Claudia Schiffer comes out of retirement

November 9th, 2007 // 102 Comments

Claudia Schiffer came out of retirement to shoot the new Chanel campaign with famed designer Karl Lagerfeld. The shoot took place over two days in St. Tropez, France. Claudia decided to show these young models how to really wear a see-through dress. With a thong. And no bra. Yeah, take a good look for an hour or so and then realize she used to date David Copperfield. Of course this was a simpler time. Back before the secret codes and private island shenanigans. When all you needed to score a supermodel was a smile, your own prime-time special and a few billion in the bank. It was anyone’s game, really.


  1. yukadoozer

    Must be 1988-her jeans are definitely 1988-they’re bringing back the Dynasty look and need someone who was already there.

  2. EuroNeckPain

    Claudia used to be THE best looking woman on earth in the opinion of all male classmates when we were at University. Their favourite question was “why don’t you look like her”. A girl shyly answered that life would be boring if we all looked the same, but seing their skeptical faces, another said “why don’t YOU look like Brad Pitt, idiots”, and finally another said, “don’t bother to answer, look at their girlfriends and you’ll know where they stand”. Strange, how sensitive men are regarding the looks of their girlfriends.

  3. EuroNeckPain

    Karl Lagerferld used to be fat. All of a sudden, he dropped a lot of weight and became as skinny as his models. He says, you do not have to be an ugly fat thing when you age, you can still take care of yourself and remain fashionable.

  4. Dog the Bounty Hunter

    WHat the fuck is going on in photo #7? Looks like she has a huge hard-on.
    Is she smuggling Seal’s big nagger dick under there?

  5. Mike

    She’s hot hot hot still. But that jeans suit is ugly ugly ugly. WTF.

  6. my comment

    Nice dress. Couldn’t they have gotten someone younger and prettier to model it?

  7. ha8ter

    Karl Lagerfeld is a ridiculous parady of himself. Can he not see this? What a flaming old pathetic QUEEN.

  8. George

    She used to be so cute, now she just looks a whiter shade of pale.

  9. Tuna

    @46, she has a 22 inch erection in picture 7

  10. p911gt10c

    #55 … Mike ..

    I fucked your mother FIRST.

  11. She should have never retired in the first place

  12. caught by the lens! gotcha! :p

  13. Cmon George, she’s still super hot! I find her better looking than most of the young models.

  14. L.Linus

    Wonder if her pussy hair is blond. That would be nice to know!!

  15. gertie

    can we change the story already how boring …………. lets have some more news more often

  16. bob

    OMG. She is so beautiful! It’s said she recently joined a celebrity and millionaire dating site named Many men winked at her there.

  17. Jazy

    good thing shes blond and tall and has blue eyes or you guys would be tearing her apart like a pack of rabid sick demented animals that have no compassion or no soul….oh wait most of you that comment on here are exactly that. And most of you here are skin heads cause every single time I go to comment on some one that is not the ideal of hilters plan (Kim Kardashian) you people ( you really dont deserve to even be called people cause you act like sick mentally challenged animals) say the most degrading things about them and call them monkeys and shit….get educated…..Im too intelligent to be a racist pig….im glad Im not hateful like most of you on here because HATE=HELL……you cant enter the kindom of heaven with hate in your heart… in that case : to all you sickos please keep hating cause I dont want to go to heaven if people like you are going to be there.

  18. Jazy

    and you guys might not think the jews are going to heaven but neither will you if you keep hating them…because hate is a MORTAL sin…….10 commandments people, not following them leads to damnation of your soul…so keep hating people…you will be down there burning too.

  19. mmlobe

    She looks sexy and horny in the pic, I think. Is she single now? Her profile and photos were found on the millionairecelebrity dating club last week! “She is very picky about guys,” according
    to officials of that site, “they have to be fertile douches or she won’t date them!”

  20. jp

    You idiots – Karl not only designs for Chanel, Fendi, and his own collection, but he also does do fashion photography! He has shot several Chanel ad campaigns in the past, and he has taken photos for editorials in fashion magazines.

  21. Tchoupi

    Am I the only one to notice that, from a strictly commercial point of view, this shoot is pure undiluted crap?
    I mean (And I’m adressing the few girls, here), would you actually wear the crap she’s advertising there? Is that even Chanel anymore?
    They turned the traditional “petit sac Chanel” into some unoriginal piece of crap. She’s wearing a pair of shapeless and probably insanely expensive pants, with a fugly jacket and homemade jewelry… I won’t even start on those weird pajama pants she’s wearing under the see-through polka dots dress.
    And what’s with the accumulation of clichés? Oh! Some half-naked male model wearing a pair of jeans. IT’S SO NEVAAAAR BEEN DUN BEFORE!

  22. Feckless


  23. gack69

    #54 – Heidi Klum is married to Seal, not Claudia Schiffer. You need to brush up on your pop culture, dude.

    Oh, and Claudia Schiffer has that weird, googly eye thing like Paris Whoreton. Ick.

  24. Alright, Bring on the Photoshop! Make her look 17 or something. Hahaha Carl looks awesome in that shot there. Like they are having tea at the beach, an outing. She does look nice.

  25. malicious

    she still looks like she should be carrying large glasses of beer to oompah music – ‘fraulein!!’

  26. chargr

    Abra ca dabra your next to david copperfield. Poof now your indicted for kidnapping.

  27. chargr

    Abra ca dabra your next to david copperfield. Pooooofffff now your photo is on the back of the milk carton.

  28. CTB

    She used to be hot.

  29. Nimba

    F.Y.I. -
    ALL fashion Advertising IS” pure undiluted crap”!
    females do NOT dress/ undress like that..whilst FROCLICKING on the BEACH …

  30. Searc

    further to #71choupi

    only Britney stops her car and Frolicks on the beach

    I’m not sure she counts Except..she is Pure Undiluted Crap

  31. Chiclit

    Yes indeed “pure undiluted crap”!!!
    Parisite Hilton is the only one who actualy poses like that on a regular bases

  32. FrolikingFRAULEIN

    Paris Horin would wear the PolkaDot number “sans the thong

  33. Cliché

    All advertising to woman is PUREUNDILUTEDCRAP

    look how they position the models bodies
    no woman ever sit stand walk like that…except in PORN

  34. ésprit

    ….#83 Pariswhoretin does :)

  35. How beautiful she is ! Some of my best friends who are long time with told me she has a profile on the nudist date site and left some of her nude photos there. Yeah ! Nudist is free for the life…

  36. Joe Ass

    Perez Hilton does more than you.

  37. How beautiful she is ! Some of my best friends who are long time with told me she has a profile on the nudist date site and left some of her nude photos there. Yeah ! Nudist is free for the life…

  38. Ms. Joe Ass

    yes…and more than you#87

  39. Klam

    Is Brittney dead? ? ?

  40. Paddy

    NOW thats some Great plastic surgery
    Carl Malden looks fantastic

  41. Niranda

    #91 that is Karl
    Karl Lagerfeld
    Is The grande dame of fashion
    how the hell does a septuagenarian Homosexual fashion designer in a powdered ponytail know what women want
    ? ?
    he doesn’t give a flyinf*ck !he just in it for the male models :)

  42. Lysol

    Every time I see Karl Lagerfeld I don’t just puke a little in my mouth
    …I full-on violently spew, but somehow manage to keep it all in my mouth.
    It’s really difficult. I have to keep my trap shut ever so tightly, so no spew will come trickling out…because I’m usually at work on the computer when I see him, and I can’t just go puking everywhere.
    So then, I have to swallow all of the chunks that are in my mouth…which usually makes me puke more, and I go through this about 4-5 times before I realize that all I have to do is close the browser, and I won’t have to look at him anymore.


    (> <)
    He is SO GAy and that my dears is why Super models all lool Boyish no hips no curves … It is dominated by Fags like HIM.

  44. she is still gorgeous I think! Also at least she doesn’t have fake boobs like everyone else!

  45. John

    Another beautiful model wears a see-through dress and no bra. I have seen many of her pictures before. So sexy!

  46. She’s still one of the most beautyful woman on the planet. I always liked her

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