Coco shouldn’t jog in a heavily populated area

December 12th, 2007 // 189 Comments

Ice-T and his wife Coco attended the premiere of I Am Legend last night in New York. While my first thought seeing these photos is wishing Ice-T suddenly became invisible, I’ve got to wonder what sex is like with those gargantuan breasts. I know, if I were trapped underneath them, I’d be screaming bloody murder and praying for a quick death. Not because of the boobs. That’s just my natural reaction to the thought of marriage. OH, GOD, KILL ME! See? It’s all reflex.


  1. Shallow Val

    48 – exactly….Yuck!

  2. beka

    you know what’s in that furry bag? monistat-7…look at that camel toe!

  3. deaconjones

    God, fuck the race shit, I just cant believe no one else is foaming at the mouth right now for this fucktoy!

  4. @13 & 49… Fix up! Please engage your brains before saying things like that!

  5. WTC??? I gave my troll permission to run amuck with my name and I’ve been gone like an hour and nothing???

    Whatever, hey, did anyone notice this woman’s ginormous CAMEL TOE???..

  6. the truth

    Yup, it seems like far fewer black celebs have implants. But there’s an obvious explanation – they’re all pretty fat, so making the boobs bigger isn’t necessary. Carving down the monster fatass and spreading thighs, well, that’s a whole ‘nother issue…

  7. deaconjones

    Every office should have a receptionist like this, the heart attack rate in the US would drop by 400% just from the stress relief aspect:

    “Um, Mr Jennings, (giggle) I have those TPS report cov-”
    “Open up baby”
    “But Mr Jen- (omph omph omph omph)”

    Talk about happy hour

  8. That Ain't Camel Toe, That's Camel FOOT


  9. @55 FRIST You are the frist one to notice!! Don’t you hate it when you leave the house with camel toe and everyone notices but you??

    Do you get my mail??

  10. No, Jimbo, I actually look in the mirror before I leave my house..

    Ok, I’ll check!!

  11. PunkA

    She needs to get her thigh and ass implants removed.

  12. Ript1&0

    Dude, you wouldn’t be afraid of marriage if you met the right person.

    The scarier part is not knowing if that right person will turn into a total douche a few years down the line. You just can never tell.

    I’m too tired to be funny. Fuck.

  13. I just made a christmas yule log

    #61. Since those implants are of the natural variety removing them will require laying of the bon bons and other fat white trash gold digger food (not sure exactly what them cow ho’s eat but, it sure puts the southern pounds on fast)

    I’d say the majority of women need to get their ass, thigh, and belly implants removed and men need their beer guts implants to go NOW. Sure it took them years to save up all those millions of calories just to get those pear shaped whale bodies and they might actually have to get off the giant flesh cushions they’ve grown over the years but it’s for the good of my overextended up chuck reflex so it’s worth it.

  14. Me too, Ript. It’s WINTER!!!!! Sucks the life outta me..

  15. Ript1&0

    Life sucks the life out of me.

    What that, and plus all I can think about is porno.

  16. that is the same jacket Britney wore on her birthday.

  17. Maybe Britney is hiding in her boobs.

  18. Hey FRIST, Is it snowing there? That wouls suck the life out of me too. It is frecken cold down here. And by cold I mean like 65 during the day and 40 at night.

  19. Malffy Hernandes

    The docs just stuffed watermelons in your chest! This woman has NO shame;looking like a pimped out Polar bear.

  20. Malffy Hernandes

    The docs just stuffed watermelons in your chest! This woman has NO shame;looking like a pimped out Polar bear.

  21. candy cane

    My taco got scawed just looking at that painful camel toe. Ouch that’s gotta burn. But maybe with the giant member that drills down there every night she can’t feel something as small as a little frontally wedged tacky pant fabric. Her bagingo is probably as stretched out as Jennifer Love Hewitt’s OLD size 2 pants. ZING. I hit two bitches with one nasty sentence. I am a word ninja.

    I’d love to be a magician and saw Caca Aad Jen Lovesher Hugeass in half and then put them back together with Caca’s giant booboos on top and Jennifer’s massive ass on the bottom. Man that would be a friggin awesome Frankenho experiment.

  22. Hey Candy Cane, You don’t get out much do you?? You have way to much time on your hands..

  23. PORNO?????? Don’t try to navigate away from it, I heard that’s impossible..

    Yeah Jimbo, there is snow everywhere, and I’m sick of being cold. I hate PANTS!!!!

  24. I’ll bet if ICE would buy Britney some Starbuck Latte stuff that she would come on over and get naked with him and the wife. That would be one dangerous afternoon rendevous. Cooties and Lice on ICE oh my!

  25. She looks like she’d be attractive if she’d fall out of love with her boobs. Cute face.
    #69, you made me spew Diet Dr. Pepper on my cat with the “Pimped out Polar Bear” comment. I loved it. My cat’s a different story.

    Keira Knightley Fans

  26. FRIST, I had about 6 replies to your pants comments. I am sure everyone else in here will say them for me. It is tuff being good.

    And NEVER navigate away from the porno. Porn is good MmmKay..

  27. Mdiz


  28. gotmilk?

    43, judging by the responses, you’re pretty much the only one who would hit that. your comment about being queer or intimidated is the most overused phrase on here. why don’t you come up with some other reasons to justify why you find this fat whore attractive instead of being an unoriginal douche. thanks!

  29. nanna

    wow that is one hidious outfit to go with that camelfoot. being all loaded and shit she should have never left the house like that or with those liquid pillows about to pop . she should reallly but them off for her own good .

  30. nanna


  31. EveryonePoops

    She could be like Samson with the donkey jaw, except it’s Coco with tig ol’ bitties. She’d be roundhousing mothafuckas with those things.

  32. candy cane

    Jimbo please tell me that was a joke. Have you ever seen me here before? I’m a long time reader and from that I know that you live here. You get out but only to get stood up by someone you met where? Oh that’s right HERE your little internet home. You are so known you have several trolls which is not a complement. So maybe you should get out a little. DOUCHE.

    It’s a pity if you knew what I looked like you wouldn’t be so friggin’ rude you’d be trying not to slip on your drool like the pile of 500 guys behind you.

    Now please go back to talking with your little internet friends and leave people who actually have lives alone.


  33. Ript1&0

    The great thing about porno, FRIST, is that you don’t have to wear any pants, no matter what the season!


  34. JagedNS

    erg, she looks like Dog the Bounty Hunters wife.

    LOL @ 25 Tommy….dodge neon of skank…..nice.

  35. amma

    She’s chubby–maybe just fat. And horrible taste in clothing.

  36. Tapeworm

    That’s some serious avoirdupois going on there.

  37. Tapeworm

    Coco likes Cocoa? Apparently yes, the full-octane sugared stuff!

  38. IKE

    How come all of the good sites get screwed up with stupid racist shit?

    GO TO http://WWW.CRAZYSHIT.COM and be as racist as you want. It’s obvious from the name that they aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

    Nice boobs, CoCo!

  39. Tapeworm

    Coco shouldn’t jog near the San Andreas fault. We don’t want the big one just yet!

  40. L.Linus

    #88 – Ike, here’s the answer to your question, anytime a white sees a black person or a white with a black person they get jealous or just plain hateful and start making racist comment. That just the plain truth!!! Wish it wasn’t that way but it is!!

  41. carsten5577

    Look how proud that ugly, primitive-looking man-ape hybrid is of his vulgar-looking cheap whore. Nignogs love them white bitches…

  42. ack

    lovin that big ass vein that’s trying to pop off her left one…. *retch*

  43. uvamack

    I am pretty shocked at all the racist comments towards black men here, you all definitely have some growing up to do. It is 2007 and I cannot believe we still have a society that still exudes racism!!

  44. n00b

    91 goes ahead and proves 90′s point right after.

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  46. She has a couple of sexy boob…Is she single now? Her profile and photos were found on the millionairecelebrity dating club ! “She is very picky about guys,” according to officials of that site, “they have to be fertile douches orshe won’t date them!”

  47. Ted from LA

    Please get to a doctor ASAP! The only explanation for your symptoms is that you have rabies. It is a very serious matter.

  48. carlos

    am i the only one who thinks FRIST is trying too hard to be funny but is not?….

  49. Ted from LA

    500 men? That must be a gang bang record. Congratulations.

  50. marc

    # 71 candy can are you trying to get hired by the fish? ’cause you totally stole his style. Except you suck

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