Claire Danes MTV Canada nipple slip

July 26th, 2007 // 171 Comments

Claire Danes was at MTV Canada yesterday and accidentally flashed her nipple when she bent over while promoting her new movie Stardust. It’s not even just her nipple, her entire breast is basically exposed. Well, assuming you consider that thing a breast. She’s pretty and all, but I’ve owned rulers with more curves than her.

Click the image for the uncensored NSFW version.


  1. AAAAAAANgie

    55- you’re an idiot
    she doesn’t look young, esp. not “very, very young” with all those periods and fucking spaces for emphasis dumbass

  2. small tits, but she’s still really pretty. but not that great of an actress.

  3. #18 forgot my name

    #46, boy someone has a lot of time on thier hands to know all about the lives and scandals of celebrities.

    I’m GLAD I’m wrong. That means I have other things in life that are important.


  4. It is not called MTV Canada. It is called MUCH MUSIC!!!!!!

  5. deaconjones

    SHe looks like a tranny!!


  6. Mdiz

    @89 “Big boobs win that game”
    What game are you playing and where do i sign up! Seriously…..Plus there is the motorboat factor…..Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  7. gay4girls

    @88 Hey boy_phat, nobody cares what you give a shit about or what your age is. Telling us what you give a shit about constitutes unnecessary disclosure of your deepest inner feelings (i.e. TMI), which, as we all know is gay. There’s nothing wrong with sucking cock, little man, but come out of the fucking closet on your own time.

  8. 107, amen!!! What an asshole.
    You see, because I was born in Minnesota, right outside Minneapolis, well my stepdad and mom were factory workers, my real dad disappeared when I was just 4 years old. And THEN…..
    Read my stupid crap and like it muthafucka!!!!!

  9. I agree with naggerpleaze:
    zmaller *real* titz R zo much better than the big zloppy
    or fake zhit titz…..the zmall onez the nip pointz out, but
    the big titz, the nip pointz down to the ground???

    FRIST!!! If I ever hit the lottery, I’ll give U alot of money…U R ztrong???

  10. ?107? gag4girlz?

    Zo glad that U trazhed the boy_phat…I
    hate hiz ztupidazz and I think
    that he iz DrPlowzhitazzholedickbrain..
    hiding az boy_phat…and your
    right…? he iz gay…damn your zmart???

  11. she’s a pretty girl, very pretty and smart, she went to Yale. But that probably isn’t as good as huge jugs and a high school education to a lot of people on this site…

    check out the link and decide for yourself.

  12. Bite Me!

    Yo FRIST are you here? You have mail!!!

  13. Cool, really? I’ll check it!!!!

  14. Bite Me!

    @109 how big are your?

  15. Hmmm… it says the server’s to busy…WTC it’s fucking HOTMAIL!!! Bill Gates, you better fix it before I betchslap you!!!!!

  16. Bite Me!

    Bill is only a short drive from your house. Drive on over and bitch slap him. Make sure you talk a picture of it. I want to see that

  17. dee

    sucks that that happened to her, but i dont understand why celebrities dont wear underpants and bras anymore, lol.

  18. heheheheheheehe, 5 hour drive, bite Me, I gotta go to work soon!!!!

  19. Bite Me!

    @117 Why should see? They look good all natural!!

  20. Grant

    Wow, my first comment, but also to add on to #46 and #18, another Claire Dane’s scandal is that she’s banned from going to the Philippines, because she said their capital city was ugly, overrun with rats, and that everyone there looked like they had “no eyes” or “legs”. Look up Claire Danes and the Phillipines. Sad.

    However, she still does have a nice breast. And her upcoming movie Stardust will hopefully be good since it’s based off a book by my favorite author. *Crosses fingers*

  21. Bite Me!

    Run over there tomorrow. You will have all weekend to track him down.

  22. Anorexic Skelator

    Bitch could use some red meat in her diet.
    Looks like a finger down her throat for desert.
    MTV is a washed up joke anyway.

  23. Bite Me!

    @120 I have been to the Philippines and she is telling the truth. I saw rat that were the size of cats.

  24. Bite Me!

    WTC! FRIST what did you do to Hotmail??? My MSN mail does not work either!!!!

  25. I know!!! That’s what I was telling you! Those fuckers!, well I’ll try again when I get to work. Have to leave now. See you in a bit!!!!

  26. man_phat

    @108 and *yawns* 109, what a fucking pair of losers. Why don’t you tell us all that story again about the time your daddy came into your room and…*falls asleep*

  27. You know what cracks me up is that everyone takes everything so personally!
    Who was that Mr. M………..all worked up and the spat that is going back and forth on here from REMYGOTFUCKED and @Bite me…… is not a BIG DEAL! Really as moderately entertaining as it is to hear you’re over rehearsed opinions the more you get into this the more pathetic you look.
    This is simply about a breast not about the display obsessive natures you people are showing fallowing what ever Celebes every move.
    Really if this is your only chance to get you say so then, I guess have your moment but spare the rest of us your babel!

  28. gay4girls

    @126 Okay, enough . . . I get it . . . some men prefer cock. We all know you are one of them; please stop beating us over the head with it; we heard you the first time.

  29. Hottie

    You can watch the full video of the interview (slips and all) here:

  30. sara

    Thank gosh my titties are not as small as hers ew its like deformed

  31. Shut Up!

    @2 and @4, so other than to post lame comments and look stupid doing so, what’s your point exactly?

  32. goldilocks

    Good for her for not getting fake tits like so many sad insecure women.
    That said, she is far from classy. She’s a homewrecker. I liked her in My So Called Life but her career has tanked.

  33. Gregrie

    I’ve seen better nips on a baby bottle. Mr. M go fuck yourself.

  34. ts

    Ha, a black guy throwing out welfare jokes.

  35. wedgeone

    Claire needs to run off to the nearest plastic surgeon and get her tits stuffed. At least to a “B” cup. Get off the ittie-bittie-tittie-committee. (Sorry, It.Stal. – I wrote that before reading your post).
    #62 – AAAAAH-HA-HA-HA-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ….
    #72 – Welcome to the Superficial, where the writer is an unoriginal POS.
    #89 – I definitely love you. Sign me up.

  36. ILSP

    Why are people writing nice things defending this 13-year old boy? Did they change the name of this site along with the layout?

  37. allk

    i dont care what you all say. this is sexy!

  38. Claire Danes

    Oops, I forgot to wear a bra with this loose top. Now I will bend over facing the camera. Oh my, you can see my boobies. That was *completely* an accident. Now please talk about me.

  39. U call that a tittie? I have more than that and I’m 5’2″ grown ass man!!

  40. that girl can do anything and i wouldn’t
    judge.. romeo + juliet.. shop girl?!
    love ‘er

  41. Frybread

    I don’t mind small-breasted women, but this bitch is FUG!

  42. Smoking Hot

    Isn’t it all about the nipple anyway? Who cares if the boobs are tiny. I’m sure she’s glad she’s 30 and still perky as opposed to mammoth-breasted women with bigtime droop, which are a dime a dozen in this country.

  43. Smoking Hot

    Isn’t it all about the nipple anyway? Who cares if the boobs are tiny. I’m sure she’s glad she’s 30 and still perky as opposed to mammoth-breasted women with bigtime droop, which are a dime a dozen in this country.

  44. Chelse

    Wow, a breast. I am so crazed over tits. I cannot believe that this does not look like my ideal breast. Why does this not look like what I expected? Are breasts really different? I think I’ll insult her. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Her nipples are too large? Jesus. Her nipples are too small? Jesus. An A cup? Heaven forbid. HEAVEN FORBID. I think that she needs breast implants because I have a BREAST FETISHHHHHHH

  45. RebJam

    Is that the same show she wore on the daily show? I was sure John Stewart was getting a view given how loose and low the neckline of that blouse was. .

  46. freddy

    well actually there’s no bra needed for claire’s little A-cups

  47. Iona

    This site needs to stop making fun of real breasts. You make fun of fake ones all the time, and that’s fine, but let women’s genetics alone! I have small breasts and it is because of this kind of opinion that I have felt self conscious and insecure about them my whole life. Leave us alone!

  48. 126/// Zo zorry for U that your dad taught U about zex..the bad way…?
    128/// Knowz your azz better than me..lookz like…my good Zir dicklicker?

  49. kelliisamotherfuckingasshole

    #148 Will you please fucking swallow some drain cleaner and just die? All of us would appreciate it because your kid-retard stupid fucking posts ruin this site.
    End your life now and pray for reincarnation, you’re not gonna evolve into anything worthwhile this time around.

  50. regis

    #149 I sort of like good old kelli – she and REMY are both right up there on my monkey list for entertainment value. Can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next to make me laugh.

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