Claire Danes MTV Canada nipple slip

July 26th, 2007 // 171 Comments

Claire Danes was at MTV Canada yesterday and accidentally flashed her nipple when she bent over while promoting her new movie Stardust. It’s not even just her nipple, her entire breast is basically exposed. Well, assuming you consider that thing a breast. She’s pretty and all, but I’ve owned rulers with more curves than her.

Click the image for the uncensored NSFW version.


  1. fuckingwithtards

    #150 Monkeys that throw their own shit are only entertaining for about 3 minutes, tops. kelli’s way outlasted her time – even if she starts eating her own shit or starts rubbing it into her hair, who the fuck cares? She’s done.

  2. Daddy Dingles

    Should be titled…”My So Called Boob”

  3. TheExpatriot

    Pretty, and a great actress.

  4. 149/// Clearly your not black….we all know that they have the
    bigger dickz…and alzo the biggezt ballz…U have NO
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  5. Just Saying...


    Only you yourself can fix your insecurity. I have small breasts myself and used to feel somewhat insecure about them. But then guys still proposed to me, even those that some of my big-boobed, pretty girl friends could only hope to have a longer relationship with.

    Looks aren’t everything. Good looks are great to get dates, but I’ve seen so many good looking girls getting dumped later simply because they’re just needy, too high maintenance, or simply boring. So just improve yourself in the things you can. Love your boobs, because if a guy really loves you, he’ll be crazy about your boobs, no matter what cups you wear. In my case, even if I did have big boobs, I really wouldn’t want to be with anyone who loves me solely for them.

  6. regis and kathi lee hate you too

    #154 Clearly you’re a fucking racist, you patronizing asswhore. What a retard – what sort of grade-school reasoning is behind posting a “name” – do you think people who use names here use their real one? When you post those so-hot pictures you’re always bragging about we’ll use our names, how’s that? Go back to fingerpainting your wall with the contents of your diaper , you’re just embarrassing yourself here.

  7. swan

    I have come to the conclusion krazihotkelli is an 85 year old woman stuck in a nursing home trying to fuck with all of us.

  8. everyonehateskelli

    #157 I think she’s a 13 year old who’s been left back in school just too many times – she thinks she’s being a badass calling everyone bitches and assdicks . She doesn’t have any better insults than that because she forgets the good ones she heard on the playground 15 minutes after she heard ‘em. This is what a dull-normal range 80 IQ gets you.

    156 is right, she is a total racist but she’s too fucking stoooooopid to realize it. I hope she walks up to a black chick sometime and tells her some of the shit she posts here – like how much she likes how black people’s clothes hang off their asses and how much she likes how black people dance. That’d be fucking sweet – a whole month of her in intensive care with no computer access.

  9. Ledhead

    What is that hidious brown patch on her left breast. I guess it is some strange mole.

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  11. laura

    u’r fucked up, her body is perfect

  12. laura

    u’r fucked up, her body is perfect

  13. Not to sound too stupid, but what does NSFW stand for?

  14. Starscanfrighten

    Not suitable (safe?) for work

  15. xman

    Great looking,great body. i only date women with what god gave them. F implants

  16. Plastic Surgeon Philosopher

    Women who seek breast implants really need brain transplants

  17. bocephus5716

    What a tasty snack she is! yum, yum!

  18. Sai

    I feel happy that such a talented and beautiful actress has such ugly breasts. There’s hope for me yet!

  19. Billy Crudup

    man, i’ve fucked that woman many times.. sucked it and fucked it.. that bitch is a whore i tell ya, and i dont give a shit about her anymore.

  20. Brother Dave

    Why would you fuck up a perfectly good picture by putting a red star over the only point of interest in the picture ???

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