Coco is a national treasure

Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite part of the month where I mine Coco’s Twitter for high-quality examples of photographic excellence. And she literally has everything this time around: Rihanna, Ice-T with a ball gag, couches, giant breasted mermaids and, of course, a gratutious up-close shot of her super-butt. I swear, if Coco embodied the American spirit anymore, the next National Treasure movie would have to include Nicolas Cage solving JFK’s murder* after deciphering the secret location of Coco’s nipples. — Ha! Just kidding. She doesn’t have any.

*Spoiler Alert: It was the Freemasons! Beat you to it, Dan Brown. FACE!

Photos: Coco, Getty
Tags: Bikini, Coco, Rihanna