Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain make up

colin-nicole-sex-tape-settl.jpgColin Farrell and Nicole Narain have reached a settlement over their sex tape, although Farrell still plans on continuing his suit against Internet Commerce Group, the company trying to sell the tape.

Yesterday, tempers flared between Farrell’s Rottweiler lawyer, Marty Singer, and counsel for ICG, who demanded to videotape their grilling of the star.

Farrell’s attorneys fear ICG might release footage of the actor talking about his sex life. “You want to start World War III?” Singer challenged opposing counsel, according to an earwitness.

Sources say Farrell finally agreed to be taped after ICG agreed not to release the video. But some believe ICG execs may still ask a judge to make the tape public and might bring suit against Narain for allegedly breaching her contract by settling with Farrell.

I don’t know why Colin Farrell is being questioned, but it seems a little silly to trust a new tape of him to the company he’s suing for releasing tapes. You don’t see cows asking the butcher to adopt their kids. Sure it’s because they can’t talk, but it’s also because butchers would make terrible parents. How are you supposed to change a cow’s diaper, man? Think about it. It’s deep.