Clay Aiken probably still gay

June 19th, 2006 // 47 Comments

John Paulus, the former Green Beret who told the National Enquirer he had sex with Clay Aiken, is now pretending to be sorry for selling them the story, writing on his blog:


  1. CoJo

    That is the most disturbing image I’ve seen all day…does he remind anyone else of Drop-dead Fred?

  2. RichPort

    Clay Aiken gay???? Say it ain’t so! Next thing you’ll tell me is Porous Hilton has mutant herpes and TCLTC! What is the world cumming to???

  3. Binky

    Oh that ? I thought Clay would finally admit his regret in going public with his singing career.
    But after those pix – it’s not only your ears a’ aikin.

  4. Lipgloss Assassin

    the Claymates and the Little Pink Mafia are going to be pissed…

    I feel a hate crime coming…

  5. eastboundanddown

    Was this ever shown to really be Clay Aiken? I don’t think it looks like him although maybe this is why he has a new hair style. There is no doubt he’s a turd burglar but I can’t imagine he’s dumb enough to put these pictures online. You’d think he could just hire a dozen backup boy dancers for his tours and smoke a different pole every night that way.

  6. BigJim

    Clay used to be straight, but then he fucked Paula Abdul and decided to change sides.

  7. crystalclear

    I personally like Clay. I would love to be his boyfriend.

  8. Redd Foxx

    That really just looks like a cancerous version of him. It’s really creepy.

  9. jane's eyre

    EWW! Pink soft large manipples!

  10. jane's eyre

    “Would you like a suckle on my ZIPple?”

    Name that movie!

  11. #3 – and after their “encounter” I’m sure it wasn’t Paulus’ ears that were “aiken” either.

  12. frangly

    Why doesn’t he just come out already? Sheesh. Him and all the other closeted singers and actors. I don’t think it would hurt their sales all that much.

  13. that-dog-is-shifty-eyed

    I bet when the Neanderthal kids would make a snowman, someone would always end up saying, “Don’t forget the thick, heavy brows.” Then they would all get embarrassed because they remembered they had the big hunky.

  14. “I’m very careful about what I do. I don’t trust the security of this camera.”

    Yeah, great advice. Step 2 is following it.

  15. @10- Austin Powers the spy who shagged me (???)

  16. Mr_White_Secure_American


  17. #10 – Austin Powers, duh!

  18. “I’m very careful about what I do. I don’t trust the security of this camera.” But I’m so lonely and conflicted that I’m willing to send these photos to an almost-stranger with whom I had scrawny gay sex, and trust that he will respect my privacy, and respect me as a citizen of humanity.

    He’s like the gay Gomer Pyle. Wait, Gomer Pyle is the gay Gomer Pyle……so he’s like the gay……

  19. Musa_ acuminata

    Trolling the net aching to buff some pickle. What a sad little man. Kind of like Lamebanana, (who is a huge claymate) except not quite so gay or annoying.

  20. tripmaster

    Clay should have taken a page outta the Risky Business handbook and put together some kinda crazy confidentiality for everyone around or even looking at him.

    (TC will always LTC)

  21. jane's eyre


    *Bing bing bing!*


    Sorry, you came in close second to Zanna. Your prize will be behind Clay Aiken’s closet door. Enjoy.

  22. Jacq

    #6 – My money is on the belief that he was gay before and then Ryan Seacrest threw him a poundin’ and made him GAYER.

    Doing something like this is no less stupid than Pete Wenz taking pictures of himself playing with his penis. Does it take an expert to reccomend to these people that you don’t do that shit when you’re famous?! Losers.

  23. “I regret defying the trust of Clay” – as if this manwhore owes anything to some homo trolling the net for cock. And the guy’s a former Green Beret? What are they training those guys these days? Does infiltrating the enemy have an entirely new connotation? John Wayne is rolling over in his grave. And Gaiken probably has a lawsuit – not with the Enquirer, but the Army and their “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

  24. PaisleyMoon

    He needs a wonder bra. On the other hand, he does have bigger boobies than Paris Hilton and he’s not Paris Hilton and he’s not fucking Paris Hilton. I think I like him.

  25. Why does he look like a burn victim?

  26. Evil Kao Chiu

    “I regret defying the trust of Clay”

    WTF does it mean to ‘defy’ someone’s trust. Doesn’t he mean ‘betray’?

    Not only is this fellow a liar, he’s also a retard.

  27. chanel_bear

    i’m confused by the pictures….i mean wasn’t he trying to get the guy to sleep with him??? that’s just ugly.

  28. jane's eyre

    On a side note, I read on MSNBC that Michael Jackson is looking to adpot kids from Japan. Love them hairless little boys.

  29. Jacq

    #28 – I’m not thread-stalking you, you’re just on a roll today!
    Where else can you adpot a hairless little, yellow boy with flat teeth, dipped in honey?

  30. Who is Clay Aiken and is there any reason why I should care?

  31. chiris

    He has the tits of a 13-year-old .ewwwwwwww

  32. Jacq

    He has the floppy stretched out nipple that you usually see on fat little boys or very obese men, except he’s not. Kinda like Richie Sambora.

  33. jane's eyre

    Jacq, that’s okay, as long as you pledge no affiliation to the phallic fruit.

    32 Bleh! I saw a man in Claim Jumper yesterday who had obviously staked his claim there when the restaurant first opened, and hasn’t moved since. He had bigger boobs than me.

    I HATE those creepily soft nipples!

  34. jane's eyre


    He was on American Idol a couple of years ago, and made it to the final two before losing to a sweaty, singing whale.

  35. tarjamarja


    Thanks. But I thought American Idol was for young people, pursuing a career in the music industry. He looks like he’s about 40.

  36. The fact that Aiken didn’t sue the Tabloid basically proves that yes, this is true. They had a towel with his Semen on it (If it wasn’t his, his lawyers would have jumped on it) and additionally they had chat sessions with other guys one in which Clay took off his shirt to show the guy his body before the guy would meet him. (It wasn’t a pretty picture)
    Again, the same reason that Mary-Kate Olsen didn’t sue when the tabloids said she was anorexic is the same reason Aiken didn’t sue when they said he is gay, in court the truth is an absolute defence if it can be proven…and damn did they prove it.

  37. jFp

    man tits…hahahaha

  38. HarryNipples


    Part of my double-cheeseburger that I just had for lunch came racing up my esophagus after seeing that photo…

    Either John Paulus is out of his fucking mind, or Clay paid him a small fortune to sleep with him, but nomatter how much money he got, I am astounded that he would ADMIT he had sex with him…barf and puke…

  39. Fisher55

    clay, i’ll fuck you and won’t tell anyone.

    i *promise* you can trust me ; )

  40. warholsfactory

    OMG! DUH. Look at the queen. She is SOOOO GAY! Kathy Griffin should make fun of Gaiken with his Claymates who wouldn’t know a homo if they jumped out and decorated their wedding.

    Silly middle America… we’re all over – especially on American Idol! Just look at MISS Ryan Seacrest. I’m gay and she makes me look butch!

  41. alaskanchicsickle

    #1 LOL Drop Dead Fred, I had forgotten about that movie. Actually Drop Dead Fred is much more attractive.

  42. TrannyGranny

    41 Chick sickle

    I actually prefer Right Said Fred…cause I am to Sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts.

    or not.

    But I am.

  43. TrannyGranny

    NOT For You, cum-quenched, ball Aiken, Not for you!

  44. SoupaSarah

    Didnt some redneck 13 yr old American girl sue Clay Aiken for being gay? lol. only in america…..

  45. alaskanchicsickle

    42 Yes you are ;)

  46. Hara

    John Paulus is a gay porn star hard up for work (no pun intended) and wringing his mystery towel of every drop of fame he can get. For my money, Seacrest is still the gayest person to Ever set foot on an AI stage. . . Michael Sandecki is a close second though.

    PS, I’m pretty sure image number 4 is a screen shot of one of Paris’s “movies”… Am I right?

  47. Lauren

    This whole gay thing is such crap! John Paulus is totally bullshitting. C’mon, the guy is starting a porn career-doesn’t that set off any red flags, people?? He saw a publicity opportunity and he took advantage of it. If Paulus had sex with a man (Aiken), then I’m pretty sure he is at least bi, yet for some reason his publicist has made sure he is seen around with only girls (another red flag people!). Add this really crappy “video” and all you have is mass hysteria and extremely amoral people who will do anything for the limelight. For starters, Clay is a fairly smart man-even if he were gay he would be smart enough to not get caught a second time. If you actually take the time to look at the pics-as opposed to just freaking out-you will notice that the person barely looks like Clay. For instance, Clay’s hair hasn’t been that color for over two years now. It is also much longer now. Most males also don’t grow stubble that looks like it was glued on. The man’s face is also more elongated than Clay’s, and his nose is wider. This person is merely a Clay lookalike, and-from what I can see-a really big ass. Only and idiot would actually believe that is Clay. This leads me to wonder how much these people got paid-and just who paid them?

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