Coco wants you to see things through her eyes

November 17th, 2009 // 179 Comments

And by things I mean breasts. She wants you to see her breasts.

NOTE: Included some more of Coco’s recent Twitter pics so someone in the scientific community can explain to me how this is happening and why we’re not using those gamma rays to create a super-army of Incredible Hulks.

Photos: Cocosworld

  1. Lloyd Johnson

    eeeewww! big boobs big butt yuck!! all women should look like 9 year old boys flat and smooth! oh yeah that’s what I really want, wait that didn’t come out right.

    LOL these comments crack me up. Most were posted by virgins or latent homosexuals who are repulsed by the female form.

  2. FACE

    If you are a man and you did not splooge on that last pic, you’re gay

  3. buxx

    If some divine intervention deleted all of her pics on her digital camera(s) and computer hard drive(s), you all know she will go ape-shit and heads will roll. Hopefully she kills herself in the process.

  4. RP

    Ice must have her on a budget because she wears cheap makeup, can’t even afford an IKEA shoe rake and has no money to get her pussy waxed.

  5. asscrack

    that ass is why aliens travel across the galaxy to probe humans.
    Dear Martian invaders: spank it till it glows.

  6. um


    Here’s how that sociology paper goes:
    People who talk about how attractive they are anonymously online, throwing out curiously specific measurements and countless impersonal testimonials to their beauty are fucking annoying as hell. Nobody can stand them.

  7. Amy

    Someone please please pay attention to me! Please! Maybe if I take just one more picture….

  8. nADA

    The hard and difficult questions must be asked: Is the “War on Terrorism” a ruse, a concoction to divert the citizens’ attention?

    Accept, if you will for just a moment, that as truly despicable as George W. Bush is, he would not be so evil as to help out his buddies in tobacco land that that would be worth suffering through another 9-11. Once you give the man that – and for once I am asking you to do just that – once you admit that not even he would allow the murder of hundreds or thousands more just so Marlboro addicts can light up outside the terminal, then a whole other door opens – and that door, my friends, leads to the Pandora’s Box of 9-11, a rotten can of worms that many in the media are afraid to open for fear of where it might lead, of just how deep the stench goes.

    What if there is no “terrorist threat?” What if Bush and Co. need, desperately need, that “terrorist threat” more than anything in order to conduct the systematic destruction they have launched against the U.S. constitution and the good people of this country who believe in the freedoms and liberties it guarantees?

    Do you want to go there?

  9. rock1999

    plz delete post 158, so 2003.

    You know how rich people roll around in money.

    Do you ever think Ice-T rolls around in pictures of his wifes ass?

  10. laerbgfd

    Is it really? I never heard of that. Frustrated by being still single and not finding your soulmate? I know a hot and interesting place named where I have met my boyfriend. You may take a look.

  11. chloe

    ass implants right? please tell me those are ass implants cuz god dang i didnt know it was possible to have that big of an ass without being fat

  12. Charlene

    She’s very pretty but that as needs to be reduced and she needs to hand some of it over to me :)

  13. superfluous

    Ugly little attention whore isn’t she… ew.

    At least it makes me feel sexy ;)

  14. Alorien

    She does realise that is a fat ass and not a nice ass right? how can she possibly maintain a flat stomach and toned legs and not get rid of that ass. I thought KK had a big one, far out, how can jeans fit her.
    Im scared and at the same time i cant look away!

  15. nat

    just vile. beyond words. she’s a circus freak.

  16. lex

    Who the fuck is coco?

  17. Josh

    Elvis said it, and I quote: “I wanna play house with you.”

  18. jmoney

    the things i would do….sigh…well im gonna b busy 2night lol

  19. LastDefenderOfWomanKind

    I love how all of these people are complaining about how shes fake. Maybe some of you people should get some surgery so you can raise your self esteem, because you all seem to believe your just perfect, but your most likely below average xD

  20. I wanna be Famous!

    I am so inspired by Coco!!! I’m gonna go get me some fake boobs, a fake ass, a fake tan, some fake hair, a whole bunch of make-up and find me an old dried up rapper to have sex with so I can be famous too!! Woohoo!!!

  21. Holy shit! Nose Bleeding!

  22. Is she charging herself like a solar panel? O_O

  23. Enigma_2099

    Even though I would still “…of an angry god” it… I still lose a little respect for Ice T for this. You married an attention whore. I hope you’re getting your money’s worth out of this… and about 3 shots of anal every night.

  24. JAckson Wallace

    Ice T is just like Barack Obama – talk a bunch of bullshit for the masses, and then sell their asses straight out. These two act like revolutionaries, but they are traitors to the cause. Lesson: don’t trust a modern AMerican black man to be a real activist, cuz all he cares about is himself. THe previous generation that made MLK was different, but I know so many black men that all they care about is themselves and there unsupported ego babies. FUcking ridiculous.

  25. Andre
    Commented on this photo:

    God how I wish I was that camera right now. Look at the height of them tits, and she’s laying down. Fake as shit though.

  26. Andre
    Commented on this photo:

    Shit I just jizzed in my pants. Them tits, fuck she could tit wank me all day.

  27. garizona
    Commented on this photo:

    Good picture..)) Super..))

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