with socks, boots and new underwear.
“He was a cool guy. He doesn’t act like a movie star,” store manager Dave Mott said.

But Colin’s generosity didn’t end there.

According to newspaper the Toronto Sun, after the shopping spree, Farrell asked Mott for directions to the nearest bank machine, where he withdrew a wad of $20 (£10)notes for Stress.
Now Stress reportedly plans to take a bike trip around Farrell’s native Ireland.

Wait a minute. I don’t know many homeless people that plan on taking international flights to go bike-riding. I do know a homeless guy who will wash your windows for half a hash brown. Though he does a really crappy job. Sure he’s only got a three month old magazine and his own spit, but show some pride in your work, Hash Brown Joe. I even threw in a ketchup packet. Yeah, Colin Farrell bought you a Lexus, so what? I gave you Heinz ketchup. That’s the Lexus of ketchup.