Coco and the Fine Art of Tweeting

October 12th, 2009 // 178 Comments

I’m only just now discovering that Ice T’s wife Coco has a Twitter account, and it seems like she’s using it to post provocative photos of herself. Which makes perfect sense when you think about it. When you’re a woman with obscenely large breasts you really only have two choices on how to spend your day: Take classy pictures of yourself or fight crime. Clearly Coco choose the more altruistic option.

NOTE: Some pics are LSFW.

Photos: Coco

  1. me09

    she has a pretty face but tries way to hard to be sexy ….look at me !!!!

  2. Eva

    What the… how did she surgically get pillows implanted into her ass?

  3. Joneszen

    I just don’t get why women trip on her, and then the men, then Ice T. If we break down the answer, it goes like this:

    1. Women, for what ever reason are jealous, disgusted, appalled, blah blah,and attempt to degrade her, because she is obviously a sex object, and they’re not. Yeah she has issues, the brain is screwed, full of plastic, trashy, whateva. She is still sexxy to a lot of people, and ya gotta appreciate that.

    2. Men, don’t care if she is trashy or skanky, or bra don’t fit, or ass can’t fit on toilet, blah blah blah. She’s a good screw, fun in the sack, a Freak! Plain & Simple, don’t connect any other ridiculous dots. Other men, who find it disgusting want the ‘lil boy’ look, or likely don’t have the equipment, stamina and/or freedom of self, to get the job done. Hence she is a ho, skank, slut, dirtbag, etc…

    3. Ice T met her as a stripper, hit that ass, realized he wanted to keep it around, and is content for now. He’s got more than 1 job, more than 1 source of income, money in the bank, real estate owned, lives life his way, known for that, and you think he cares about her sending out some pics…… Please, he was probably taking them! Shit, she would be my number 1 too, and then there are always side dishes. That is the other chicks on here that think she is gross!

  4. Awoman

    I think she looks quite pretty and super sexy….when she gets older she will look like Raquel Welch….

  5. Zeitgeist

    Some kind of animal thing…is it important how many kg fat she got in her ass?
    Yeah,its important,because more fat means more illness…she is sick because she is fat…she eats bad food…sorry,but this is truth…
    So,please,visit the doctor and do not show your ass to public…show your ass only to your man…

  6. Pasi Koivulainen

    7/8 pic is best. nice ass, *fap fap fap*, ahhh…



  8. What does it mean to be perfect? Surely perfection, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder; but if this is the case then what are we striving towards? I suppose then that ‘perfection’ here could mean the conditions that the largest number of people consider as perfect – the ‘mean perfection’ if you will.

  9. Mal

    I don’t get why everyone here is either on the side of something this extreme, or the little boy look. I like tits hips and ass but not of FREAKISH proportions, and Coco is FREAKISH. She is in hella good shape and obviously at a healthy weight but she is so injected and implanted that she is a caricature of herself and looks like a blow up doll, or as another poster succinctly put it, “a poster on a janitor’s locker”. Not exactly what I’d like to look like.

    Between this and the little boy look…………eh, I might go little boy and get some small implants. I can’t imagine trying to do anything normal like shop for groceries (let alone CLOTHES, jesus christ) with an ass like that. Not to mention the trail of black dudes following me everywhere…no fucking thank you.

  10. AMO

    TO: These are the kind of pictures you see pasted to a janitor’s mop closet. The kinds of men who dig this shit are of the Nascar and pedophile moustache variety.

    … No, I’d say she’s the epitome of what a black guy goes for. You know those “Ol G” types. Anyway, it would be interesting to see a pic of her trying to put those jeans on. Where does she buy her clothes because it’s not normal to look like that?

  11. Barny's Gun

    The doc did a pretty good job turning that dude into a chick,..sized things a little off but all in all 8 out of 10.

  12. posliinimies

    voi helvetti mikä hehtaari perse

  13. FACE

    Just another reason I wish I was Ice T

  14. jane

    i think she is a very beautful women and i love her butt i wish i had her butt

  15. dfuse

    hottest chick on the planet

  16. Esol Esek

    This ugly sow makes Ice-T look like a moron. Is this really the best he can do?
    He goes around acting like everyone needs to call this skank attractive. Have you seen her ten flat hairs? Those braids must be extensions. The bitch is old and gross. That ass is not for real, and if it is, then whateva. This chick clearly sorts the dumb black men out from the smart black men, because only an uneducated idiot would find that stripper skank appealing. She is gross, and yeah, his ex-wife was once far hotter and classier. He could have got another one like her, instead of looking like acting like a dumb ghetto fool needing an ugly white skank to date.
    This really takes from his cred.

  17. coco's ass

    my vomit just vomited and then shit on itself and then vomited again

  18. Duke Steele

    Wow. A douchebag with a fat ass. How original.

  19. Xiona

    Really, what an ridiculous body!!!

  20. Xiona

    Really, what an ridiculous body!!!

  21. Xiona

    Really, what an ridiculous body….

  22. suomeksi


    kuin hevosen perse!

    no thanx!

  23. Jersey Dave

    Pic #5 – WOW!

  24. Tina

    Thats the thing my dears. Men dont love you skinny bitches, bones bulking out as they love soft curvy women, who actually eat! Shes not fat, shes a women!
    and yes, you are jealous.

  25. ibrahimsaas

    Butts effect

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  27. Lilliputti
    Commented on this photo:

    oh my godnes

  28. morrent
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks as a man :(

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