Clint Eastwood hearts Sarah Palin

October 8th, 2008 // 66 Comments

I’ve been posting about celebrities who want Sarah Palin to get feline AIDS, so it’s only fair I talk about the ones who support the governor of Alaska. In this case, legendary actor/director and self-described libertarian Clint Eastwood shared his thoughts on the recent vice-presidential debate. Page Six reports:

One of the candidates the other night seemed more prone to telling the truth than the other,” Eastwood said. The cheese-and-Chardonnay crowd laughed, presumably because they thought he meant Joe Biden.
But the laughs among the 300 worshipful movie buffs at the Directors Guild theater dried up when Ross interjected, “I liked her, too!”
Eastwood went on to talk about how well “she” did, although he stopped short of a ringing endorsement.

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell Clint Eastwood, like all the other celebrities, to keep his mouth shut about politics. Except, I don’t care if he is 100, that’s the face of a man who would come to my house and beat me to death with a railroad track – with the train still on it. CHOO CHOO!

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  1. mamadough

    i guess this is the mark that he’s getting old and senile. time to put him down.

  2. God he’s looking old

  3. mamadough

    i guess this is the mark that he’s getting old and senile. time to put him down.

  4. Big Ro

    Holy MAN Angelina is beautiful!

  5. Clint Eastwood

    Hey Superficial punk..Do you have something you want to say to me??? ya??

  6. Linda McCartney

    #1 lol! Good one!

    Obama said he would raise taxes for 5 percent of the richest Americans which include Clint, so he probably doesn’t want to give up any of his millions, and would rather have the rest of the 95 percent of Americans that make a hell of a lot less than Clint to pay his share in taxes. Obama also said that 95 percent of Americans would get tax breaks. McCain only wants to give tax breaks to 5 percent of the richest Americans and the other 95 percent of Americans get no tax break.

  7. Jim Jones

    Didn’t he run as a Republican when he was mayor? Is it really that surprising, then, that he would support the Repub ticket? Although I’d think if he’s Libertarian he’d go with Bob Barr…

  8. I think do I exist

    So what if you are not voting to Obama you´re retard right?Have you ever heard about freedom, freedom to think, to vote, to love … you know FREEDOM!
    Superficial or not you can be funny and rispectful all at the same time.

  9. Alf

    Who is Ross?

  10. Michelle Obama

    Dat muhfuh Whitey be a racist oo oo oo AAAHHH AHHHH AAAHHHHH!!!

  11. Blair


    You are misguided if you choose to allow only 5 percent of the richest Americans to get tax breaks while the rest of Americans get no tax break by voting for McCain. McCain is in bed with the oil companies and wants to give them billions of dollars in tax breaks. The Republicans are hoping Americans will vote for McCain based on fear and emotions rather than logic and policies.

  12. I'm Barack Obama and I approve...

    Linda McCartney is a DUMBASS!!

    Even this Oreo knows that.

    The bottom 45% don’t pay taxes now, bimbo. And I doubt Clint likes Palin just to hold on to his money. He probably just thinks my running mate is a sycophant. (look it up, simp..)

    So, when I say I will not raise taxes on 95% of the population, do you actually believe me?? DAAAAAMN…You DUMB!!

  13. I'm Barack Obama and I approve...

    Blair be DUMB too…

    I’m gonna tax all yo asses once you fools votes me in. Gonna tax you because I can. And you will bend over and take it, because somehow (and I haven’t figured this out yet) when the Dems tax you, you feel like you are doing something positive. When the Republicans tax you, you figure it must be going to the Military Industrial Complex and Halliburton.

    I’ll say it again: DAAAAAAMN…You DUMB!!

  14. Jumpin_J

    He’s an angry old man. I hear The Changling sucks ass.

  15. Michelle Obama

    Barack you watch yo’ mouf! You need deez peeple to vote fo’ yo’ ass!

  16. To those of you who actually think that most taxes are paid by those of us in the middle class are as dumb as dumb gets. But hey, if you think the government knows how to spend your money better than you, well, I guess you are dumb enough to vote for obama. Go ahead and vote for the guy who was the SECOND highest recipient of campaign contributions from fannie mae and freddie mac. The TOP TEN were democracts.

    Not to mentions obama’s economic advisor is a former head of fannie mae who made millions with his golden parachute that the new messiah wants to obolish. You idiots will vote for anything as long as it isn’t George B. (a failure as a Pres)

  17. VN


    That’s awesome, seriously we do need to put his ass down. His usefulness to society has officially ended. Old people fear change. Oh wait… McCain’s new slogan is “Change is coming”… he’s right, I guess his camp really is paying attention to the polls. HAHAHAHA

  18. I'm Barack Obama and I approve...

    Oh yeah…and please vote for my half-black ass!!

    Thank you, and God **** America!! (Rev Wright)

  19. steve

    All the old guys have the hots for Palin. They’re old, impotent, and addicted to their ancient “naughty librarian” fantasies where the “girl” is middle-aged and fully clothed. If you’re a guy with any juice in the tank, Palin was worth a look, then you moved on.

  20. Beth

    I wish we could skip forward a month. The election’s over, McCain is as dead as…as…well, John McCain. I hate that we have to endure a month of those fucking ads and all the political stuff here, even though the outcome is decided already. Does McCain lose by 6 points or 8 points? Who cares! Move the fucking election up already. Call it a mercy killing for an old man.

  21. Just don’t ask me about my ties to William Ayers the home grown terrorist or AKORN or Rev Wright. PLEASE DON’T ASK ME!

  22. John McCain

    Just don’t ask me about my health. I confuse facts all the time – especially names – just like patients in the early stages Alzheimer’s Disease. And you saw me walking around the stage last night like an old, old man. PLEASE DON’T ASK ME!

  23. Mo

    Don’t care who any of ya’ll vote for. Just vote educated.

    That said, Clint is still one FINE motherfucka.

  24. Slut

    That’s right you Obama fans!!! Dirty Hairy is going to kick your A$s

  25. Sarah Palin Makes Up Shit

    It’s ok to be charmed by Sarah Palin (although a recent survey showed 7 out of every 10 people have contempt for her), but the fact is she belongs nowhere near the White House in any capacity.

    Any dispersions she has cast towards Obama have proved to be misleading and/or false. In a political contest that we’ve come to expect mistruth’s in, Palin isn’t even close to the truth.

    She is little more than a scapegoat in waiting for when McCain loses. They’ll reflect and offer that Palin was a mistake and put the blame squarely on her as she slinks back to Juneau used like a 2 dollar whore.

    McCain has seemingly given up trying to campaign, perhaps because of age or illness or maybe because being a multi-time loser in the presidential races before, he sees no use bothering.

    Clint Eastwood is as annoying as Matt Damon telling me to vote for Obama or Jessica Alba telling me I have to vote at all. Celebrities should use their fame to draw attention to causes, not influence voters.

    The fact is as it stands right now, the polls say Barack Obama will be elected the next President. To borrow an often used slogan from GOP supporters, if you don’t like it, then get the hell out!

  26. HuckyDucky


    I’ve got two words for you…”Bradley” and “Effect”.

    The retired Jewish people in Florida will vote for McCain. Even Sarah Silverman knows this.

    McCain by 4%, though not because he’s a great candidate. He’s a miserable candidate.

    Obama is clearly more Presidential. He’s effectively managed a campaign, which can’t be said of McCain. His ties to ACORN are troubling. They are dedicated to registering felons and imaginary people for the Democratic Party.

    McCain wants the government to buy up all the bad mortgages. So basically with that and the bailout we are in Europe right now already. Obama will add socialized medicine. Which might be appropriate, since we’re a socialist country all of a sudden.

    PDUSA – The People’s Democratic United States of America

  27. HuckyDucky

    That comment should have been directed to #20 instead of #25.

  28. Eric

    I loved Clint’s movies from his earlier days, but age hasn’t treated him kindly. He used to be such a tough guy, but now he’s got that angry/frightened chihuahua face. I don’t know whether to draw my gun or give him a liver snap.

  29. The White Urkle

    I hope Dirty Harry comes over and kicks your ass.

  30. JimmyBachaFungool

    Sarah Palin is hot. I want her and Robin Meade from CNN Headline News to service me.

  31. ph7

    Clint has gone from “Make My Day” to “I Made it in My Pants Today”

  32. I'm Barack Obama and I approve...

    I’ve told evey pollster I’ve spoken to that I am voting for myself…but I’m even voting for McCain.

    Just don’t want anyone to think that I’m a racist.

  33. Ed

    “The retired Jewish people in Florida will vote for McCain. Even Sarah Silverman knows this.”

    That was the thinking, but it’s changed along with everything else. Obviously they’d vote for the conservative old white guy over the liberal young black guy. But, nobody is more terrified by the financial crisis than people on a fixed income. Most of them currently indicate, by a wide margin, that they don’t think McCain can fix things or even understands what’s happening. Like everywhere else, Obama is leading in the areas of Florida where he’s expected to be leading, based on demographics, and the race is tied in areas where McCain is expected to be leading. That’s the case in most battleground states now, which is lethal for McCain – you can’t possibly flip all of them back to your side. The truth is, lots of voters don’t want to vote for the black guy, but Obama never looks like the scary-angry black man they’d expect him to be – but McCain DOES look scary-angry, even though Obama himself seems to be giving no reason for McCain to be so irritable and aggressive. Late-deciding voters go with the most absurd impressionistic stuff (does the candidate “look presidential”?), and McCain is killing himself with how he’s behaving.

  34. HuckyDucky


    I know what those polls look like. But when those people go into that booth…. all by themselves… I’m just sayin’. Old habits die hard.

    I agree with your take on late-deciding voters. If they had any brains or convictions they would be late-deciding voters. On top of that, they act like there is some virtue in being undecided, which is ridiculous itself.

    The truly incompetent by definition lack the skills necessary to recognize their own incompetence.

  35. HuckyDucky

    And speaking of incompetence, that sentence above should say “they WOULDN’T be late-deciding voters”…

  36. that voice in your head

    What a pity that MILKYshake no brain lohan can endorse Barack Obama (doing him no favour by the way) and this (yes he´s old , how intelligent and mature to make fun about his age)well known actor can only express that he thinks that Palin left Biden (and he is old too “time to put him down”) K.O.!

  37. MCcains tumor

    Clint should get with Angelina and Palin, he can pork them both and then they can finger his hole…..I approve of this commentary!!

  38. Kits

    II just wish the media would do a better job with giving the public facts, and not dish out 20-second sound bites that are taken out of context. Fox News is so far to the right, when it comes to defending McCain and Palin, they come off like neo-nazis. With MSNBC, you get high-school nonsense. CNN seems to be the most impartial.

    Because Palin is a heartbeat away form the presidency, I checked her record. Not an easy task, mind you. You have to research lawsuits, budgetary cuts and increases – both for Wasilla and the state of Alaska, position papers written by her special counsel, interview footage of Palin, debates, etc. Keep in mind; this is documentation that tracked her record before she was tapped on the shoulder by McCain. Anyway, it’s not good — she is not who she pretends to be. What amazes me is that people in the media just aren’t asking the right questions.

  39. Ok thats half a vote for mccain,,,now im waiting Chuck Norris’s endorsement…

  40. Air Mail

    Clint is our John Wayne, only better!

  41. Elisha

    The only difference is Clint actually is a politician and has been since the 80s. Don’t you remember his run as the Mayor of Carmel? Since then he continues to do politics on the local and state level. He WAS on some state parks board as his most recent politcal run but Arnie took him out of office. LIBERTARIANS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Hmm…Well at least he’s not going around making condescending voting videos, smothering people with his views. I’ll give him a break. For now. He is Clint, after all.

  43. veggiedude

    Eastwood is a vegan and once told his daughter not to step on insects because they had a right to live. Now focus on Palin who likes to shoot animals from helicopters. Their values are nothing alike.

  44. I love a mad Republican

    Just because Clint said Sarah did well doesn’t mean he likes her or will vote for her. McCain is such an old fool and Sarah just plain sucks. Ultimately, Mr. Eastwood has always had more class than any Republican I can think of, so he’s still okay with me.

  45. Sarah Palin is a libertarian. She’s also a former small town Mayor.

    Clint Eastwood is a libertarian. He’s also a former small town Mayor.

    Naturally, he’d support Palin.

  46. MEL



  47. UpChuck

    Everyone’s taxes will go up no matter who takes office. Clint and his buddies can’t pay for the bailout and all the new spending by themselves.

  48. Ethan

    #3: ‘Oooooh old people…hiss. The rich are hiding under our beds…hiss.’

    Try being useful and starting a small business. Then watch that small business be suffocated by Obama, who’ll regulate it to shit with fluff socialist laws and crush it with taxes, while wearing the hood of ‘equality’ and “justice”.

    The only useful thing the Democrats running to the far-left can change would be to change Obama. Buying votes with iTunes cards and having ACORN running their voter fraud…hypocrites.

    I’m a moderate and libertarian, and I’ll let McCain do what he knows: lead. I’ll let Obama do what he knows: write another memoir…about how he lost the race after spending $1 BILLION in his vanity campaign alone.

  49. CLINT understands WOMEN, folks!!

  50. BO

    The anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40s, of MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal….the prophecy says that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, will destroy everything. Is it OBAMA??

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