Clint Eastwood hearts Sarah Palin

October 8th, 2008 // 66 Comments

I’ve been posting about celebrities who want Sarah Palin to get feline AIDS, so it’s only fair I talk about the ones who support the governor of Alaska. In this case, legendary actor/director and self-described libertarian Clint Eastwood shared his thoughts on the recent vice-presidential debate. Page Six reports:

One of the candidates the other night seemed more prone to telling the truth than the other,” Eastwood said. The cheese-and-Chardonnay crowd laughed, presumably because they thought he meant Joe Biden.
But the laughs among the 300 worshipful movie buffs at the Directors Guild theater dried up when Ross interjected, “I liked her, too!”
Eastwood went on to talk about how well “she” did, although he stopped short of a ringing endorsement.

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell Clint Eastwood, like all the other celebrities, to keep his mouth shut about politics. Except, I don’t care if he is 100, that’s the face of a man who would come to my house and beat me to death with a railroad track – with the train still on it. CHOO CHOO!

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  1. Bobeyo

    Hmm… so idiot celebretards like Lindsay Lohan support Obama, and Clint F-ing “Dirty Harry” “Blondie” “Man With No Name” Eastwood supports McCain/Palin?

    If I actually based my vote on the endorsement of celebrities, I know who I’d be voting for! Of course, I’m voting for McCain anyway, but you get my point.

  2. John McCain

    I’m so old I make Clint look like teenager. Time for a diaper change and a nap. All this lying and flailing my arms about is tiring.

  3. John McCain

    I’m so old I make Clint look pre-pubescent. I need a diaper change and a nap. All this lying and flailing my arms about is hard work.

  4. Grunion

    The GOP ruins your economy, triples the deficit, starts a wastefull, useless war and your worried about Obama and taxes? Good luck with that. Hope it doesn’t get too cold this winter.

  5. Jammy

    Two half wit Nazis with more money than god endorsing garbage

  6. MK

    Typical of all you unthinking for yourselves DEMOCRAT liberals. First of all he did not say he was for her, and second so fucking what if he is? Really are you voting for the president based on some celebrities endorsement? WTF, think for yourself and DO YOUR own research then vote for WHO YOU feel is the best candidate, an OLD man or a FUCKING RACIST MUSLIM who IS IN BED with the all the idiots we just paid to bail out. OBAMA the fucking savior, savior of what? I hope the hell he does get elected so you idiots will shut your pie holes. It will be real interesting to see what you say about him in 4 years. Remember that idiot BIDEN is only a heartbeat away from presidency just like Palin is. Age is no indication of lifespan, why the hell do you think he did not take HILARY as his VP? The CLINTONS can’t stand him, and he may not have survived the entire 4 years. He did not even know how many states are in the US!!. Wake up and smell the coffee about OBAMA people, stop listening to non-educated liberal celebrities. The ones who were leaving the country when Bush got elected…then re-elected but are still hear running their stupid fucking mouths. About something they know nothing about.

  7. Right Fury

    You liberal dumbshits make me laugh. When the GOP was “ruining our economy” what in the royal fuck was the DEMOCRATICALLY controlled congress doing? Answer that, you blind melons! Voting “present” I suppose. Take a look at your heros, pelosi, schumer, biden. they could have passed any law they pleased, and it would be up to Bush to veto it. You ignorant dimwits DO realize that congress is the branch of government that makes laws right? So go ahead, keep pointing the finger at Bush. three fingers point back at you.

  8. MK

    #57 A FUCKING MEN. That is probably one of the most on time things I have read in a long time.

  9. John McCain

    I just peed myself.

  10. Dumb fucking Republicans

    So McCain wants to buy up everyones bad mortgages and have the government own the banks but Obama is the socialist? What happened to free wheelin, no regulation let the market take care of itself Mc Cain? Too funny. Might as well well change your name to the United Socialist States of America. But your right Bush is doing a great job, as his single didgit approval ratings attest to. Hell he might have an extra 3,500 GOP voters around if he hadn’t sen them to die in Iraq for no reason. Maybe before he gets out of office he can pardon OJ and they can go hunt for the real WMD”S.

  11. FCS

    #50. ohhh thats some scary stuff. Too bad everyone knows Ryan Seacrest is the anti-christ.

  12. Maverick

    “Sarah Palin is a libertarian. She’s also a former small town Mayor.”

    Sarah Palin can’t even spell libertarian

  13. John McCain

    I’m a maverick. I helped fund right wing death squads in central America in the 80′s. I belonged to a group originally founded by former Nazi’s. This group is also implicated in Iran-contra. Oop’s I didn’t want that to come out.

  14. Barack O

    I’m change. But I vote 96% with my party. But it’s change from Bush. Feed the Wwhite rage, my followers. What’s my plan for America? I’ll refer you to my marketing team. Who am I? I’ll refer you to my marketing team. Make sure to see my primetime variety show 6 days before the election: The B.O. Sho. I’m going to go work on my resume…it’s tough filling out that “job experience” section. Oops…I didn’t want that to come out.

  15. Dumb Fucking Democrats

    So now Obama wants to offer a credit line to small businesses after McCain indicated during the debate how his economic plan would murder small business. Must look good to his followers who are addicted to credit. McCain is for smart regulation (i.e. regulating Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac so the idiocy of subprime loans would’ve been exposed). Too bad Democrats were more concerned w/ taking Fannie money and GIVING everyone unaffordable houses. No wonder they have $1 billion campaign cash. Is that why the Democrat Congress (actually) has single digit approval ratings? Funny you mention OJ, because I see three letters when I look into Obama’s eyes also: L. I. E.

  16. shawn

    sarah, honey, let’s stick with what we know…..having babies.

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