Coco’s Twitter is poignant

With her ass-mountain firmly on the pulse of the Internet, Coco quickly jumped in on the “celebrity breasts and babies” bandwagon, and posted what I can only assume is the prelude to a suffocating toddler:

Hangin w my twin nieces.Daisy just loves my boobs.She likes putting her head in between them

So apparently I do share the same pleasure center as a 15-month-old infant. Well played, therapist. In the meantime, I included a few more pics from Coco’s Twitter because that thing is a goddamn treasure trove. I especially enjoy the fan art which is, oddly enough, exactly how I picture Ice-T and Coco at home. Except both of them have seen human reproductive organs before unlike whoever drew this. (Are women’s breasts supposed to look like Marvin the Martian’s rocket? I mostly just close my eyes and start flailing my arms until I strike nip.)

Photos: Cocosworld
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