CNN Feels Really Bad Guilty Steubenville Football Players Were Found Guilty of Rape

March 18th, 2013 // 172 Comments
Trent Mays Ma'lik Richmond Steubenville Rape Football Players
WATCH: Poppy Harlow Feels Bad Rapists' Lives Are Ruined Now
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In case you haven’t seen this video goddamn everywhere, where it should be, above is CNN’s Poppy Harlow literally telling Candy Crowley that it was “emotional” watching two “promising” young men like Steubenville football players Adam Mays and Ma’lik Richmond have their lives ruined because they happened to be convicted of taking photos of themselves raping a 16-year-old girl and brazenly putting them all over Facebook. Just all that promise of being good at football wasted because everyone had to make a big deal about a rape they clearly felt safe and comfortable advertising without fear of prosecution because smalltown America goes absolutely gayshit for sports. CNN wants it country back! Via Raw Story:

Harlow explained that it had been “incredibly difficult” to watch “as these two young men — who had such promising futures, star football players, very good students — literally watched as they believed their life fell apart.”
“One of the young men, Ma’lik Richmond, as that sentence came down, he collapsed,” the CNN reporter recalled, adding that the convicted rapist told his attorney that “my life is over, no one is going to want me now.”
At that point, CNN played video of Richmond crying and hugging his lawyer in the courtroom.
“I was sitting about three feet from Ma’lik when he gave that statement,” Harlow said. “It was very difficult to watch.”

What’s even more amazing is that Poppy Harlow made those comments after hearing Trent Mays’ “apology” to the victim’s family when common sense and decency would’ve suggested she go a different angle like, oh I dunno, say, “Fuck the little shits.” Via CNN:

“No pictures should have been sent out, let alone been taken,” he said.

“So, listen, sorry we took pictures of us raping your daughter, that was way over the line. We’ll totally skip that part next time.” – America’s promising future

Fortunately, CNN didn’t go further by having another talking head come on and lament the consequences of these fuckheads’ actions, except oh wait, here’s legal analyst Paul Callan doing exactly that. Via Gawker:

“The most severe thing with these young men is being labeled as registered sex offenders. That label is now placed on them by Ohio law… That will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Employers, when looking up their background, will see that they’re registered sex offenders. When they move into a new neighborhood and somebody goes on the Internet, where these things are posted, neighbors will know that they are registered sex offenders.”

Oh merciful heavens, people will know these poor cherubs raped a girl and bragged about it on the Internet forever? I do believe I have the vapors. That just seems like such an awful long time for something trivial, don’t you think? Perhaps the young harlot should learn not to be so easily dragged into basements while unconscious from spirits. Boys shall be boys and the such. Margaret, do be so kind to fetch me the iced tea pitcher. I seem to have grown parched with offense.


  1. God I hope these guys get ass-raped to death in prison!

    • chunk

      Hey, these gays raped some girl, lets hope they get raped? How about we just stop raping people.

      • How about we stop AFTER these guys get raped.

      • I don’t know, the image of a rapist being ass-raped in jail is pleasant, just like a woman beater getting the mother of all beatings would be. a little day-dreaming, nothing more…

      • how about we give them a big intravenous dose of pentobarbital and call that shit a goddamn day because we already have too many assholes in our society – assholes that aren’t rapists.

      • Mumra

        Right Chunk – they should be beaten with paving stones instead. And then crush their little rapist cocks with those stones. THEN rape them.

      • With their own crushed penises!!

      • Kind of hard to portray yourself as outraged by rape while expressing hope that it happens to someone; even a rapist.

      • It’s called “an eye for an eye” ?? As in “how do YOU like it?”

      • “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”
        Mahatma Gandhi

      • SLiver

        Alright Gandhi, what do you suggest be done to rapists?

      • Perhaps continue to use the legal system as a means of punishment? Look at the story above. Two kids raped a girl, they’re going to jail for their crimes. That’s justice. Justice and revenge aren’t the same thing.

      • Fletcher

        One was sentenced to a year and the other was sentenced to two (one for rape and one for distributing the photos/videos) and they’re going to juvie, not jail. I’d hardly consider that justice.

      • Agreed Fletcher. But I couldn’t really get on board with the mob mentality of “Let’s teach these rapists by raping them back.” You can’t be the good guys and do bad guy things.

      • @Phil
        Showing them exactly what it feels like is the point, Shortbus.
        They were happy to do this horrendous thing to someone, they need to experience it and suffer like she did.
        They are monsters who have forfeited their right to live, so I couldn’t give a CRAP for their well-being.

      • Shortbus?! For suggesting that Old Testament style revenge and justice aren’t same thing? Every time I forget how shitty people are, I can just wade onto the internet for a little while. They’re always happy to remind me.

      • Shannon5757

        Uncle Phil, with all due respect, I highly doubt you’d be of the New Testament opinion if this was YOUR little girl that these two POS raped and then bragged about raping.

      • Shannon5757

        Uncle Phil, with all due respect, I highly doubt you’d be of the Old Testament opinion if this was YOUR little girl that these two POS raped and then bragged about raping.

      • Drunk girls don’t cause rape. Rapists cause rape!

    • Anon

      Poppy is retarded. She feels bad for them???? What about the girl who was raped?

  2. For some reason the phrase “too stupid to live” seems to apply to an awful lot of different folks in and around this story.

  3. Cher X

    After hearing all the graphic stuff they did to that poor girl, death’s not good enough for em.

  4. “Thanks Poppy. And now let’s get a reaction from Whoopi Goldberg.”

    I can’t wait to see how someone explains away rape in the comments.

  5. Bringbackbabalu

    Why are you mad, Fish? You make all these jokes making fun of conservatives, yet liberals you end up with this? Ya, these poor guys were victims! Just like Trayvon!!! Such a hypocrite slime, Fish.

    • chunk

      Are you saying that Todd Akin is a liberal?

    • Conservative Party

      You’re not helping.

    • Lightfailure

      Except theres no joke here, why is rape a liberal or conservative issue? You sound pretty bitter, were you hoping to do some raping and thought you could get away with it and be celebrated like a superstar? Well if you did … fail.

    • whatup

      Misplaced rage…I’ve done it once or twice. If you’re going to do that, I guess this is the place to do it. The problem here is – this subject is being taken way too seriously for the likes of ‘The Superficial’…lets move on to more ridicule of Kim Kardashians ass. That’ll cheer us up!

    • I like how republitards are so caught up with their goddamn favorite cable news network that they just assume that liberals must be squared up with the assholes of MSNBC or CNN and that their open mouths wouldn’t miss a single nugget of the shit that pours out.

      Nobody watches those channels.

    • Bringback, you forgot to end your rant with “Thanks Obama.”

    • Just so we’re clear, you’re calling Fish a “hypocrite” because he called out a “liberal” news network and criticized them just like he would a conservative one?

      Are you really that dumb, or do you just not know what words mean?

    • Because the court system convicting rapists of rape is EXACTLY THE SAME THING as a vigilante shooting of an unarmed teenager. I’m honestly not sure if you’re trolling or just that fucking stupid.

  6. MissHell

    Spoken like a true entitled cunt who has no idea what either rape or juvenile detention is like. This is like the friend everyone has who is THE most selfish bitch you know repeatedly insisting to you how empathetic she is. (Hint: Bitch you spelled it wrong. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C is actually what you were looking for there)

  7. Mateo

    Lets be honest, they are only sorry for themselves

  8. judgingyou

    Enjoy prison you fuckers. Anyone that defends or sympathizes with the ‘precious, darling little victims’ should be watched, sick.

  9. What is it with the locker room perverts in this country? Goddamn, to them sports, gay-ass games, are more important than anything, ever. Kneel down and worship (i.e. get raped and don’t complain) the ball handlers!

  10. Ma’lik said now no one will want him. I disagree, there are probably hundreds of inmates just waiting to get him in the shower, in his cell, in the laundry room. He will be very wanted.

  11. Just this once

    Look, Idiot No.2 doesn’t think what he did was rape. So clearly, his cell mates should keep that in mind.

  12. Visible Ink

    As football players they should get violated in prison instant replay style. They’d love the commentator explaining how two dicks just didn’t fit there and why the rape gang’s improper tackle wouldn’t result in a 5 minute rape-free penalty.

  13. chunk

    “my life is over, no one is going to want me now.”

    I wish he could understand that this is likely exactly what his victim felt later.

    • Visible Ink

      Either a man or woman creating sympathy for these boys is terrible. But that a woman was doing this just boggles the mind further. It shows how little empathy or common sense new anchors, reporters have.

  14. Cock Dr

    If they hadn’t been so dumb about posting those photos they probably would have gotten away with it.
    Stupid small town jock punks. This was way more than teenaged shenanigans…it was a prolonged sexual assualt.

    • If Nixon hadn’t taped recorded himself authorizing coverups and payoffs, he wouldn’t have been impeached. If these 2 morons hadn’t raped anyone, they wouldn’t have f’d their lives up. If the Queen had balls, she’d be King. If we keep on drumming it into our kids’ heads that every one of them is a special little snowflake, and anything bad happens to them, it’s because they’re a ‘victim’, and not somehow responsible for the outcomes in their lives, we’re going to have a lot more of these kinds of morons in the future.

      • Trek Girl

        This “snowflake” treatment you’re talking about is not new at all. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just pointing out that what these young men did and the completely misplaced sympathy they are getting is not new, and these kinds of morons and the people who enable them are much more common than most people think, and have been since, well, ancient history and before.

        There are so many events like this one that have happened since the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s that have been in the public eye and are pretty well documented that one would think more people would be aware of it, but they aren’t. They think it’s new because we’re seeing it more, when in reality it was happening a lot before, but isn’t as easily swept under the rug in this day and age.

        One need only watch “Cold Case Files” and “Notorious”, which both air on the Bio channel, or “On the case with Paula Zahn” to get a quick and detailed rundown of some of these events. A quick Google search will also bring up a lot of decades old cases that are like this one. This is not new and the “snowflake” treatment that so many people blame for what’s wrong with young people today is not new either, but it does need to end.

      • Jennyjenjen

        And the award for greatest run-on sentence goes to….

        But you had a good message.

  15. while ur sending these fuckers off to jail why not send the cretins who took pics and posted online about it or stood by and DID NOTHING TO STOP IT to jail with them to watch so that like they can figure out what rape is. yknow- just 4lolz.

  16. Tiggles

    The label ‘rape victim’ is pretty hard to shake too.

  17. Randal

    These two fine young chaps need to buck up and look on the bright side. They are about to embark on a new adventure, full of joys and pitfalls, much like Indiana Jones! May I suggest a ruby red lipstick for this new phase of your life, young gents?


  18. JC

    The one in the screen cap has a purdy mouth.

  19. Cher X

    To paraphrase Heathers – Football Season is over. All these two had to offer was date rape and aids jokes.

  20. Would she be as ‘emotional’ if she were the one raped?

  21. NancyDrew

    @PoppyHarlowCNN is an embarrassment. CNN barely had credibility in the first place, now it’s dead and gone.

  22. noone

    I can’t believe this woman!! She should not be on the news…I think i will complain to CNN.

  23. whatup

    I admit, I know little about the details here. However, this is such a hot-button subject that I’m glad I wasn’t the judge (or jury?) in this case. It seems justice was served. Also, My father NEVER once uttered the words “I love you”…not ONCE. And I never raped anyone. Hey wait, is this what it takes to get your dad to say, I love you? (Hold up – It’s the Superficial, people. I’m using a little levity).

  24. They got a slap on the wrist: Juvenile Detention is much easier than prison. One will be incarcerated until he’s 24, the other until he’s 21. They were tried as juveniles. The only good thing about this is that they will have to forever register as sex offenders.

  25. whatup

    Once again, males giving penises a bad name. (Shhh…hush my poor limp penis…the Superficial will resume showing pictures of crotch shots, barely legals in bikinis and Kim Kardashians ass). :D

  26. Someone tell me if I’m I misunderstanding this.

    When Ma’lik Richmond said “my life is over, no one is going to want me now.” I’m thinking he’s meaning that no one is going to want to SIGN him. He’s talking about never being able to play pro ball in the future. Right?


    • IN liberal culture what they did wasn’t wrong, there is no right or wrong….no moral relativism. That’s why CNN commentators felt sorry for these two. What’s so wrong about what they did, absolutely nothing.

      • Don’t be stupid. It’s not because they’re liberals, because every liberal I know is practically foaming at the mouth with rage at how these idiots on CNN handled it. It’s because they’re rape apologists, brainwashed into and by an anti-intellectual, pro-sports, celebrity-obsessed culture that tries to excuse away any wrongdoing by those it finds precious. It’s something that afflicts people across the political spectrum.

  27. cc

    Way back in second year uni I was at a party. One of my classmates had invited a friend who was quite cute. We hit it off and kept drinking the rest of the evening and round about 1am or so I asked if she wanted to come back to my room. It took a while to walk back to my residence during which it became evident we were both in pretty bad shape. Once we got there, she keeled over onto the bed and it was obvious to me that she had no fucking idea what was going on. Even through my own drunken haze, I could see that. So I basically told her to go to sleep and asked her to please puke in the waste basket if she felt sick. I slept in a chair. When she woke up in the morning, hung over but fully clothed, she looked down at herself and said ‘Nothing happened last night!’ looking very relieved. She was so happy to have not been taken advantage of she wrote down all her contact info and told me to look her up if I was ever on her campus.

    I am not trying to make myself out to be a saint….but what I am saying is that even shitfaced I knew fucking someone who was to all intents and purposes unconscious due to alcohol was a lowlife fucking move.

    What those boys did to that girl, who was more or less incapacitated was venal and sick and I hope they suffer for it.

    And what the fuck is it with covering for athletes anyway? Is that how pathetic people’s lives are?

    • So did you call her or what?

    • What blows my mind is that she woke up all surprised she hadn’t been taken advantage of. Here’s a thought… if it’s that big a deal, how about you don’t put yourself in that position in the first place?

      • I see at least one person doesn’t believe in the concept of personal responsibility.

      • Brought It

        I want to be outraged that people are giving the thumbs down to Iveski’s post about personal responsibility, but sadly it so encapsulates the mentality of the masses that I am left with no option but to weep.

      • Drinking. Impaired judgement. Human beings make mistakes. This is only in answer to your question, Ivesky. I think these two … I don’t know what I want to call them…fucking scumbags? No, I have aquaintances that are scumbags and THEY don’t rape…whatever – these two don’t deserve any more acknowledgement than the undefinable substance in my gutter…off track, sorry, but I’m a fucking pissed off Mother! They “got off” lightly with their sentence, and hope they never forget what their fucked-upness caused for the rest of their lives.

      • Stop Victim Blaming

        Hey Iveski- how about you finally stop victim blaming, you flaming tard?
        Being drunk doesn’t gets you raped. Being at a party doesn’t get you raped. Wearing a short skirt doesn’t get you raped.
        RAPISTS get you raped. Period. End of sentence.
        Why in God’s name should ANYONE have to preempt RAPE? That’s backwards thinking and the type of thinking that keeps allowing sick shits like these 2 to exist and continue raping women with little consequence.
        If someone gets murdered, the first thing we say isn’t, “Oh hey that person that got stabbed to death REALLY shouldn’t have gone to the grocery store today. What an idiot.”

    • finchiest

      Congrats, you have a conscience. I’m not even being sarcastic, apparently that’s something that needs to be pointed out and appreciated now.

      The athlete thing is deeply disturbing, and I can’t see any solution to it. ‘Oh, he can [insert sort action here] real good, amnesty!’

    • tuliplady

      But as a woman, I ask – why do girls continue putting themselves in these situations? Im supposed to be happy that I’m not violated because I drank too much? Be careful of the company you keep! Keep your wits about you no matter how much you drink and set a mental limit before you go out! Am I that killjoy talking my girlfriends down from dancing on the bar after a long night? Yes. Has anything ever happened to us when we’ve been out? Thankfully no. It isn’t your responsibility to make would-be rapists behave, but it is your responsibility to protect your person and not tempt fate.

      • A person

        Yeah- this teenaged girl deserved to be raped bc she was drinking at a high school party. She should take personal responsibility for taking part in an activity that 99% of the population does at one point in their lives, but because she’s a female she should have to endure an excruciating violation of her personal integrity as a human being bc she accidentally drank too much.

        Females shouldn’t have to live their lives with the constant fear of being raped. That is the mark of a fucked up, male chauvinist society.

      • So if I pass out drunk in a bar and some guy steals my wallet, I had no part to play in the matter? I shouldn’t have to live with the constant fear of being robbed, right?

        There’s no excuse for those two shitstains, but there is a saying about an ounce of prevention.

      • A person

        you think having your wallet stolen is comparable to being raped? you have to be kidding me. does this make sense: “man, i was so drunk at the bar last night i passed out, and i was beaten to within an inch of my life by some guy- but you know what they say about an ounce of prevention!” does that sound right? no. but that’s the only thing that’s even close to being comparable. equating rape with petty theft? would you want to live in constant fear of being brutally beaten because your style of clothing was “asking for it” or you just so happen to take one too many shots one night? case and point about how fucking backwards and cold people are.

      • A person

        no this is even better and a more perfect analogy: say you’re at a bar and you drank one too many beers and you pass out, as in your above example. and then a strange guy sees this and takes you, ivenski, and turns you over, pulls your pants down, and ass rapes you in front of the entire party. and then his buddy videotapes that happening, without your knowledge, and posts you being ass raped on facebook. but ass raping is just the price you pay for drinking too much right? you are fully prepared for that to happen to you each time you go to a party? you think to yourself, “oh i better cool it on the booze here, i need to take personal responsibility for being ass raped if i drink too much.” guess what- ass rape IS rape. vaginal rape IS rape. can you even begin to imagine how horrified you would be if that happened to you?

      • hamtime

        @Aperson … I think you need to practice a little literacy here. Did you bother to read Iveski’s second paragraph before starting on your rant?

        Agreed – there’s not a comparison between the crimes, but if you are concerned about what happens to you when you become so drunk that you can’t think straight, then maybe you shouldn’t become so drunk. This does NOT excuse the rapist, but I will certainly encourage my daughter to be careful of what she drinks and where she drinks it.

      • A person

        and my point is- do you have to counsel your son in the same way? do you have to tell him to be mindful of his drinking so that he does not get raped? probably not. meaning, its a problem that females have to worry about this bc of the type of society we live in, not because it should be their personal responsibility. By placing the burden on females to avoid being raped, we’re creating an environment that permits CNN correspondents to commiserate with the rapist male athletes- not the female victim because she should have have been the one “personally responsible” when she got raped.

      • D-chi

        What you don’t seem to get is that it doesn’t matter if a girl drinks. It’s not her responsibility to avoid getting raped. It’s EVERYONE ELSE’S RESPONSIBILITY NOT TO RAPE HER.

      • Maybe you shouldn’t become so drunk!? Alcoholism is a disease. Maybe you shouldn’t have mental illness, depression, etc.

        Maybe you’re not always 100% in control.

        Maybe you think you live in a compassionate, loving society.

        Maybe you had “friends” at the party you got so obliterated at, and “knew” someone was going to help you if you needed it…

      • I agree we shouldn’t HAVE to live our lives with constant fear, but the fact is the world is violent and terrifying, and we need to keep that in mind.

  28. Trent Mays’ apology is a joke. ‘No pictures should have been taken’… Who took them, who posed for them. I’m glad he got a year extra.

  29. Egypt Steve

    So, like, what exactly did they do that Roman Polansky didn’t do? And we know he’s a good guy, right ????

    • cc

      You’ll never hear me making apologies for Polanski. In fact, one of the reasons I turned against Natalie Portman was because she was an apologist of sorts for Polanski.

  30. “Now let’s go live to Ben Rothlesberger for his thoughts. Ben?”

    “That’s a tough break for those two. I recommend being drinking buddies with the cops. Gets me out of all kinds of jams. Back to you, Candy.”

  31. lampshade

    More like, “Already be in the pros, then you can get away with anything.”

  32. 6000 Pigs in China

    I hate how these schools idolize all of their football players. These guys have no moral character and think what they did was acceptable because of their privilege status. They’re just pigs! No football team will want them now. Boo hoo, want a cry baby.

  33. Fucken jocks.Truly pathetic with that alpha male jock logic, “Wow I am so good in my hick town football team, I’m surely gonna get to the professionals!”
    Professional rapist and Biatch for 100′s of Queer Bulls in prison. They like em young…………… :)

  34. BOB

    Not to excuse what they did at all, but I think they just used their fingers on her and took pictures of it while she was drunk.

    • Oh well when you put it like that, it’s hardly even a crime. Wanna go drinking sometime? I promise to only use my fingers.

      • Brooke

        I know most people wouldn’t agree with me, but if they did just use their fingers, isn’t that not really rape? Isn’t that molestation? Because as a woman with experience in that area (on the receiving end, of course), I know molestation and “bad touches” are not the end of the world. I have never been raped, but I have been forced to do things. It sucks, and it changes the way I saw men for a long time, but it wasn’t rape. Rape is far more painful, personal, dehumanizing, and is so much more serious than just getting fingered when you said no. STDs, pregnancy… that’s not even an issue.

        Not saying it isn’t wrong, but to me that makes a big difference. It’s like saying someone murdered a guy when all he did was beat him unconscious. Both things are terrible, duh, but they are not the same thing. At all.

        I am a little concerned… did they really just moleste a girl and are getting pegged as rapists? They are still scum, but rape is a whole other ballgame… I might have to look up an article since this did not make the news in my country.

      • Fletcher

        It really is astonishing how some people came be so ignorant… how do you even function in society? She was raped. She was penetrated by both of these guys. She was unconscious and they had to carry her from one party to another by her hands and feet. At one point they were joking that she was dead. Someone tried to pay someone $3 to pee on her. Another testified that he” walked in on the girl, sprawled out naked in the middle of a basement floor. To her side was Mays, exposed and slapping his penis on the girl’s hip. Behind her was Richmond, who, was violating her with two fingers”. I’m sure she was “raped” by you’re standards. There were pictures and videos that were sent to the masses. Her body was their play toy for the night. Pretty much the entire town saw this girl being violated. THEN, after all that they post a video laughing about the whole thing and admitting that they raped “the dead girl”. Even after she went to the police her family received threatening phone calls because since these boys played football they were seen as idols and worshiped by this town, hell, even the coach tried to cover it up. They were both only sentenced to a year for the rape (mays received two years, one for the rape and one for distributing the videos/pictures) and they aren’t even being sent to jail, they’re going to juvie. Ridiculous.

      • sobrietyisacrutch

        “It’s like saying someone murdered a guy when all he did was beat him unconscious”
        ALL he did was beat him unconscious?!!! Did you really just say that? So the fact that the victim just barely avoided death because the guy didn’t beat him hard enough is your rationale?
        Do me a favor. Stay in your fucking country….

      • What if they used a plank of wood?? They didn’t use their penises, so it’s not THAT bad? Give me a fucking break! They filmed themselves violating her!

        You were raped when you were “forced” to do things.

  35. Adobe

    What is digital penetration? Does that mean sticking a camera up her vag after they raped her? They should get the death penalty for that alone.

  36. Valentino

    This is telling of how the US is a fucked up nation. You guys are fucking vile and just plain horrible redneck retards.

  37. “We’re taking you back to the courthouse to hear from Todd Akin for his unique take on this developing story. Todd?”

    “Thanks Candy. We’ll see if this girl ends up pregnant. If she does, then these two boys were wrongly convicted.”

  38. EveryoneIsToughOnTheWeb

    These guys are way more important than your average person (you). They play football which means more people will know who they are then they will ever know for us average people. Get used to it people. The gladiators of our time are athletes and the rest of us are just spectators.

    hate away.

  39. Joe

    Did these guys actually rape her or just finger a drunk chick? Ive read stories starting from she was drunk and awake the whole night while they did shit to her and ending with she was passed out all night while they dragged her from party to party unconscious inviting others to do shit to her.

    Id there actual facts to be found somewhere?

  40. Alex (don't ban me bro)

    Just wait until Poppy Harlow’s electronic life is hacked by Anonymous for this little f-up. It takes some real brain washing to get a female (as far as we know) to say some stupid shit like that.

  41. Mo

    Poppy, Candy, and Paul, this is disgusting. You three are heartless beasts. You have such concern for these rapist monsters and absolutely none for the real victim. You should be ashamed. Poppy and Candy, you are women for crying out loud!!! Where is your compassion? I’m just totally disgusted.

  42. menkuare

    I have been in these situations, its not what it appears. Its not a typical rape. The girl may have been consenting to begin and maybe later was passed out but these are kids and did not have enough judgement to know the difference.

    • Give me a fucking break.

    • Do you know what you're talking about?

      You’ve been in these situations? Typical rape?

    • Jennyjenjen

      Disturbing. Your comment was disturbing.

    • Jennyjenjen

      I’m curious, does “typical rape” involve anal penetration, being urinated upon, posting on social media sites the photos of the girls naked, unconscious body? How is this situation not what it appears to be? What it appears to be is two assholes who felt so entitled that they repeatedly victimized a passed out 16 year old girl in front of a large audience and then posted pictures of the assault on social media. I would say it is exactly as it seems. You are a vile fucking waste of a human being. Disgusting fuck.

      • Trad Akin

        Menkuare is correct. Judging by the fact that she didn’t get pregnant, this was obviously atypical rape. After all, the femaie body has ways of powering down in times like this.

    • They are kids, but not stupid in the intellectual sense, stupid in that they thought they would get away with it! What person in their right mind would 1 – do such a thing, 2-record evidence, 3-announce it to the world?

  43. J-Roc

    Their suffering fuels my erection. I hope these kids get raped in prison.

  44. CNN’s coverage of this story rivals Faux News for worst ever.

  45. And this rapists are only sad because they were caught, prosecuted, and convicted. They were certainly not sad while they were raping the young girl or joking about it afterwards and putting videos and pictures on the internet. So sad they will only serve a few years in juvenile detention. They deserve a real prison for a long long time. Good riddance to them. Enjoy what you have coming in jail, boys!

    • I agree. The time served is too short to have any impact on them. The fact they will be registered sex offenders is probably the only saving grace in any sentence that is applied to them.

  46. ChaCha

    Countdown to long winded, vomit-inducing and hilariously insincere statement to “clarify” their feelings, and apologize for offending anyone.

  47. Boo-hoo-hoo…Nobody will want me now…

    Well, apparently nobody wanted you in the first fucking place, asshole. Otherwise you wouldn’t have needed to rape an incapacitated girl.

    So FUCK you guys! There’s an old saying: If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime! Oh yeah, there’s one more saying: We don’t have no Vaseline in here, you punk ass bitch!

  48. Guest

    This is outrageous! I cannot believe that these so-called reporters have totally forgotten the real victim in all of this – the poor girl that these two animals raped. What is wrong with the world?!?!?!

  49. Tom

    Who cares?! They RAPED SOMEONE. Of course, no one is feeling sorry for the victim. They destroyed their own lives. I don’t feel sorry for them.

  50. anonym

    The media acts like they shouldn’t know better?

    At 16 years old, you are EXPECTED to know that rape is a crime.

    whoopsies. too late.
    enjoy the ass raping in jail, fuckers.
    Maybe a prison officer can record the rape on his cell phone and put it on youtube.
    That’s right. Take that dick like a man. ugh!

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