1. LA0811

    Is that Kaylee from Firefly in the first pic?

  2. wednesday

    in case it was under any doubt, McLovin is doing the virgin hover hand.

  3. Double D

    I’d bang both of those hot wet bitches.

  4. Rodrigo

    Hell, if McLovin aint got the balls to fuck the one on the right, the tranny on the left sure does!

  5. Dude

    I have never noticed how this kid´s brows are arched just like McDonald’s logo.

  6. Snooki's Taint

    This just isn’t fair. Where’s my cyanide?

  7. bernard

    it’s all about closing the deal…

  8. Uncle Rodney

    Sam Ronson, you cheating whore.

  9. Ed

    Celebrity is wasted on this “man.” Grab that slut’s ass goddammit, you’re a star.

  10. cc

    ONE fucking shot of the girl in the black shorts and orange top. And it’s not even from behind? What the hell is this world coming to.

    Who the hell is she anyway? Does anyone have a pic of her in a thong?

  11. Jovy

    Good LORD he is one ugly sonvabitch.

  12. Bungy

    Who is the red head?????

  13. peachy

    …am I the only one who thinks he looks like a real-life Jughead from those old Archie comics?

  14. Dermann


  15. Buddy the Elf

    whitest dude in all of LA, or California for that matter?

  16. She looks like a Courtney Stodden in the making.

  17. mbcl

    “Sooo… isn’t this grrreattt !!??”

  18. This guy will forever be cursed by beautiful young ladies running up to him screaming and fawning to get their pictures taken with “McLovin”. Not one of them will ever put his cock in their mouth. Fame, you are a cruel fucking bitch.

  19. He’s probably holding out for one of the Willis girls. A sure sign of the apocalypse, btw.

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