Coco Understands Fashion

September 14th, 2010 // 102 Comments

Some fashion genius invited Coco to walk the runway at the Sachika Twins S/S 2011 Fashion Show in New York today wearing an outfit that’s apparently by and for the ham-smuggling enthusiast. I can see this outfit being huge around Christmas.

CHILD: Mother, how ever will we get these hams back to father?
MOTHER: Don’t you worry. I’m wearing Hock Pouch by Coco. Wherever fine items are sold.

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  1. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    How in the hell does she drop a load between those ass cheeks? she must use an entire roll of Bounty to wipe that thing.

  2. Coco
    the old guy
    Commented on this photo:

    Biologically speaking, this is why men like cleavage in the first place.
    Some studies indicate that cleavage reminds men of buttocks. Which in turn point to a healthy pelvis from which many offspring may emanate.
    So you like boobs because you want to have lots of kids.

  3. Rhialto

    I almost didn’t recognize her.She’d look different with clothes on.

  4. Galtacticus

    Still very recognizable on the other hand.

  5. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    i’d like to saddle up on that and ride her all the way back to the stable. seriously, i’d be like a baby monkey holding onto mama for dear life.


  6. J

    I just want to know what she is like in bed.

  7. Amy

    “Hock Pouch by Coco.” Good one! Thanks for starting my day off right, The Superficial.

  8. paco

    she looks like a fucking android with humongous ass

  9. Jen

    if i was a dude, i would be scared to fuck her. thats ALOT of ass.

  10. Coco
    Jesse Jackson
    Commented on this photo:

    Her face makes me think of that old Tom n Jerry cartoon where Tom gets slammed in the face with a shovel and his head is shovel shaped. Coco = shovel face + bowling ball ass. My penis is confused right now.

  11. Hugh Gentry

    I don’t think my cock has a chance at penetrating her asshole.

  12. Baodur

    She looks better than the skeletons that usually parade at fashion shows. But only marginally. I guess there´s no going back to classy now that we opened the door to trashy. I got an infection just from viewing her crack :(

  13. RasputinsLiver





  14. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    im jealous, her ass is so in shape.

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  16. Rick's Daddy


  17. Choc DOnut

    I love how all the iceT fans think this plastic is attractive. This is about as good as a pimp can get. Tyra Banks 15 years ago leaves this abominable spectacle in the dust. There are so many black women that are better looking than this trash, and there are white and hispanic girls that look better than this. Maybe if ICET hit the gym, he wouldn’t have to settle for this fugly beast. His ex-wife was way better looking than this, at least back in the day. This woman screams clown to me far more than sex. She’s too fake and most of all TOO OLD to be playing these tart roles. Revolting really. Ass implants are the worst of all…

    • kayla

      LOL you’re jealous. She doesn’t have implants. Implants are easy to spot. She gets lipo and builds muscle on her butt by weight lifting.

  18. Coco
    wiliam lorenzo
    Commented on this photo:

    be nice people,we all wish what can have a woman like coco! really guys.

  19. Coco
    A Chick
    Commented on this photo:

    What an ugly fucking jaw line

  20. Coco
    Freddy Back
    Commented on this photo:

    At least this time , Her RECTUM was covered up . Not like the yellow sting bikini .

  21. Hawt Couture

    Coco understnad fashion and fashion understand her. She ROCKED the runway at Sachika. She looked amazing in her dress. The show was filed with a ton of other celebrites who rocked it as well. Such an amazing brand.

  22. Hawt Couture

    Coco understands fashion and fashion understands her. She ROCKED the runway at Sachika. She looked amazing in her dress. The show was filed with a ton of other celebrites who rocked it as well. Such an amazing brand.

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