Coco Worried About Child Birth, Is ‘Very Petite Down There’

Coco is pregnant. And like most pregnant women, she’s deeply concerned about what’s going to happen to her vagina as she should be because these kids are exploding out of women like goddamn terrorists and yet all everyone wants to talk about is ISIS. Anyway, here’s Coco telling In Touch Weekly that her vagina is a dainty little hole because apparently Ice-T’s cool with everyone knowing his penis did nothing in there. Absolutely nothing:

“This makes people laugh, but I’m very petite down there. I’m prepared for pain, I just don’t want to go through all the dramatics of ripping.”

And here’s my counter-argument which works better if you imagine a foghorn in the background:

Coco Butt Vagina Bikini

This is worried about ripping? What’s coming out of there? Wolverine?

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