1. #2 Looks like Nicollette Sheridan on steroids.

  2. Mike

    I guess the carpet doesn’t match pubes.

  3. Ace

    OMG woman! Shave your cooter if you wear a suit like that!

  4. PG

    AHHHH!!!! My eyes!

  5. Boo

    Holy crap if they a star for the new version of the Hulk but in a female role she would be a shoe in, she’s huge!

  6. HLM

    Apparently someone missed her waxing appointment. Ick.

  7. Just Me

    They should definitely have a star over her crotch… Jesus.

  8. absinthe

    You can see the scars on her ass from the implants.


    Partial nip slips (or should I say dinner plate slips) in #9 & #10.

  10. tonawanda

    Yeah, whatever, people. Most guys here would easily do her if given the chance, and the ones that wouldn’t are ghey. NTTIAWWT.

    I’ll admit it; give me two shots of Jager, and I’m all over that s**t.

  11. j/k

    The fans have spoken! No more tits and ass! no more camel toe! Please post more cock pics and pedo pics. How dare you show pics of a woman in a tiny bikini. If she isn’t one of the five women we masturbate to WE DON’T WANT TO SEE HER! Here is a list of requirements:

    1. White and never dated outside her race.
    2. No kids.
    3. Resembles a prepubescent boy.
    4. Under 110lbs no exceptions, if she is under 5’6″ she also better be under 90lbs.

    I don’t see why you can’t seem to understand what we want to see!

    • awesome dude

      I for one say screw the fans! There’s nothing better that a curvey bitch (ie. 280 lbs) wearing a string bikini purchased at gap kids. See some stray pubes? Well that’s just gravy!

  12. Gene

    She must have her labia super glued to the inside of that thing to keep her badonk from swallowing it. And I DO hope j/k is being sarcastic. Start showing dick pics and I will come back to the states and hunt you down.

  13. Jones

    I’m not a fan of implants, but besides that I find her extremely fuckable. Her personality is probably terrible, but purely from an aesthetic point of view, she’s mostly super fucking sexy. those aren’t butt implants, either. She simply weight trains her lower body hardcore in the gym. I’ve seen other women with this basic body shape, but in white women it’s rare.

  14. TS

    She’s about as hot as Gabourey Sidibe.

  15. Fai

    Oh my! The stubble! lmao

    This bitch is outrageous, and I mean that in the least flattering way possible.

  16. If you’re gonna wear an unfathomably miniature replica of a bikini, I thought the rule was that you had to be hairless down there…at least Shauna Sand’s ham wallets follow the rules….ewww *barf*

  17. Richard Throbbin

    Holy Shit Batman !
    She didn’t even shave for it….
    Though I’d “bounce around” inside her after she’s been stretched by huge BBC, I’d still do her fat wonderful ass.

    My friends call me Dick.

  18. Goyo


  19. jimisnatch

    I think I just threw up in my mouth.

  20. Sammy

    You people are jealous. She is awsome.

  21. Mike Rackhabbit

    yummy. id eat every piece of that!

  22. Sammy

    Gay men & jealous women, leave this gorgeous lady alone. She is beautiful. You go girl.

  23. melii

    okay so i am like 1o.. no 13 times smaller than her and that little binkini bottom… nu uh… cannot and will not try, why? well because i can tell you right now, she’s got mad frontal wedgie and thats just gross… so not classy… and did i say gross

  24. mikeoxbigg

    i think she’s build like an amozon goddess hair no hair wtf ever dont listen to the haters coco men love you it’s apperent so keep doing what your doing st8 men will love you gay men and st8 laides will wish they were you.

  25. DKK

    Coco is way classier than any of you women on here criticizing her! You women on here are closed-minded & jealous!

  26. Andre

    I would fucking bang that pussy hard I tell you that

  27. Gillette

    Home Girl needs to shave or get Lazed….

  28. I don’t know what scares me more, the fact that she looks like a mini Vanilla Ice, the creepy nipples, the huge jaw (used for chewing small children and dogs), or the adams apple. Did you notice that I-T came out of no where? I’m guessing he poped out of her plastic ass.

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