Coco is everything that is right about everything

February 2nd, 2010 // 110 Comments

After seeing the latest pic of Coco squatting on her sink make the Internet rounds today, I realized it’s been way too long since I plundered her Twitter account for erotic hilarity. So join me as I catch up with the the life of Coco through the magic of penis jokes in the captions.

NOTE: Out of consideration for readers who actually work for a living, I defied the laws of physics by somehow managing to star some of Coco’s body parts whose sheer mass alone defy the laws of decency. And my heart.

Pics link to NSFW versions.


  1. dana


  2. Sapa

    2nd! The Sloppie Kind bitches!!!

  3. gross

    Her nips are bigger than my face. Jesus….

  4. Valerie

    That’s totally a great idea. It’s a pain to apply mascara when the sink’s counter is in the way. Good for the hips, too.

  5. ali

    She looks like a transvestite oompa loompa with tumors everywhere. Gross.

  6. JJ

    Her ass has its own gravitational field. That motorcyle really just rolls around behind her all day!

  7. bvhv

    holy shit thats so fuckin hot!!
    i wish my wife would put her makeup on like that.
    that sink cabinet is really hot too!

  8. DocGrrl

    The funny thing is she takes pictures of herself in the mirror… she thinks she looks good. Poor deluded thing…

  9. sunshine

    Her ass gravitated to her chest in her Christmas card pic.

  10. It's Me Fuckers

    “First person to notice the dogs are wearing hats is Tom Cruise.”

    I lol’ed at that! He pointed it out to you as well, eh? rofl

  11. Peace


  12. fgfg

    That ass is fucking sexy. I’d eat that all day.

  13. Jeff

    that ass is fucking ridiculous


  14. The Dude

    Thank you GOD.

  15. Hi, Im jose ..the guy in the picture that coco is holding the baby gator…

    Im gay and I like sticking my thumbs in my a$$ while I get my nipps bit by the baby gators.

    I also like walks on the beach on beach that end in boy play.

    bah bye… come check me out at

  16. LT81

    Wow…I mean, wow. That arse is just, I don’t know. Forgive my ignorance, but is it real? Do butt implants come that big? Makes Kim Kardashian’s butt look flat.

  17. Crickets or Nightcrawlers

    I smell catfish burning.

  18. John

    I’ve always wondered what it would like if you removed the implants on boobs that big and then didn’t remove the excess skin(or whatever they do to it, assuming remove like with massive weight loss). Would it just be like… two big floppy flat skin flaps, or would you be able to perhaps store things in them? Like candy or small children.

  19. mer

    I have no idea who this is, but god damn that’s a fat ass. Time for wii fit!

  20. Steve O

    “8. DocGrrl – February 2, 2010 7:35 PM

    The funny thing is she takes pictures of herself in the mirror… she thinks she looks good. Poor deluded thing…”


    dont worry- she does look good. You on the other hand, well…not so much.


  21. timmy the dying boy

    Something really weird and disturbing about that ass, don’t get us started on the tits.

  22. writergay


  23. Josh


  24. Rasputins Liver


    Fuckin’ ‘eh!!!!


    Whatta fuckin’ disgusting pig she is!!!!


  25. Geekoid

    I reckon she just got tit and ass implants done at the same time… that ass is just plain wrong on so many levels. If she had any more silicone, Intel would buy her for their next fabrication plant.

  26. ss tits.

    anchor jaw.

  27. GolfPro

    God she’s got thighs like the great Earl Campbell of the Houston Oilers glory days. SKANKSTER!

  28. Dank24

    Anyone else think Fish is in love with this chick? Jesus christ he posts about her enough. Why is she famous again?

  29. Amy

    I just cant wait to see her when she’s 80 something…that’s when the show starts.

    “Which implant will fall off first!?”

  30. yup

    Well that’s um attractive?

  31. hugh

    Anyone else notice that the viewership on this site seems to have dropped – less than 50 comments per post – hugh

  32. That’s how I put on my makeup, but only b/c I am so blind without my glasses..

  33. mensa

    @ 31: it’s the ads. Fish has a good thing going here, but annoying pop-up ads and suspiciously semi-flattering/repetitive posts on certain topics/celebrities tends to piss people off.

    Not that I’m going to stop coming, mind you. Unless it starts to get ridiculous.

  34. Fribble

    That and Fish either not being Fish anymore, or not giving a shit because he’s more interested in Geekologie and Celebuzz than he is in what he posts here.
    It’s gone waaaaay downhill.
    Used to be about the absurdities of celebrity, now it tits, asses and bikinis. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those but, c’mon, it’s just lazy.

  35. dumbbox

    Haha. #31 thinks comments equal web traffic. Fucking moron.

    Now get this woman to a doctor. She appears to have severe elephantiasis of the ass and it’s giving me a boner.

  36. lol

    she needs to hire a better painter to photoshop her images…

  37. hugh

    hey Asshat go back to masturbating to Fish – and I guess you only go here, b/c its pretty obvious that usually people only comment if they care enough about the site – I don’t think that’s illogical – but go back to that menial job at McD’s – and I actually block all of my pop up ads I’m sure you have no idea how to do that

  38. hugh

    Hey dumbbox- looks like someone picked an appropriate name for themselves

  39. hugh

    @35 so you haven’t noticed the posts went from 104 – to like 14 and 20?

  40. hugh

    awww pooor dumbbox did someone wake up on the wrong side of his own hand today?

  41. juaquin ingles

    Does it still want to F William shatner?

  42. whatever

    Elephantitis of the ass

  43. BobbyJones

    Now I know what a thong looks like when it’s dying. Poor thing.

  44. BobbyJones

    Now I know what a thong looks like when it’s dying. Poor thing.

  45. Kate

    Her features are so exaggerated, she looks like a parody of a human being. Such a shame because I bet she was gorgeous before she went and fucked herself up.

  46. Mike86

    She’s quite.. something. That said, I’d love to see her unite with a strapon then fuck me in the ass! :O

  47. Amy

    #31: Because the comments are an endless array of “first”, “I want to stick it in her pooper”, and “ spammers.” Also, the ads are ridiculous and I got a really bad virus on my computer from visiting this site. This is the first time I’ve been on here in over 3 months. The commenters used to be funny.

  48. Reina

    Why do women have to be so fake and plastic to be considered attractive? I can’t imagine the backpain she gets with those tits.

  49. Darth

    Looks like a though competitor in Sumo wrestling.The only chance to win is probably to take her from behind in an iron grip.

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