Coco Understands Fashion

September 14th, 2010 // 102 Comments

Some fashion genius invited Coco to walk the runway at the Sachika Twins S/S 2011 Fashion Show in New York today wearing an outfit that’s apparently by and for the ham-smuggling enthusiast. I can see this outfit being huge around Christmas.

CHILD: Mother, how ever will we get these hams back to father?
MOTHER: Don’t you worry. I’m wearing Hock Pouch by Coco. Wherever fine items are sold.

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  1. truth

    nicest ass i have ever seen

  2. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    Ass cleavage?

  3. Jake

    Ass and breasts cleavage look identical.

    I wonder if her beaver looks like a man with a mustache?

  4. Coco
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Amazing. It’s like a cartoon come to life.
    Don’t look too close at the face….dim the lights for that part.

  5. That getup’s so ridic it made me lol. Who the fuck dressed her, mr magoo?

  6. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    oh my

  7. Deacon Jones

    I like it.

    I was surprised, upon further inspection, waht looks to be a g-string in Pic 2 is actually just where the flat of her pelvic bone meets two mountains of poundatious ass flesh.

  8. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    is it just me or does the left cheek almost seem to have a nipple…?

  9. Coco
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    i’d love to have a go at her

  10. Goddamn, that jaw line! Suit this man up, football season already started!

  11. Question: what the heck happend to her Jawbones.?!.Looks like she’s taking steroids or something..
    Whatever I would still hit that ass even if it’s fake….

  12. Crabby Old Guy

    Ray Lewis looks more feminine than this hag.

  13. Jennny

    oo. I’d actually wear something like this if it wasn’t so low cut in the back.

  14. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    The jaw line freaks me out…

  15. salsa

    Epic ass

  16. playboy swizzle stick

    to quote someone funnier than me, “When she takes a dump does it even make it out of her asscrack?”

  17. What’s wrong with her face?

  18. Urban_goddess

    what the fuck is wrong with her face?

  19. anonym

    can her jaw get any wider?

    fucking man jaw. wider than Arnold’s
    jesus god damn !!

  20. Schnib

    When did Dolph Lundgren get ass implants?

  21. Vandal

    That’s a nice turd cutter. Doesn’t look real though.

  22. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s part Hungarian, from what I understand. I knew a Hungarian woman -she was (and is still) built very solidly. Butt is not as large as coco’s but strong jawline, shoulders etc all there

  23. tony s

    Why is her head square?

  24. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    Ice-T did good. Love that ass. Little less of the last post’s and more like this. Please Sir Fish……

  25. hellokittylover

    she looks like a man in the face..that jawline is ridiculous

  26. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s some fine ass

  27. The Only Hetero in this Joint

    Well once again – as the only Hetero Male in this Joint I have to say: Of all the Coco pics I’ve seen here this is her best yet. I would ride that butt until I got thrown or heard the 8 second buzzer go off (The only ones who will get that joke are rodeo bull riders who I seriously doubt are reading posts at this site BUT: Sometimes it’s important to elevate your audience and educate them on new things…)

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      There are two of us. She is so fucking hot in this dress. Jaw is a little odd, but I would be focused elsewhere.

  28. Coco
    One of the masses
    Commented on this photo:

    I can’t wait for this horrible trend of fat asses to go away. It’ll be fun to watch these moronic women with ass jobs scramble to de-fat their ass-bags.

  29. juaquin ingles

    Disgusting ass and needs to stop injecting testosterone in its face.

  30. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    She has a square head like a LEGO man.

  31. stevebeagle

    STOP !!! JUST STOP !!!!!!!!!!

  32. cheap air jordan

    veri beautiful ,I like it

  33. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    I actually thought it was cute until I saw the back. Then I understood why they picked Coco.

  34. The Goodyear blimp changed colors it went purple. I’m surprised they went that way.

  35. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    thats a panty eating ass, that muh fucker is ridiculously huge in too toned to be real. fuck thats huge whooo

  36. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    Her ass looks just like her boobs, but on her lower back instead. Butt cleavage?

  37. jakes

    She looks Like a Freaking Transexual
    I mean, for a real woman to look WORST than a Man trying to be a Woman,
    this is just a new low,
    The girls from VH1′s Transform Me look way better than this mountain of fail,
    what’s with the yarn hair, wtf? that bracelet is ridiculous the top of her head looks like my bush
    Also, WTF with that butt, I know you guys say hot but, No, How can you have anal with this thing, I would probably cum before I even reach the a$$,

  38. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    Her butt has better cleavage than her boobs.

  39. Zoey

    I would buy the same outfit, but I have no where to wear it to. I guess I could wear it to the supermarket or the mall. Maybe, i need to try it on to see, but I’m still wondering how she goes to the bathroom in that dress.

  40. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    There;s that Butt Vagina again, it is a perfect V.

  41. anonymous

    Looks like she got the trifecta of plastic surgery from her doctor. He cut her a deal on all the silicon used for her jaw, tits and ass.

  42. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    If you only look at the middle third of this photo, you could swear in a court of law that you were looking at a close-up of Christina Hendrick’s hope chest.

  43. Urbanspaceman

    In answer to all the people here who wondered “what is wrong with her”, the answer is simple, my friends. Coco suffers from Acromegaly.
    Google it.

  44. captain america

    just be thankful, folks.

  45. Jessesgirl

    Holy fuck those are some masseters.

  46. gerbil in my butt

    Who IS this fucking ugly bitch???

  47. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    Hell is that ass Real??? no ass has a cleavage?!? not even my mighty fine example.

  48. Coco
    Commented on this photo:

    LOL,”$99″,Designer L-u-x-u-r-y H-a-n-d-b-a-g-s,search (” N_i_c_e_g_r_a_d_e_b_a_g_s “) on goo-gle
    All products are 30%-70% off,only $99,get a l-u-x-u-r-y h-a-n-d-b-a-g-s
    as Lo-uis Vui-tton,Ch-anel,Gu-cci.etc

  49. Matt Caputo

    Coco came out Saturday night at Ice’s show at the Knitting Factory and the audience loved her. She’s the new Jackie O or Anna Nicole.

  50. tony

    Fat women like her shouldnt be on the catwalk. She isn’t curvy she is huge.

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