Colin Farrell and Kate Moss have sexy conversations

March 24th, 2006 // 41 Comments

Colin Farrell and Kate Moss are allegedly phone-dating after they started bonding in rehab. An insider is quoted as saying: “Since they’re both working on their sobriety, they completely understand the struggle. Plus, they both happen to be very attracted to one another.”

You know it’s true too, because they were photographed together in a car. See that picture? With your eyes? Yeah, that’s a real picture. I made took it myself. And afterwards they took off their clothes and started making out. Just give me a couple more hours with Photoshop and I’ll prove it.



  1. Obadiah

    Colon looks hungry.

  2. staticbumblebee

    2nd, bitches.

  3. Italian Stallion

    She must have gotten tired of talking to Pat Obrien from the insider!!!!!!!!!

  4. sunglassali

    Kate must still be on drugs to be dating such a lame excuse for a man!

  5. krisdylee

    Now if that isn’t the makings of a long-term healthy relationship that will be the stuff of legends for years to come, I don’t know what would be….

  6. Blame it on the cocaine-goggles.

  7. Jayvee

    Phone dating.

    That’s hot.

  8. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Is Kate Moss pretty? Is Colin Farrell hot? What’s the price of beans?
    I have so many questions…

  9. Jacq

    Ok, Pete Doherty’s been all up in that. Disgusting. I can’t believe that there is a man out there willing to hit that with anyone’s junk. Wait, who’s dirtier? Colin or Pete?

    #3 – Just say ‘yes’. When you see him, just look at him and say ‘yes’.

  10. PapaHotNuts

    Phone dating is almost as lame as cyber-sex. Hey Lala, # 6, what are you wearing right now?

  11. Jacq

    #8 – Oshkosh, who do you think is hotter Colin of MeganHarris’ boyfriend? Lol

  12. Jacq

    *oops* or

  13. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    MeganHarris’ boyfriend is the hottest guy ever. Plus he’s sweet, kind, he likes to talk about his feelings, he bakes brownies when she’s having her period, and clips her toenails with his teeth. How I wish MeganHarris’ boyfriend could be mine, but alas he’s been captivated by her – forever.

  14. Italian Stallion

    Jacq ……lol

    p.s. I think I ran over Meganharris’ boyfriend last night while driving around with Pete Doherty….It was hard to concentrate with all the crack smoke and Nicole giving us all head……

  15. hafaball

    That’s gonna be a weird and wild sex tape!

  16. Jacq

    You guys are hilarious! LMFAO. Love it! Love it! Love it! What a dreamboat. Let’s give him the best funeral ever!

  17. M@ce

    MeganHarris’ boyfriend poops Godiva chocolates, pees champagne and his breath smells like a meadow of flowers after a summer shower.

  18. mamacita


    You forgot to add that he ejaculates hot white chocolate.

  19. gigi

    I have to remember that if I ever become addicted to blow, I should hook up w/ someone who is also. But only after a month at rehab. We can snort lines off eachother’s asses. Sexy.
    I don’t believe this story — I think Kate Luvs Pete 4-eva…

  20. MissyDra

    I need to get me a MeganHarris’ boyfriend.

  21. Vikalicious

    if you can post a totally fabricated picture why can’t you post my puppet story? the people need to know the truth!

  22. Ms Crackalackin

    Kate’s given more rides than Seabiscuit! Does she go more than a month between boy toys? At least Colin is easy on the eyes, unlike Peter!

  23. lebowski

    Yes, but Pete shits bags full of smack and pisses Colt 45 and kool aid. Bet what’s-her-face’s boyfriend doesn’t do that.

  24. derekd

    The question isn’t did he fuck her. The question is did he fuck her in the ass? I hear he’s quite fond of anal penetration. Giving and recieving.


    one word: whore

  26. CheekyChops

    After shagging Pete Doherty the only way is up IMO.

  27. HughJorganthethird

    That’s the great thing about coke, you have all these wicked conversations with people then in the morning you can’t quite recall what any of them where about.

  28. gogoboots

    Colin Farrell is a vast improvement for Kate, IF this is true…

  29. prideofchucky

    Wow, that picture is photoshopped? couldn’t tell. Seamless, baby, seamless…

  30. man, it must be awesome to be Kate Moss’s daughter.. the strange, drug addicted rancid men wandering around the house, the fun party sugar lying around everywhere, the occassional police bust, and hearing your mum get her rocks off over the phone. What a fun life she is having, i am sure she will grow up to be very well adjusted…

  31. LaydeeBug

    When Colin comes on the tv screen I change the channel. They’ll both be sniffin, sucking and shooting in a matter of weeks. The guy is so repulsive to me. I have never been so unattracted to an attractive man in my life. I’d fuck Kate before fucking him. Oh GOD what am I saying????

  32. PapaHotNuts, I’ll guess most guys here would be hoping for a description of a 90:10 skin to outfit ratio. And I’m hoping I’m wearing half of Neiman’s, including the Jewelry section, on my bod. But the truth hurts, so let’s just both use our imaginations instead. :)

  33. What great sex two coke-heads, limp dick colin and all about coke kate! That’s a great match made in coke heaven to their dealer.

  34. TaiTai

    What exactly is “phone-dating”? So they are talking on the phone, whoa, news flash. I think I am “computer dating” Owen Wilson because I look at his picture as often as possible online. In fact I think we are going to have a computer baby any day now. We will name her Apple. (Sorry I couldn’t resist that one.)

  35. I’m sorry, he just looks like he smells like week old B.O., Dirty scalp and Old Cigarettes.

  36. Jacq

    #35 – Old scalp?! Awesome!! Spot on observation Spindoc, spot-on.

  37. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    English people are cute how they say “spot on”.

  38. glamour_bitch

    Too bad Kate is a coke head… she used to be quite beautiful actually.

  39. lol, i hope that isn’t the real picture the tabloids put out as ‘proof’!

  40. #39

  41. I suppose Colin can be compared to Matt McC in that they are both a little left to centre, but he’s quite sexy with it, unlike old Matt. Matt is all tanned dork , sweaty bandanas, belting volleyballs around the beach and yelling, but not one bit sexy :)

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