Colin Farrell helps the quasi-homeless

September 14th, 2007 // 99 Comments

Colin Farrell took a homeless man on a $2100 shopping spree in Toronto. Colin had the met the guy years ago while filming a movie, and decided to catch up with him. The Daily Mail reports:

Farrell reportedly told shop assistants, “Get him anything he wants. Whatever he needs,” before shelling out $2,100 (£1,050) on new clothes and outdoor gear at Toronto’s Europe Bound Travel Outfitters store. Staff helped the homeless man, known as Stress, and Farrell pick out a coat, a sleeping bag, and a rucksack stuffed with socks, boots and new underwear.
“He was a cool guy. He doesn’t act like a movie star,” store manager Dave Mott said.

But Colin’s generosity didn’t end there.

According to newspaper the Toronto Sun, after the shopping spree, Farrell asked Mott for directions to the nearest bank machine, where he withdrew a wad of $20 (£10)notes for Stress.
Now Stress reportedly plans to take a bike trip around Farrell’s native Ireland.

Wait a minute. I don’t know many homeless people that plan on taking international flights to go bike-riding. I do know a homeless guy who will wash your windows for half a hash brown. Though he does a really crappy job. Sure he’s only got a three month old magazine and his own spit, but show some pride in your work, Hash Brown Joe. I even threw in a ketchup packet. Yeah, Colin Farrell bought you a Lexus, so what? I gave you Heinz ketchup. That’s the Lexus of ketchup.


  1. H

    Wow. Wouldn’t it have been more useful clean him up, get him a job, etc. etc.? That money can only last through so many trips to Europe.

  2. kathy

    how about buying him a HOME. you know, since he’s homeless….??

  3. lola

    so when the funds run out which they WILL…then what? the guy prolly will show up at his house like a cat you shouldn’t have fed but you did….meow

  4. LadyJane

    Wiat a minute… I thought they hung Saddam????

  5. wedgeone

    Imagine how much alcohol he’ll be able to buy after the cameras go away and he sells all that stuff. Lucky bum.

  6. Ascil

    8!!!! Beat tht!

  7. 100 Adoring Female Fans

    Colin is so caring and generous! Let’s all fuck him!

  8. jonny

    He’s not taking a bike trip, the store manager is.

  9. H

    “Farrell met “Stress” four years ago when he was in Toronto shooting a movie. Back then, he helped “Stress” win a $2,000 prize.”

    Looks like the cat’s already come back, Lola.

  10. Rzwrong

    That first line

    Wait a minute. I don’t know many homeless people that plan on taking international flights to go bike-ridin.

    Cracked me up.

  11. Half a hash brown oh my god that’s funny!!!!!
    #4, he did, he got him a sleeping bag. Home sweet bag..

  12. ssdd

    He helped a homeless person because he can relate…. .~.Lookswise.~

    Colins hair looks greasy .. ..he looks like he hasn’t had a bath in months… his eyebrows are so bushy he probably has lice in them … hi fingernails look dirty and his knuckles are stained…………and that jacket looks like it was purchased from the Dollar Store………….He is a dirty bastard.

  13. Colin Farrell news items are much better when they’re about his sex videos with Playboy models. Lets stick to those

  14. havoc


    That photo needs the caption…..

    “There always after me Lucky Charms!”


  15. Tatiana

    WTF? Something tells me this guy is NOT homeless.

  16. kilgoretrout

    Those quotes leave out the biggest part, Farrell also bought him a condo for one year. It’s in the Toronto Sun article.

  17. The press is retarded

    Funny how the press can’t get anything right!
    It was actually David Mott the Manager of the store that is taking the bike trip. Some dum dum reporter got the story mixed up.
    Colin got the guy an apartment and clothes…and no one even knew about it. The homeless guys in Toronto have all been talking about it, and a reporter that talks to them about the stars during Film Festival found out.
    I love bashing celebrities as much as the next person but get the story straight!

  18. heather

    You idiot…the homeless person isn’t taking a bike around Ireland, a guy quoted in the article is.

  19. Mike

    he seems to have friends regardless of their personal status. a local (formerly) homeless guy I know in my neighborhood used to work on his motorcycles…Farrell would come out to say hello and shoot the shit with him sometimes. seems to actually be a decent guy…who knew.

  20. jrzmommy

    No, Heather…YOU idiot……………Staff helped the homeless man, known as Stress…….Now Stress reportedly plans to take a bike trip around Farrell’s native Ireland.

    You musta really aced the SATs in reading comprehension.

  21. jrzmommy

    but I digress…………..he should hop on the bandwagon and just adopt the dude.

  22. Stink

    WTF? A prego has been, Larry Nobody, Kid Cock and this who cares story? No pics of tits today is a bad day for the superficial!!!!!

  23. GB


    This is the funniest thing you have ever written!!!!! Thank you, I’m in tears!!!!!!!!!!

  24. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    how’d he find him years later? How is anyone homeless in a socialist nation?

  25. jonny


    Wrong. The store manager is taking the trip. This has been reported all over the net. Whoever wrote the article got it wrong.

    Oh, wait. Fist yourself.

  26. Randy Swisher

    Turns out the homeless dude has 5 hot sisters. So there you go.

  27. Who is this homeless dude in the picture?

  28. Miggs

    Nice picture. I think that’s when Colin was on a talk show and they showed him a picture of Stress masturbating to all the pictures of Colin that he had plastered on the walls of his new condo.

  29. jrzmommy

    Hey jonny…why don’t you show me how, cocksucker.

  30. Conan O'Brien

    “Colin, please help me welcome our very special guest, Amy Winehouse!”

  31. BunnyButt

    At least in this pic, Colin’s looking a lot like the scary homeless guy living in the park near my apartment, so clearly Colin’s able to identify with the homeless on multiple levels.

    But, seriously, nice of Colin to help out someone in need, even if Colin is a disease ridden ho.

  32. Andy Stitzer

    Good lord, everybody’s got the bike part wrong. The store manager is a gay virgin, and when he saw Colin he said “I hope you have a big trunk… because I’m puttin’ my bike in it.”

  33. fixed

    “Now Stress reportedly plans to take a bike trip around Farrell’s native Ireland, begging for whiskey.”

  34. jonny


    Just be a man, admit you were wrong, and get on with your life. Don’t EVER post here again.

  35. hello.....

    you have your story wrong. it’s not the homeless guy who’s planning the bike trip, it’s the manager of the store where the gear was purchased.

    get your facts straight if you’re gonna make fun of the guy.

  36. #38 Look above you

  37. Al Zimers

    It wasn’t that Stress dude, it was the store manager dude who talked about the bike trip. I can’t believe nobody has noticed this error yet.

  38. jrzmommy

    OOOOH—it’s Jonny the Superficial Crowd Police……okay, half a mea culpa as I wasn’t there and can only go on what I read……so, yeah, mea culpa, but you’re still a cunt and there’s no one to blame for that but yourself.


    #39 Look straight ahead, eyes and mouth open

  40. jonny

    Never mind all that shit. Has anyone noticed he said it was the bum who is going on the bike trip, when it’s actually the store manager?

  41. Media whore. he must have caught the ‘fake chairty to make yourself look good’ bug from Jolie.
    For Brangelina haters

  42. jonny


    I told you not to post here. I can see reading isn’t your strong point, but it’s not like there were a lot of long words.

  43. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    OMG! PANIC!!! It wasn’t the homeless guy! AHHHHHH–RUN! RUN! Someone misreported the story! DEAR GOD, SAVE US! HIDE YOUR CHILDREN! THE SKY IS FALLING! HELP! HELP!

    Bunch of overreacting fucking faggots

  44. This is old shit.

  45. jrzmommy

    Jonny–did you say that in your best John Wayne voice? Because I picture some 98 lb. weakling dressed in his mother’s girdle and a ten gallon hat saying in his BEST John Wayne voice, I told you not to post here, pilgrim……

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  47. Momento

    Something about the store manager…what day is it? Where am I? Who are you people?!

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