Claudia Schiffer comes out of retirement

November 9th, 2007 // 102 Comments

Claudia Schiffer came out of retirement to shoot the new Chanel campaign with famed designer Karl Lagerfeld. The shoot took place over two days in St. Tropez, France. Claudia decided to show these young models how to really wear a see-through dress. With a thong. And no bra. Yeah, take a good look for an hour or so and then realize she used to date David Copperfield. Of course this was a simpler time. Back before the secret codes and private island shenanigans. When all you needed to score a supermodel was a smile, your own prime-time special and a few billion in the bank. It was anyone’s game, really.


  1. combustion8


  2. silly bunny

    she loves black cock too.

  3. Wow, she’s pretty!!! Probably even prettier than me. Hm. Well then I guess I have to hate her.

    Or is it “prettier than I”? I think it’s “I”.

    Whatever, I got a better personality, and my mom said that’s all that really matters..

  4. Lagerfeld is a designer. Carry on.

  5. Spanky

    This women has done so much for the growth of my penis over the decades.

    Glad to see her back in action

  6. Is she the one that was Joey’s roommate on Friends or was that Rachel Hunter? Or somebody completely different than those I mentioned?..

  7. jay

    wow, she looks very sexy.

  8. nipolian

    FRIST – It was Elle McWhatshername…. and TS after looking at these pics I am standing here with my set of Cazadores in my hand too. (I think)

  9. #10 that’s right, thanks.

    I may be bright and perceptive, but you guys confuse me when you continue conversations on new posts..cazadores? Last post. Got it.

  10. nipolian

    FRIST….sorry for the confusion…rule number one – don’t confuse the FRIST.
    Anyhow, it’s almost 5 and I am off to have several shots of Cazadores.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. I’m bored, wonder what Shia LeBeoux or whatever is doing?

  12. It’s ok, have a good one.

  13. Kati

    Is that Karl Lagerfield with the paintbrush? That dude is hardcore.

  14. Just say I wouldn’t want that gut to punch me……that’s a lot of metal..

  15. oh, I meany “guy”

    I have to throw out my typing trophies as well

  16. oh, I meant “meant”

    that’s it, I give up. I’m outta here…

  17. me

    yeah karl lagerfeld – very famous photographer… with a paintbrush
    kind a funny though that model wear his fotos

  18. Danny

    Yes, she is all kinds of fine, isn’t she? But Karl Lagerfeld is one of the scariest looking dudes (?) I’ve ever seen.

  19. Kingsley Amis

    I know designers are SUPPOSED to have their own unique styles, but he’s just a loony mother f*%ker.

  20. Dom

    Karl Lagerfeld is a fasion designer..most notably for Chanel and Fendi.
    not a photographer

  21. Necromanson

    This chick is amazingly hot. Where did her movie career go? Or did she not have one? Maybe I’m too young to keep up but… well, she’s hot either way.

    Wait…! Was she the woman who starred as Batman’s love interest in the original movies with Michael Keaton?

  22. Don'tPanic

    #22 beat me to it, Karl Lagerfield is not a photographer.

  23. bosendorfer

    well put her BACK into retirement, for fuck’s sake! she sucks!

  24. shankyouverymuch

    Man, that’s some mighty FINE groceries-

  25. ipa

    she looks a bit rough and withered. and didn’t she used to have really BIG jugs? google her older pics .. you’ll see what I mean. Other than that … yeah, I guess she’s still fine. kinda.

  26. kitty_kat

    I think she’s pretty.

  27. ipa

    she simply doesn’t resemble her older self anymore. she used to be extremely hot and pretty. Now she’s just blah in the face. Body is ok, though . I’d say Cindy and Naomi aged the best of them 90ies super models.

  28. ash

    See if you never show ANY facial reactions you won’t age as badly.
    Sh looks well , even with her tiny squinty eyes.

  29. Pedro McChang

    Guess that eye alignment surgery didn’t work out so well.

  30. emucorp

    She is too old!! ;->

  31. Emily

    I don’t think Karl Lagerfeld does photography in addition to fashion. His collar probably prevents strenuous head/neck movement.

  32. TS

    Fucking trolls. So, not only do you write “FIRST” when you actually write in your own name, but then you troll mine? How many times did you have to hit refresh before you got in at #1? I bet you were at it for at least 30 minutes. Loser x2. What a fucking tool.

  33. jacknasty

    “famed photographer Karl Lagerfeld” he is the head designer at Chanel, not a photographer

  34. TS

    #10, HAHAHA that was good.

  35. WOW! That looks like a man I dressed as a woman and had sodomize me once@my ass!

  36. shankyouverymuch

    MAN, I’d tap that ass with every once of gusto in my being … oh yea, and also that’s some MIGHTY fine groceries

  37. p911gt10c

    @1 wtf??? You’ve been here awhile, I thought you knew better. Fucking loser.

  38. Warren Piece

    Ugh. She stinks. She _used_ to be hot. REALLY HOT. But she has some sort of anorexical body image thing, and seriously looks gross (Google recent pics). Thank God she has those clothes on, ’cause she looks like ass. Boney ass.

  39. TS

    #39, you’re kidding, right? No way you really think I’d do that.

  40. iburl

    Karl Lagerfeld looks like he’s ready to be the villan in Zoolander 2: Colder Steel.

  41. sindiva

    Karl Lagerfeld IS also a photographer. He has done many pics for fashion magazines.

    He is just mainly known as a designer.

  42. gaystemcell

    it’s a little creepy when she could be the male models mom
    she’ still cute ish..
    something about the shortness of space between her nose & upper lip has always annoying

  43. lamb

    WoW I never knew she has little titties like me

  44. MK

    How was picture 7 possible?!!

  45. IWONKY

    Kinda funny how David Copp traps women on his island to cop a feel.

  46. Guy


    Man that would be awesome, I loved Zoolander.

    I have seen a program about Chanel and seen that Karl does take photos of photo shoots as well as the main photographers.

  47. fashion police

    Karl Lagerfeld is famed for both his photography and design, you ignorant hicks!

  48. JJ

    She is beautiful and if you want to see more beautiful women strip then drop cable and stop watching tv. Make the old out-of-date media companies hurt for trying to force us to buy lame, expensive porn. Over 90% of the media in this country is owned by about 5 companies. Send a message by dropping cable and stop watching their lame tv shows. DVDs and the internet is the way for men to go. Choose exactly what you want. Don’t let them decide. The time is now. Make ‘em hurt for what they’ve done.

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