Colin Farrell Tapped That

In a new interview with Ellen, Colin Farrell admits to having a “romantic relationship” with Elizabeth Taylor in 2009 after bumping into her at the hospital. So here’s that while I try and see if Colin Farrel and Russell Brand have ever been in the same place at the same time. Via E! News:

“So I got home a few days later with Henry and I was thinking about Elizabeth and how she was doing, and I called my publicist and I said, ‘I bumped into some people of Elizabeth Taylor’s…could I send her some flowers?’ And my publicist said…’That’s funny because I’m looking at an orchid from Elizabeth Taylor for you.”
“I’ll say!” Farrell agreed as the audience reacted excitedly. “I said, ‘Wow, that’s amazing.'”
“I said, ‘Well, send that bad boy over to the house and can I still get the flowers?’ And it came with a hand written note from her. I then cheekily about a week later said, ‘Listen is there any chance I can go…and see her?'”
His publicist made some calls and “I got to have an audience with her and that was the beginning of a year and a half or two years of what was a really cool…it was kind of like the last—it feels like in my head, not her, I’m projecting, but the last kind of romantic relationship I had.

Because Colin Farrel’s a gentlemen, he claims the relationship was never consummated, but on certain nights, when the wind is just right, you can hear a man quietly whisper, “Rub yourself with moth balls and let me call you Elizabeth.” And then, if you listen even harder, you’ll hear Dina Lohan say that costs $50 extra. “Cash…”

Photos: Getty, Splash News