Choose Your Own Adventure: Coco’s Ass or F-cking Idiot Who Thinks We Have Right To Shoot Politicians

Here’s the deal, folks, we’re in the final shopping week before Christmas and on the heels of a major tragedy that has surprisingly, at least for now and at a horrible price, sparked an open discussion about how fucked up gun culture is in America that I’ve been completely glued to, which is another way too big bread of a crumb into my personal life. Anyway, there’s not a whole lot happening unless you want to hear Megan Fox act like she’s the first woman to ever give birth. But before I cave and start talking about Newtown, here’s Coco’s ass replacing Holly Madison in Peep Show which I encourage you to get lost in if you don’t want to talk politics. (And, yes, I realize the irony in Ice-T being an open gun enthusiast who probably has a vast arsenal crammed up there, but as my grandfather always said, “Never bring your brain to an assplay.”)

They gone? Okay, grown up time. Below you’ll find Larry Pratt, the executive director of Gun Owners of America literally advocating in wake of the Newtown massacre that the 2nd amendment gives Americans the right to assassinate democratically elected officials if they don’t agree with them which is why we should never have gun control in this country. Remarkably, he says this while next to the most cordial ATF agent I’ve ever seen in my life who mostly just sits there smiling and thinking, “Old man if we want your shit, we’ll come get your shit. Just watch,” whereas I would’ve frightened Larry by telling him his daughter’s dating a colored fellow until he pooped Geritol. That’s just me. Anyway, watch, and try not to have your head explode at the fucking chaos that’s going to come from trying to rein in these people who think you should have the right to gun down public servants because they passed a leash law. It really makes you hope Quetzalcoatl does show up on Friday. (Do you think he likes Pepperidge Farm cookies? I’m putting out Pepperidge Farm cookies.)

Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News, WENN