Classy Move: Playmate Accused of Body-Shaming Old Woman

Last July, Dani Mathers was slapped by social media’s dick of shame after posting a locker room photo of a 71-year-old woman walking around an L.A. Fitness with the caption, “If I can’t unsee this than you can’t either.” Her reckless display of hot-privilege scored herself a petition for her arrest on that amassed five digits of signatures from members of the body-shame police (as well as a couple hundred that were just mad she wasn’t showing her own boobs). Yesterday a judge dismissed her motion to dismiss the invasion of privacy charges because Judge Gustavo Sztraicher had flashbacks to his high school days where girls like Dani used to make fun of him and call him “Gusty Shit-tracker”. Redemption is sweet…

body shaming
CREDIT: (Source: Dani Mathers/Snapchat

She initially tried to play it off as a dumb blonde moment, saying that the snap was intended for her friend and not her public feed, which makes you wonder how many times she’s tried to use that excuse in the past to get out of trouble… I take that back, I don’t wonder- I just know she’s used it a billion times.

It seems like her attorneys are pushing hard to just keep her out of jail and slap a fine on her (which will probably happen because she’s white and hot), so I think it’s only best to give her a taste of her own medicine and go out and say that Her horse-mouth could swallow a Samsung Galaxy S and make it look like she was taking a tylenol. Seriously, she’s got a set of gnashers that could double up as a wood-chipper. I’d like to see her and Rosario Dawson fight each other in a biting match where both of them have their hands behind their back. If Gary Busey saw her teeth he might ask if she were his daughter. Her boobs are big.

*damn… she got me*