Coco shouldn’t jog in a heavily populated area

December 12th, 2007 // 189 Comments

Ice-T and his wife Coco attended the premiere of I Am Legend last night in New York. While my first thought seeing these photos is wishing Ice-T suddenly became invisible, I’ve got to wonder what sex is like with those gargantuan breasts. I know, if I were trapped underneath them, I’d be screaming bloody murder and praying for a quick death. Not because of the boobs. That’s just my natural reaction to the thought of marriage. OH, GOD, KILL ME! See? It’s all reflex.


  1. put the ugly people in the back


  2. Texas Tranny

    Those are some big-ass tits.

  3. put the ugly people in the back

    Those boobays are so scary, they look like they are going to errupt like a bloody silcone whorecano.

  4. steve

    Man, you can turn some already-skanky white bitch into a zoo exhibit and she’ll be even more appealing to the monkeymen. That tiny variation in gene function has such a profound impact on their brain functioning. But it sure makes ‘em good in basketball.

  5. Yankees jacket. Perfect.

  6. RENEE...

    she’s nasty and has horrible taste in clothing. she’s also kinda chubby but tries to hide it / balance her proportions with her ridiculous, fake breasts.

  7. tittyfuck

    Man, I love to titty fuck her.

  8. she always in ads in the back of King magazine and the like.. TAAADOOOW!

  9. put the ugly people in the back

    Silly Nestlé he’s so proud of his ho and her airbags. Dude she is not a trophy. And I’m not saying that in a raging feminist way I’m saying that trash is not a prized piece of T&A, parading that around is like showing off a pimped out Neon like a wannabe bad ass; it’s just sad and also very very funny.

  10. dude

    man, that’s one cheap whore

  11. That’s like a monstrous cameltoe!

  12. Nikki B..

    Jesus how can she carry those things? Maybe Miss Alba will get some boobs now that she is knocked up by her loser boyfriend.

  13. the explanation

    Blacks are dumb, so they need things to be very obvious.


  15. RENEE...

    Coco; you’re ugly and your “big daddy” dresses you funny

  16. KK

    if by “big ass tits” you mean literally, then i agree … they are so big it looks like she has an ass on her chest.

  17. KK

    if by “big ass tits” you mean literally, then i agree … they are so big it looks like she has an ass on her chest.

  18. RENEE...

    …or better yet, Coco, you’re ugly and your “sugar daddy” dresses you funny

  19. MNF

    Why does she have permanent Camel toe?

  20. more more more

    i think i just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  21. lentista


  22. @19 Because she has implants in her lips too..

  23. POOTER


    Did she stuff Jennifer Love Hewitt in her bra?

  24. TommyGun

    Holy freaking camel-toe

  25. TommyGun

    Coco is like the Dodge-Neon of skank!

  26. Auntie Kryst

    If they are attending a premiere of a movie, where’s the red carpet? It looks like they are walking down an alleyway. Are they trying to sneak in the side exit?

  27. tp

    I just threw up in my mouth

  28. uh, she’s totally sporting camel toe.

  29. STFU


    “Blacks are dumb, so they need things to be very obvious.”

    but the white bitch is the one wearing them so what does that make her?

  30. roastbeef

    eeewww, nasty lopsided tities…I would be embarassed to be in public with that thing.

  31. kitty kitty

    # 4

    jealous cause yet another white chick is curling up with a black man tonight? every time i turn around, another white chick is defecting your team.

  32. Mex E. Melt

    you could cut diamonds with her jawbones. she needs those overblown tits to distract you from the fact that she use to be named charles

  33. Mari

    Hahah I bet all you faggots are dating supermodels.

  34. deaconjones

    Dude, i think she’s an unbelieveably hot piece of ass, as in Top 5 in the world id like to fuck, there’s just something about this girl man that drives me frigging crazy, maybe it cuz shes got more meat, dont know,

    also, i guarantee that bitch sucks dick like its a coke dispenser! BLAM

  35. PottyMouth

    Shouldn’t Ice-T be in the nursing home by now?? Isn’t he pushing senior citizen status??

  36. Coco is top shelf and you are Big Lots

    there isn’t a man on this board that would dive in her nasty hole if she offered so stop bitching. your envy stinks like her box.

  37. put the ugly people in the back

    #29. Right on!

    #13 is the fucking dumbass. How many black women do you see with implants. Now quick how many brainless white women do you see with implants. Oh what now, you don’t have that many fingers.. that’s what I thought.

  38. shosho

    if you think blacks are dumb thats why they need things to be very obvious then she is the smartest white fake blonde bitch to go after this money

  39. @33 and what’s your point? Jealous nobody is dating your fat ass??

  40. x


    isn’t pamela fake tittied anderson the number one “bombshell” of the last two decades and guess who made her so? white dudes. black men like big butts.

  41. muffin


    white bitches go after ANYBODY’S money. the term “gold digger” was invented for them. they have the least loyalty to their race of all women.

  42. NICOLE

    I can’t believe the superficial writer didn’t notice the CAMEL TOE!!!

  43. deaconjones

    Who gives a shit, of course shes dating him for his money, his ugly as fuck, his face looks like a wet paper bag

    And whatever guy wouldnt hit that is either queer or intimidated, there is no inbetween

  44. NICOLE

    I can’t believe the superficial writer didn’t notice the CAMEL TOE!!!

  45. Valerie hates talentless hacks


  46. put the ugly people in the back

    #40. Exactly. I can’t even think of a black celeb with implants, maybe
    Vivicia A. Fox and Janet Jackson those are the only two I can think of. Now I don’t even have time to list the number of white women with implants.

    My conclusion in life is that most people are stupid and people’s idiocy has nothing to do with race it has to do with the fact that the majority of human beings are a disease killing this planet with all their racism, waste, whoring greedy, vapid worthlessness.

    Merry Christmas.

  47. Shallow Val

    40 but she has the face of a fryng pan. Pam Anderson is just a hella mess.

  48. Rome

    She looks like Elisha Cuthbert…

  49. stoner

    haha #13 your so right. they are stupid its just a known fact.

  50. POOTER

    …yet another day, yet another race war breaking out on the fish. When will you people learn that tastelessness and stupidity has the ability to transcend racial boundaries?

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