Coco & The Zen Of Bikini Bike Riding

June 15th, 2012 // 88 Comments

Here’s Coco, the majestic battle beast Ice-T built and forged with his own bare hands from a slab of sex and granite with a whole lot of “Damn, woman” thrown in for good measure, learning how to ride and repair a bike for the first time and she couldn’t do everything more right: Using lots of spit on the chain, showing it’s her breasts to line up the gears, giving it a handjob and then wildly redistributing her weight while holding leashes in both hands and letting dogs walk in front of the wheels. It’s like watching Lance Armstrong if Lance Armstrong was a porno version of the Hulk.

Photos: Jeff Rayner/Coleman-Rayner


  1. I’ll bang a girl like Coco over ANY of the anorexic crackwhores the pedos around here jerk off to. Any fucking day.

  2. lilgrandma

    She is HOT,HOT!!Ilove her hubby he is so cool for letting her be her!!I would show her off too!!!And she is no FAKE!SELFISH! you got it all sweetheart!!!WTG!!you go girl:)))And let some hate you cuz they wish they were you!!!And they are just jealoius cuz their man want you!!!!I know my would lol!!!You 2 are so awesome together!! I see alot of love n care in u 2!!! And keep being that beautiful wify to Ice-t!!And Ice-t keep letting her be her:))Cuz you know alot of ppl would love to have her but CAN”T LOL!!!Keep showing ur beautiful body COCO!!!!!

  3. Coco Bikini Bike
    Princess Consuela Banana Hammock
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    She acts like she doesn’t know how to make ice cream!

  4. Coco Bikini Bike
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    ewwwwww those legs are fucking hideous, keep riding that bike fattie

  5. Coco Bikini Bike
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    Her boobs are falling sideways. They want fame, too.

  6. Coco Bikini Bike
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    Ruff…so much more comfortable out of the knee folds

  7. Coco Bikini Bike
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    how can you tell its coco and not just some other gross fat-ass slut in new jersey?

  8. Coco Bikini Bike
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    What a fuckin whore.

  9. Coco Bikini Bike
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    she has square face and huge jaw, but this picture angle is nice.

    now make that ass clap.

  10. Coco Bikini Bike
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    That’s against the law. It should say wide load on the back.

  11. Coco Bikini Bike
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    Ride this.

  12. Coco Bikini Bike
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    You are very beautiful and attractive

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