Coco wants you to see things through her eyes

November 17th, 2009 // 179 Comments

And by things I mean breasts. She wants you to see her breasts.

NOTE: Included some more of Coco’s recent Twitter pics so someone in the scientific community can explain to me how this is happening and why we’re not using those gamma rays to create a super-army of Incredible Hulks.

Photos: Cocosworld

  1. Donny

    Real fine ass.

  2. I just put the eye bleach away, too. Ouch, my retinas.

  3. BitchX

    It’s alright. I’m only using her for sex!

  4. JADE

    Good Gawd!

  5. Luz

    She is really disgusting and fake. I mean I’m a curvy woman myself, but that is just ridiculous!

  6. Luz

    She is really disgusting and fake. I mean I’m a curvy woman myself, but that is just ridiculous!

  7. Kristin


  8. pimp

    I would eat her ass for days…

  9. Ashley

    I’m fascinated and scared at the same time.

  10. NoE

    This is just disgusting..

  11. Lisa

    The razor rash on her pubic bone is a nice touch…

  12. Champ

    Classy lady.
    Not much insecurity going on here.

  13. Tom Cruise

    i would fuck her to death…

    …or until she snapped my dick in half with her butt cheeks.

    then i’d shoot Ice-T for selling out like that. From “fuck the police” to playing a cop on TV. tsk tsk tsk

  14. mc

    i don’t get it.. is the butt fake? i wonder if it hurts to sit…

  15. Alice

    She’s the perfect role model for young girls everywhere.

  16. chick

    I was wondering how she can carry those things around but I guess the front and the back balance out.

  17. Rancid

    Someone help me out here. In the first picture, all I see are two bald guys (shot from the back) looking over some bloated piece of meat that washed up on the shore. Is this a scene from one of the “Jaws” movies?

  18. Bite Me or Fight Me

    Which reminds me, I have to go toss a salad for dinner

  19. Pico Mornay

    I Bet Ice T can´t fill that ass…and of course I can!!!

  20. Name (required)

    Wow. Does anybody find her even REMOTELY attractive? She’s orange, and fake … and sitting next to all that make-up really doesn’t do anything for her.

    She comes off so greasy, and dirty, and CHEAP and TACKY. Ugh. Why does this site even put pictures of her? Is she ‘famous’ for these disgusting pictures? That’s what I’m beggining to think. …… this was such a waste of three minutes.

  21. Matt-Zilla

    i’d hit it, but she kinda looks like a delicious thanksgiving dinner in the first pic

  22. Matt-Zilla

    i’d hit it, but she kinda looks like a delicious thanksgiving dinner in the first pic

  23. JustJess

    # 9 – me too.

  24. perkyquirk

    I’ll skip the orange skin and the Ass, but how can any of you deny boobs like those? its perfection at is finest, anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get their head out of their ass (or hers?) those flappy sand bags that people call “big boobs” is just repulsive.

  25. Richard

    “then i’d shoot Ice-T for selling out like that. From “fuck the police” to playing a cop on TV. tsk tsk tsk”

    He didn’t sell out. He fooled his fans into thinking his “fuck the police” attitude was real, and then he laughed at them when he took the job on SVU. He made idiots out of them all, took millions of their dollars, and did whatever the hell he wanted to do after that, not caring what any of them thought about it. That’s not selling out, that’s kicking ass, in my opinion.

    The dude does what he wants. Good on him.


  26. richard

    I find her scary but I have to admit if I had the chance of a crack at it I wouldn’t pass it up.

    Or more simply, I’d hit it!

  27. Azgurl

    I used to party with this chick in Scottsdale back when she was Nicole, and not Coco. Back in 02′ she was actually stunning. I know- hard to believe. And yes- those are implants. That is unless she grew terribly inproportionate in the 6 or 7 years. PS- did you know she’s only like 28? She looks SO AGED!

  28. IDK!?

    Is she hot? I can’t tell…

  29. Mr V

    Bless that woman for sharing so many jerk-able pics.

  30. Keithypoo

    You know where I want to live? Between that bubble and Kim Kardashian’s moon sliced in two. Jesus Christ Krispies!

  31. Mr.Mr.

    seriously… does she even have nipples??

    but whatev…. id still beat.

  32. novicenurse

    Who on earth is Coco? What is she famous for? Is the the new Tila Tequila (fame whore, no talent)?

  33. Seriously...

    I whacked off to her POV pic. So, basically, I whacked off to the idea of me being a woman and looking down. GO, ME!!!

  34. JLQC

    That picture on the couch… her ass looks like a rolled-up python.

  35. why

    I’m sorry, that’s fucking nasty. Who is this broad? She looks like a beached manatee.

  36. EEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that pic through ‘her eyes’ is REPULSIVE. yes i’m a dude.

    why did she think that would be a good idea? it’s really, just, AWFUL

  37. schlittenfahrt

    Im all for fake boobies, but that first shot is a huge fucking turn-off. it looks like a marshmallow in the microwave.

    and who the fuck is Coco?

  38. This is not physically possible.

  39. this ‘coconut’ needs to be harvested. i’ve never been so turned off by breasts in my life.

  40. Ing

    these pics are sad. Sorry.

  41. DuuuuuuuuuuhFuck?

    duuuuuuuuuuuuh fuck is that plastic beast?

  42. K Schroeder


  43. shelley

    This makes me really happy to have B-cups.

    It’s particularly disturbing since I’d rather be looking at Megan Fox right now. I’m thoroughly frightened.

  44. bete noir

    Luz I’m with you. I’m curvy, too. She and her husband are simply pathological wit this whole sex thing. The funny thing is they think this going to last forever. It won’t. They’re like drowning people: desperate and ludicrous. This simply makes no sense at all. Frankly, she’s vomitous.

  45. Who is Coco?

    She is a white woman who has sex with black guys. That’s all you need to know.

  46. micky

    Dayum she looks nice. And @11 dont be too picky when girls are this mint

  47. micky's a fag

    ’nuff said.

  48. donnerpartyoffive

    13, fuck the police is nwa, ice-t did cop killer. There is definitely something not right about coco and that tan looks she fell asleep under a rotisserie. I personally would like to see some more research into incredible hulks or maybe just above-average hulks, i’m not all that picky.

  49. Russell Brand

    Why do you keep posting about this skank, Fish?

  50. those tits look like the tumor my dog had removed from its asshole

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